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3, 2, 1 GO!!

There’s a post I drafted yesterday that I’m still not sure will be published.  Ever have one of those days where you just don’t seem to be finding your groove?  A day where it seems as though your mind and body just aren’t in sync?  That was my yesterday.  Plus, it was Wednesday which has become a fairly routine crossfit rest day.  Don’t get me wrong, my body was thankful after assault I threw at it Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but my mind was less enthusiastic about the day off.

Today is a new day 🙂  I was all smiles again knowing I had the 7:30 WOD to look forward to.  Read the details online last night and thought – that sounds simple enough… so it’s going to be brutal.  I was somewhat mentally prepared to embrace the suck, but WOW! Did it ever!  :p  You know that “place” you get to when you push so hard that you just want to curl up in a ball and hide?  Yup, got there.  More than once actually…  ‘eff that noise.  Squashed it.


Burpees are my nemesis.  90 of them today, plus 12 in the post-warm-up, pre-WOD  :p  I get that no one likes them, but I’m not sure the feeling of the whole box spinning out of control with every rep is a common feeling…  I paused a few times to get myself together, but made it through.  Note to self… this doesn’t necessarily mean you will end up on your BUTT.  Good to know, even though it has put me there in the past.  The deadlifts weren’t that bad in comparison, but it’s all relative right?  I’m stubborn as hell sometimes and super-competitive with myself, but today I’m not sure that alone would have done it.  Having a kick-a** coach there throwing in the “3,2,1 GO MCDOWELL!!!!” from time to time throughout the workout helped keep my focus in check.  Thanks Coach Dave.  🙂

After the box, I headed to the farmer’s market to restock my squash obsession.  Sad day 😦 I learned that the cold spell we had last week ruined the rest of the spaghetti squash supply.  Boo 😦  I may have come home with a stash of butternut and acorn to drown my sorrow.  Don’t judge me.  I have a kick-a** pulled pork in the fridge that needed a butternut companion.

You know what else the cold is teaching me?  It’s time to look at some PANTS for the trip to and from the box.  Especially when I plan to throw a trip out to st. jacob’s post-workout.  The capris just aren’t cutting it anymore, my calves froze.  haha  Gives me a purpose for my shift at Sport Chek tonight though.  Look for pants.  Likely in the kids section.  Not cause I’m that small but just cause I’m short and women’s track pants seem to be only wearable if you are an amazon or willing to hike them up to your armpits.  Neither of which I am, so kids section it is.  Nike, Adidas, Reebok, get with the program!  Jeans come in different lengths, why don’t your pants?  Hmm?  I shouldn’t even get into the topic of jeans.  They need to start coming different fit options too.  Slim, apple, pear, CROSSFIT.  Right?


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  1. I’m with ya – ages ago I found workout pants in petite, should’ve bought the whole stock of them instead of one which I wore til they shredded…

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