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driver’s seat

Sometimes I could swear iTunes is mood sensing.  Today it needs to ‘eff off.  My day started kick-ass, ok?  Just cause I came across an old pic while downloading some stuff for the blog that made me want to cry doesn’t mean iTunes needs to make things worse.  No more The Frey’s “maybe you had her… maybe you lost her to another…”  Yes, let’s move on please.  I’m taking the wheel now.  And yes Lorde “We’re all driving Cadillacs in our dreams”

Yesterday I checked the WOD online when I got home from work.  First thought – This looks WICKED!!  😀  Second thought – SH*T.  It’s gonna suck for sure.  LOL.  I’ve learned…  it you think “I GOT THIS!”, be prepared to die a little.  First off, I walked in to see these bad boys waiting for action.  Again.  (yes, this has been the case every day this week so far…)

CFdivision  001I should have been a bit more specific in my box-jumped post.  We weren’t doing just the usual thing.  I think Coach Dave called them drop jumps?  See that tall b*tch right at the end?  That’s the one that bites.  So once again we jumped the line-up from one end to the other, and once again all the demons in my head prevented me from conquering that last one.  But I’m not down and out just yet 😉  One day I’ll bite back.  That was just warm-up.  Which was also preceded by hoping on the rowers for 3 rounds of GIVE ‘ER all you’ve got for 300m.  Then came the real work:

Part 1. OTM for 10 Minutes
12- Burpees, after completing the 12 burpees with the remainder of the minute complete:
MAX Double Unders       scaled to 8 burpees per round & singles

Part 2. Tabata Hollow Rock

Part 3. Prowler Push

5 Rounds Each alternating GO HEAVY and GO 50′ down then 50′ back    #75 prowler, round 2&3 added #10s (each side), round 4 2x #10s, round 5 3x #10 — DUDE!!  That’s a body weight push!

Ok, part 1 was harder than I let myself expect it to be.  When I started crossfit, I would rather do ANYTHING than burpees.  I’ve since resolved in my mind that I’m going to see a fairly substantial helping of these weekly, so I might as well get over it.  But what I didn’t count on in this little 10 minute AMRAP was the fact that there is NO rest period.  Like, at all.  Round 2 I was dizzy once I finished the burpees and grabbed the skipping rope but I told myself “no time for this game today!  Keep going!!” and finished the full 10 minutes without scaling the burpees reps any farther 😀  Success.

CFdivision  003

Part 3 was brutal.  The last time I did prowler push it was outdoors, but today was on the rubber box floor.  Like pushing the friggin thing through mud.  Like heavy, sticky, unforgiving sh*t.  Haha  At the end, Dave threw in a course of pylons to weave the thing (thankfully empty!!) around, for time.  I finally managed to crawl the prowler across the finish line in 90 seconds.  And maybe 2 minutes later I was able to stand up again.  :p

AWESOME WOD today 🙂 Rightfully followed up with a heap of scrambled eggs and cumin sweet potato.  Off work today (except Sport Chek later) so there’s a whole bunch of cooking on the game plan…




Today, just to mix things up a bit, I let the box jump ME instead of vice versa.  I don’t recommend this.  My shin was not impressed.

box jumped

Coach Dave said I got off easy cause the blood loss was minimal, but it still hurt like a b*tch.  This was during the warm-up, so Dave suggested I just do 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest for the duration of the WOD so I wouldn’t have to jump around.  I tested my jumping abilities for a second, then decided “No way dude.  I got this!”  (shhh… here’s the secret.  Rowing sucks :p)  And check this awesome sh*t out!  This WOD (once scaled accordingly) was made for me:

Part 1. OTM for 16 Minutes:

Odd: 10- Hang Power Cleans #185/#135 Even: 10- Chest-Bar Pullups

Part 2. Not for time:

75- Pushups 75- Toes to Bar *Break them up in any which way

I love cleans, but I have a really bad habit of pulling early before my hips have opened.  Hang cleans give me no choice but to nail the form properly.  Love ’em 🙂  Love On The Minute WODS too cause… I dunno, just do.  You can do anything for 60 seconds, right?  Even my previously sore hip joined the party with no complaints.  My forearms were screaming by the 4th round of cleans, but it’s all good 🙂  I felt bad-ass for the first time in a few days.  😀

Scaled the chest-bar pull-ups to ring pulls cause Coach wanted to change things up, I’d usually use a band, and it was nice to try something different.

