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can’t fix crazy

Sleep, work, crossfit, eat.  Repeat.  That just about sums up my life heading into November.  September and October had a bunch of fun pre-planned variety between checking out the Element team challenge, running surviving the 7km obstacle race @ Badass Dash and running the Color Me Rad 5km with my kick-ass kid sister.  However November will ramp up in intensity at work as the month progresses and the Christmas season rolls into action.  Thankfully crossfit gives an element of constantly varied, cause otherwise it’s all pretty much same sh*t, different day until then :p


Today I managed to make it to the box for the first Sunday WOD in quite a while.  I like these ones cause it’s usually a team or partner effort 🙂  I walked in to see Coach Jenna hop off the rower and Coach Sharon strap in to rock and roll.  Judging by the level of “enjoyment” she seemed to be experiencing (not so much!) I was maybe a bit scared of what we were about to have dished our way.  Is that part of the coaching strategy?  A little “Fear THIS kids!  It’s going to suck :p”  You didn’t disappoint Sharon 🙂  This WOD was awesome!!

Warm-up included a bunch of the usual stuff and a “fun” little Tabata sit-ups session.

WOD – In teams of 3 with a running clock & with one person working at a time:

1500m row  *250m each, then switch

1200m run   *400m each

90 box jumps   *we opted for 10 each, then switch for box jumps & burpees

90 burpees

1200m run

1500m row

I was part of a great team 🙂  We pushed and encouraged each other and finished everything in a respectable (or at least I think so) 30:13.  Funny part of the WOD for me today was I found the run possibly the most challenging part.  Me!?  The runner?!  But this wasn’t the casual leisurely trot I have been so accustomed to in the past…  I HOOFED it!  My team was counting on me 🙂


While I would have loved to stick around for the yoga class offered at 11:15, I had to hustle out today to get to work on time, well, almost…  and unfortunately.  Is there a full moon tonight?  Or was it maybe last night?  I’ve had the dumbest jack-a** customers on the planet today.  I don’t have any issue dealing with the dumb, it’s the jerks that I have to fight to keep my cool with.  Working in retail or customer service doesn’t give anyone the right to treat ya like their punching bag to abuse.  I’d rather do burpees…

I guess everyone needs their dose of crazy from time to time.  Now I just need to lift something heavy… or cook something awesome 😀  I came across a recipe for pumpkin spiced sweet potato waffles today that I want to try.  Don’t have a waffle maker though…  Going to give it a try using the George Foreman and see how that goes.  If nothing else, should make for interesting photos!


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