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balls to the wall

Tomorrow is kind of a big deal…  Crossfit Total time.  The last 8 weeks of 100+ squats and presses per week are being put to the test.  Time to either figure out how much your 1 rep max has improved, or in my case figure out what my 1 rep max IS!  I’m looking forward to it, but after my 16-year-old sister getting a back squat 1RM of #150, the pressure is on.  Don’t suck, just DO IT.

Just for the sadistic enjoyment of Coach Dave, I refrained from publishing this post this morning 😉  Wouldn’t want to be the one to ruin his little “treats” (aka pre and post WOD torment) for the evening sessions.  You never know who reads your crap, right?  So…  you’re welcome.  🙂

I considered taking today as a rest and recharge day for tomorrow, but talked myself out of that during the ridiculously early morning hours (damn you daylight savings) and headed to my usual 7:30 class.  As always, glad I went 🙂  Here’s the details:


10 rounds, rowing as close to 100m as possible.  Add combined total of ever metre over/under per round.  That number is your recipe for pre-WOD burpees.  This kid killed it 😀  hit 100 bang-on 3 times and my total over/under was only 15.  Best score for the morning programs… someone got 58!  Eek!  Especially with more burpees as part of the regular menu for the day.

Part 1.
3 Rounds For Time:
10- Chest to Bar Pullups    ~ green band
10- Front Squats, #165/#115   #65
10- Burpees

Part 2.
OTM, 20 minutes:
odd minutes – 10 wall balls   #10
even minutes – 40 Double Unders – this bit is not up for discussion.  Not my day.  I’m over it.

Finished part 1 in 5:48.  Not the fastest, but not the slowest either.  😉  Lots going on in this one today, but it was relatively enjoyable.   I mention relativity cause let’s be serious, no one can honestly say they enjoy wall balls or burpees without their sanity being heavily questioned.  I think it was more the layout that made it decent, cause yesterday’s “fight gone bad” had wall balls too and I wanted to cry every time I stepped up to the wall.  Again with the crying.  What’s the deal with that crap?  I’m usually such a tough guy but crossfit turns me into a pansy.  :p

Mmm… food.  I’ll save you from pictures of my breakfast as my pre-crossfit green shake and post-crossfit bowl of ground turkey, scrambled egg whites and diced sweet potato lack in the presentation category.  Delicious, just not fancy at all.  However, the pulled pork that came out of my crockpot yesterday was magic 🙂  and I’m still riding the butternut squash kick.



Another silent vow of dislike towards the bi-annual screw-aroud with the clocks is stepping up to the plate now as it gets closer to my 9:30 hockey game.  Boo.  Pj’s seem like a way better option.


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