Killed the 75 push-ups, all done properly – not on my knees or with any worming action, and in un-broken set of 15.  Until I got to 60…  then the wheels fell off a little.  The last 15 was more like 7, 5, 3… but whatever.  I got to 75.  😀  The toes-bar was not bad-ass.  I could get 1 pretty solid one, then 1 ok one, then 1 total fail… then I would switch to knees-elbows till I got to a count of 10 reps.  Finishing the 75 took FOREVER.  Like, I was at the box well after the 9:15 class started.  But give me a little credit… Dave and I got talking about nutrition and stuff.  I eat that stuff up :p  And my hands were/are killing me.  Even my calluses got calluses today.  Classy, I know.

Side note… I confessed my trip to GoodLife yesterday while the box was closed 😦  I got a bit of a look but I was responsible.  I did the regular Monday routine, but I didn’t go super heavy cause I didn’t have a spotter and didn’t want any more injuries.  Figured I wasn’t doing myself any good by hiding anything from a coach.  Post today’s morning WOD, I went home to cook some stuff and get my food all prepped and ready to head to work.  Now I’m sitting at my desk with an ice pack on my lovely swollen box-jumped shin.



Woke up this morning (damn early as always) and regretted the words I wrote yesterday, so I deleted that garbage.  I’m hoping that everyone who reads my rants is having such an awesome weekend and haven’t had the time to catch up on any blog world action.  I’m done crying :p  I did learn something today though… when you don’t have a whole bunch of stuff lined up for pre-work, getting up at 5:30 really serves no benefit.  I had thought of maybe getting out on my bike, but while listening to the rain drops against my bedroom window and praying I had closed my sunroof, I realized that likely wasn’t in the cards for today.  Also knew showing up to the box would only result in a kick to the curb, rightfully so, but it was sooooo tempting…

My weekend was great!  Well, really was only Saturday cause today I’m back at work, but such is the retail life and it’s all good.  Thanksgiving/Easter/Christmas are typically holidays my sisters and I somewhat dread cause they mean trekking out to see the family that we otherwise avoid.  One year, my uncle was in charge of buying the turkey, which turned out to be rotten but we thankfully figured this out before sitting down to eat!  The whole house smelled of dog poop when we first walked through the doors, to the point I was checking my shoes…  Anyways, Thanksgiving at my place was a nice change 🙂  We broke away from the traditional dinner and instead enjoyed turkey tomato sauce (with some zip!), spaghetti squash, a big salad, and apple crisp for desert.  My first time cooking a complete Paleo meal for company and the reviews all came back 4 stars.  Phew!  I was a little nervous.  Haven’t cooked for anyone but myself in months, and I’m more than satisfied with some pretty random and odd combinations.

This, by the way, was both easy and AMAZING:

Paleo Apple Crisp

My sisters are amazing young women 🙂  My dad parked it on the couch for a nap before dinner while the 3 girls crammed in my little gally kitchen to cook and chat about life.  Claire is becoming a Paleo genius and Hannah is kicking butt and taking names at crossfit up in Penetang.  Hannah was excited to share some big news…  the other day they worked towards a 1 rep max for back squats.  First time, and the kid hits #150!  Jeezuz!  I was so excited for her 🙂  but I may need to up my game!!  😮  Second bit of interesting news from Hannah… my step-mom is crossfitting with her!  Say, what?!  Both my sisters are still too young to consider anything “mom” does to be cool, but I thought it was pretty bad-ass!  I hope I’m still crossfitting in my 50’s!


just let it go

“You’ve got to just let it go… holding on to the anger or frustration will affect the rest of your workout, the rest of your day, your weekend…  Just let it go!” 

Words of wisdom from Coach Sharon this morning while I was beating myself up inside over not being able to lift the weight I had set out to do.  Another “feel the #boxlove” this morning.  Our coaches are awesome 🙂  Borrowed this from the CF Division website this morning:

“Our community is amazing”

We help each others. We support each others…. You are a CrossFitter, we understand you.

