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There’s so much bouncing around in my head that I don’t even know how to organize my thoughts to put in to text…  Plus, the new drugs I’ve finally (and still reluctantly) agreed to test drive are making me feel high.  Like, I maybe shouldn’t have driven to work this morning 😮  Great.  Won’t be popping these bad boys before heading into the box anytime soon!

I’m going to complain for a moment.  The nerve pain in my right leg is driving me a little crazy.  And bitchy.  My poor staff 😦  I’m trying not to be, I swear…  Arrived at Sport Chek on thursday for my shift in my Birkenstock clogs.  Not dress code at all.  Walked into the office and told my manager “I can’t wear running shoes.  It’s Birks, or I call in sick.”  haha his face was a little priceless, but was cool with that.  This was after I drove towards the mall with running shoes on while fighting off tears and the urge to barf.  Yup.  No fun at all.


So, I shouldn’t make up my own theories, but sometimes sh*t happens.  My leg pain was better since I moved closer to work (eliminating all the time sitting in a car) and even better when I first began crossfit.  However, the current lifting phase has made things increasingly worse again.  I’ve somewhat resolved in my head to be happy with the load I’ve worked up to, but not try to continue to add weight.  I’m still working hard.  Still getting a great workout.  Still making progress.  Coach Sharon shared some of her infinite wisdom yesterday and her inspiration was exactly what I needed.  I was having a sucky day cause I was disappointed that my back squats were again #115.  Same weight I squatted two weeks ago.  However Sharon reminded me that last week cause I was having problems with my hip, my back squat was #95 and only 5 of 7 rounds.  SO… it counts as a #20 add.  🙂  And I rocked it.  Butt was back.  Knees were out.  And I didn’t get “stuck in the hole” at all.  Only managed to get in the back squats and strict press in the morning before having to head to work, so I came back after work to finish up with my front squats and accessory work.  Thanks to a push from coach Will, quote – stand UP Kate!! when I was struggling through my last few reps of my last two sets.  In the end, rocked #115 for the front squats as well 🙂

Back Squats: 5-5-5-5-5-5-5    #115

Strict Press: 5-5-5-5-5-5-5     #65

Front Squats: 5-5-5-5-5-5-5    #115

*Based on how you feel, add #15-#20 for all Squats/Deadlifts and #5-#15 for all Presses*

The important part… based on how you feel.  My back squats and strict presses were the same load as 2 weeks prior, but I was up #10 on my front squats.  I’ll celebrate that little victory 🙂

After this very long sob story (cause I want you to know I truly understand) the point is its about Mindset!! You can let it defeat you or you can defeat it. You can focus on what you can do or get frustrated by your limitations. I promise you even just do this program and remaining at the same weight you will still get better! That is the key to this…..just to be better than yesterday.     Coach Sharon

Thank you Sharon 🙂  I will aim for “better than yesterday”

Yesterday was one of those eat everything in sight kind of days too.  Like, if it’s not nailed down, it’s fair game.  On the bright side, I can now cook some new exciting stuff 🙂 cause my fridge is pretty much empty!  Roasted a batch of brussels sprouts and butternut squash last night for today’s lunch.  The Brussels sprouts didn’t make it.  About half of the squash did :p  Thankfully it was also a completely exhausted day, so by 9:00 I was doing the head bob and pretty much ready for bed.  Maybe could have forced myself to stay up a bit later and I might have slept past 4:30am, but oh well.  Gave me 4 hours to cook some stuff before coming to work 🙂  Including:

sweet potato brownies

sweet potato brownies

A batch of paleOMG’s sweet potato brownies for my staff at our Saturday meeting 🙂  These pieces of pure awesome lasted about 45 seconds.


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