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Whine and… dine?

Nov. 11

I’m not being a baby, just decided today might be a good one to take the safer route.  Slept crappy last night for whatever reason and woke up feeling somewhat weak and tired.  Yesterday’s run in the freezing rain kicked my butt a bit more than I had realized at the time.  Was falling asleep last night before 8:00!  Don’t get me wrong, I do have a stupid early bedtime for someone 50 years younger than 80, but pre-8:00 is beyond ridiculous.  Plus this week, an old problem has resurfaced.  I drop things.  Like, breakable things.  Generally dishes it seems…  When I was still living in Etobicoke it was a pretty regular thing, but hadn’t been in quite some time, until this past week.  Once there were 4, now there are two.  I’m talking about glasses :p  Actually I think originally there were 6, but whatever.  Guess my ability to entertain people at my place will be pretty limited until I buy some more glasses!  haha

So, when I woke up this morning lacking my usual spunk, I opted to register for the 5:15 class today instead of my usual 7:30 spot.  Here’s the details:

Teams of 2:
Start with a 2000m Row
4 rounds of:
9- Rope Climbs
11- Bear Complexes #135/#95   #55
Finish with a 3000m Row
One athlete works at a time.
Partition as needed.

Now you understand my reasoning?  Since I couldn’t seem to keep my grip on a glass, the rope climb and bar over-head seemed a little daunting.  By 5:15 I was ready to kick it 🙂  Was in a team of 3, so rope climbs were 12 and bear complexes were 15 per round.  In my opinion, we went too cautious on these but I was with a new girl so it was great to see her do so well 🙂  The final 3000m row was the hardest part!

After leaving the box at 7:00 I headed home to grab a quick bite for heading to ball hockey for 8:30.  A quick bite aka a breakfast sausage and a wedge of sweet potato.  Ok, not a brilliant nutritional choice, but I didn’t have a ton of time.  Changed from crossfit tall socks to hockey socks, shin pad sleeves and birks and booked it out the door.  Check out this look!  Hot, I know.  Best part… I went into Costco like this on the way to hockey.  It’s snowing here.


The 5:15 WOD before hockey was a bit of an experiment.  I usually do my 7:30am thing, then work, then hockey, but the 5:15 thing seemed to work just great!  I had a kick-ass game, and we had no subs!  Ran like a nutter for an hour, then slept like a baby 🙂  Yes!


Comments on: "Whine and… dine?" (1)

  1. True, there are comedians that cuss a lot, but you got to earn that right before
    you do that. If I knew how to bake cookies, I would do that and send over a care package but
    Im much better at telling jokes so I go there and entertain,
    shake hands and thank the men and women who serve our country.
    If it feels weird coming out of your mouth, fake it.

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