Nuff said.

Back to my rant.  Not every day can be a PR… Monday I had one of those days where the stars aligned and everything came together for me at the Box.  I squatted and pressed the weights I had set out to with ease.  Today was a totally different story.  While I did screw up the proper load by #10 to match week 2 of phase 1, I got “stuck in the hole” and had to drop the bar on the FIRST REP!  WTF??  I was mad :p but as usual, Sharon was right.  I dropped the load to #95 and got through 5 of 7 sets before we made the decision that I should abandon the back squats for the day and take some time to focus on stretching and strengthening my left hip flexor.  Still crushed the strict press (3 rounds @ #65, 4 @ #60) and switched out # 125 deadlifts for the front squats.  Not like I can’t load up again next week, so long as the hip flexor cooperates.

So the back squats can suck it.  :p

OH!  I didn’t post anything yesterday.  Maybe because my day was a bit messy in terms of schedule.  Went to my usual 7:30 at the Box.  We did an “easy flush” kind of workout (according to Coach Dave.  Not many seemed to agree with this claim though)  Which started with a 400m sled drag.  Rx for this bad boy was body weight.  Right.  How about #100?  I somehow managed to grind it through that load despite the wicked occasional jab in my hip.  Then we had a snatch sequence:

5 Sets across of: 1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats

First round, I fell over with the overhead squat.  Then got my sh*t together and made it through, but with just the #35 bar.  Overhead squats suck.  Period.  And the snatch is still the unicorn which I will continue to long for a chance of riding. One day…

AND… it’s the Friday before Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.  The days of big family meals on such events drew to an end when my grandparents passed away, but still doing the dinner thing with my dad and sisters tomorrow night.  Think they are even coming out to my hood for a good Paleo feast a la Kate 🙂  Should be good times!  Still tossing around different ideas of what the heck I’m going to cook…  squash of course is a given.  (especially since I maybe couldn’t resist another trip to the pumpkin farm yesterday.  I’m an anti-hoarder… except when it comes to squash.  And brussels sprouts.  Sigh…)

online dating for crossfitters?

Just a random thought that came to me today…

A friend recently suggested to me that I should check out an online dating site to try to meet some single talent out my way…  If you’re anti-online-dating, don’t judge :p  I’ve been single for nearly 10 months and enjoying the journey, but winter is coming.  And I’m a busy girl in a new ish city.  Or I could just get a dog…

Here’s what I want to know…  When will there be a site that asks the right questions?

– do you drink?

– do you smoke?

– are you opposed to bacon?

– What’s your FRAN time?

That pretty much says it all!  If the response is anything involving a question mark… NEXT!

watered down

Taking a rest day today.  Not happy about it, but my hip is KILLING me!  That’s one of those old injuries that hasn’t reared its ugly head in quite some time, but SURPRISE!  Not exercise induced either.  It started hurting after my last rest day on Saturday.  Totally SUCKS too!  Today is deadlift day!!  All good though…  I’ll just fit them in Friday 😉


Feel like a 90-year-old whining about my bad hip, but the fall from the horse way back in 2001 has continued to haunt me randomly over the years.  Stupid horse.  With a rest day from the box comes a bunch of random ramblings about the other shtuff that bounces around in my brain.  Sorry about your luck :p  I’ll hopefully be back at the box again tomorrow 😀

Ok… a big part of the game of life is nutrition.  I get that.  I understand that what we put into our bodies has a huge impact on what we get out of it.  I find the whole nutrition thing absolutely fascinating really and spend a good amount of time reading and asking questions in an effort to learn more and more.  In a year and a half of following the Paleo lifestyle, I’ve come to some astonishing realizations of what foods don’t work for me, as well as what I seem to tolerate easily.  Gluten is NOT my friend.  I’ve had a very few “cheats” where I have allowed myself a “treat” of something that I used to LOVE, but that contains gluten.  It only took a very few of these cheats for me to realize that it just wasn’t worth it!  For the next few days, I dealt with joint pain that I had been otherwise free of for months.  The first time, I just figured it was a coincidence.  By the third, I made the connection and said my final goodbyes to licorice allsorts.  Shouldn’t be eating that crap I guess anyways :p

