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test drive of a new mindset

Last night, I made a decision.  No more mister nice guy… with MYSELF.  No more “easing off” a bit when things get tough.  And no more crying.  :p


I watched an interview of Camile Leblanc-Bazinet where she talks about going hard from the start and fighting to maintain intensity no matter what.  Made me think about the times I’ve backed off a bit when things got really tough.  Or scalled more than I had to.  Or started the WOD with a moderate intensity figuring I’d get tired and need to keep some fuel in the tank for later.  But that’s not the point.  The name of the game is give it all you’ve got.  Leave all the hesitation and self-doubt behind.  And try to never leave the box thinking “I could have gone harder.”  So, that’s my new game plan.  We’ll see how it works out 🙂  It also helped me get my butt out the door for my 7:30 WOD this morning when I was considering maybe skipping that for the evening class.  But that’s not how I roll.  Morning is my thing…  although I did sleep until my 6:00 alarm this morning.  Weird.  Maybe I somehow knew it was snowing out.  Thumbs down to that.  I was almost late getting to crossfit cause I don’t know where my snow brush is and had to break up the ice on my windshield with a plastic spoon.  Fail.

By the way… Camille and I are obviously soul mates.  Look:

camilleShe has my shoes!  (Along with every other person at my box, but whatever.)  And yes she’s married, but she just hasn’t met me yet.  😉  I’m not creepy, I swear.  She’s inspiring none the less.

Anyways, today was a perfect day to test my new game plan.  The WOD was intense!  Like, round 5 I thought I may vomit, but if crying is not acceptable, hurling certainly isn’t either.  Don’t worry, didn’t happen.

Warm-up – 3 minute row


2x squat hang clean (I think that’s what it’s called)  15 min to establish MAX load – #85

5 Rounds of:

1 Minute: KB Swings 24kg/16kg   first round and a half Rx, then switched to “green tape”  don’t know weight on that one

1 Minute: Rowing- Max meters   Rx  <- check it :p

1 Minute: 40m Shuttle Run   Rx

See that?  Almost an Rx WOD 🙂 Somehow forgot to take a pic of my rowing distance 😦 but I did manage to keep the shuttle run consistent each round and completed a total of 161 KB swings.  Boo-ya!  When I was pretty gassed after the WOD and sweating like crazy, Coach Dave looked at me and said “how’d you like that one?  I’m turning things UP!”  Yes, this is true… But I turned things up today too!  It felt AWESOME 🙂

Finished this sh*t, put in my 5+ minutes of double unders practice (aka whipped the heck out of my forearms) and left the box with the biggest of smiles.  😀

Stay tuned…  work Dave and I are practicing double unders on the sales floor when there’s a shortage of customers.  Video to follow…

crossfit-bird_thumbHang clean?


Comments on: "test drive of a new mindset" (2)

  1. domesticnovice said:

    I always love comparing where whip marks end up when we practice double unders at my box. For some reason, mine ALWAYS end up on my ass. Like, vertical stripes up both of my butt cheeks. I don’t have any idea how this happens. (Once, I got one on the back of my neck. Don’t even ask, I don’t know.)

    As far as intensity goes, I do the same thing. I should probably take a page from your book and just suck it up!

  2. i’m a whipped mess after double unders too. my forearms and for some reason, the knuckles on my hands get beat up too. one day I will get those damn things!

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