Anyways, my initial intention behind this rant was to share the problem I seem to have lately.  I’m really good at the food prep part of the game.  Especially now that it’s SQUASH season in Ontario.  Simple things get me excited…  but COME ON!!  There’s just so much awesome you can do with these bad boys!  So, when Coach Dave reminds us over and over to “get the food in ‘ya” while we are in this current building phase, I have absolutely no hesitation in tossing him the big “thumbs UP!”  Then comes the other question.  The one that has had me bowing my head in shame lately…  “How’s the hydration?”  What the hell?  I used to be soooo good at this part to, but lately I SUCK!  The intention on a regular day is to drink half your body weight in ounces.  PLUS more on the sweaty WOD/ball hockey days.  Rounded out, that’s 9 glasses of h2o…  shouldn’t be that big of a deal!  But some days, I’m just not that thirsty 😦  To make matters even worse… I’m a coffee lover.

How much water to YOU drink in a day?  Do you find a way to make yourself drink MORE even when you don’t feel like it?  HOW?

rock out


It’s been nice to workout with both Coach Sharon and Coach Dave around yesterday and today.  Sharon jokingly told me yesterday that she is now careful about what she says to me as she doesn’t want me to slam her in my blog.  😮  I’d never trash talk my family 🙂  Well… at least not the ones crossfit ones.  The people I am family with only through blood are another story, but I try to just avoid them altogether sometimes.  Like the saying goes… You can’t fix crazy.

I’m cool with people I know having found my blog, but things are a little more censored now that they do.  It’s like singing in the car, or for me anyway seeing as I couldn’t carry a tune if it had handles.  When I want to rant or bitch out about something, I have another outlet for that now but I’m keeping that one to myself :p

Although…  I did notice Coach Sharon was wearing 2 different socks today.  This is the same woman who told me very early on in my Elements program that mis-matched workout gear threw her off her game.  Days that I find myself heading to the box dressed like a bit of a fashion train-wreck I tend to pray Sharon won’t be around to see!

Yesterday was day 1, phase 2 of the can-building.  The goal was to start this second phase with the same weight we used the second week of the first phase.  After taking Saturday and Sunday away from the box, the weight felt almost light!  I totally was not intentionally sand bagging it, but after I finished each set I was kinda disappointed that I didn’t load up the bar heavier.  That being said, I still have 2 more weeks to build on this…  AND I was going for more conservative than normal as I didn’t want to make my shoulder angry.

Monday Oct 7

Back Squats: 9-9-9-9      #95

Push Press: 9-9-9-9       #65

Pull-ups: 9-9-9-9     green band (again) but all sets unbroken!  😀  woot!

Today was a different one…

Tuesday Oct 8

Row: Each Interval For Time:
3 x 2000m Row, Equal work : Rest

8:37 / 8:54 / 8:52

It sucked :p  well… no.  It was ok, just kinda boring.  Thankfully the music was GOOD and CRANKED 🙂  At least I was able to achieve my little goal of remaining somewhat consistent throughout the rounds. I went way too hard to start the first round and though I may die by the time I got to about 750m, but I refocused and pushed/paced myself for the rest of the rounds.  I’m not sure how efficient I am at rowing, and I will always prefer running, but I do kinda like it.  Anyone else get a bruise across the torso from rowing so aggressively while coming down to the final 100 meters?  Coach Dave was practically sitting on my shoulder telling me to “ROW!!!”  So… I did!


On to my other favourite topic.  FOOD!  😀

brown bagginYesterday’s lunch consisted of my usual turkey meatloaf, sweet potato and scrambled egg whites for post-morning WOD, 1/2 bacon wrapped chicken breast topped a bowl of romaine lettuce, red pepper and avocado for lunch, and remaining 1/2 chicken breast, broccoli and celery sticks were my snacks.  Not pictured was the green shake a drank pre-WOD which consisted of kale, spinach, 2 frozen strawberries (cause they were small) and 1 scoop whey protein powder.  It tastes alright, but is less than photogenic.  One of my staff commented the other day “how’s your grass-clippings this morning?”  haha

Do you own any Pampered Chef stoneware??  That sh*t is AWESOME!!!  Best breasts that have ever come out of my kitchen!!  Wait, what?!?!

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