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I’m celebrating a little today 🙂  This is my 200th post on playlifeoutloud 🙂  That’s a LOT of random useless ramblings kids.  I’ve grown a lot since the early days.  This blog has seen the start of my Paleo journey, the start of my time at Crossfit Division both of which are huge components of who I am.  It hasn’t been all sunshine and roses over the last nearly two years, and it probably won’t in the years to come either.  But the events in our life are all a part of what makes us who we are 🙂


Monday Dec 9:

The temptation was heavy this morning to “cherry pick” and avoid a workout I didn’t feel overly confident about.  Plus, last night I was up way past my bedtime with my work Christmas bowling party and the 5:30am wake-up to get my butt out the door to my 7:30 class was less appealing than usual.  But I decided to suck it up, and I’m really glad I did 🙂  See, I don’t like being upside-down.  Handstand holds are not one of my favs, and handstand push-ups scare the crap out of me.  Too many concussions growing up make the possibility (or probability) of landing on my head pretty unwelcome.  Yet, the scaled version of pike push-ups with feet on a box went really well 🙂

Warm-up – OTM, 10 rounds: 10 wall balls

AMRAP in 15 Minutes:
6- Handstand Pushups
12- Kettlebell Swings 32kg/24kg
200m Row

Result – 7 rounds 🙂  I’m getting used to pushing through the suck.  Learning that I can still function while dizzy.  It translates well into real life considering balance has been one of my MS struggles in the past.  I figure if I can pop up from upside-down (ish) pike push-ups, get my shit together, and swing a kettlebell over my head, I can do anything!  :p


Tuesday Dec  10:

Was a little bummed that my 7:30 class was again cancelled today, but even though I signed up for the 9:15 one, I decided to see if I could make the 6:00am spot work instead.  Coach Jenna posted a quote:

“I think that sometimes being uncomfortable is the only way to keep you from settling” -Andrea Ager

So, while it wasn’t a big change from the norm, I figured why not step out of my little comfort zone a little.  I liked it 🙂  I have energy and focus early in the morning… and if I wait till 9:15, then my head is already spinning in way to many directions to concentrate as well as it should.  Plus I got to see the sunrise on the way home from the box, instead of the way there 🙂

This morning was a whole lot of snatch.  Usually not a movement I feel a lot of confidence in doing, but today felt good.  Of course, I was the kid using just the 45lb bar for the WOD, but whatever.  I’m not bothered.  I was also the 2nd person of 12 finished.  Tried 3 squat snatch in the warm-up with 55lbs, but Coach Dave advised to scale down.  (That had been my plan 😉 )

2 Rounds For Time:
12- Overhead Squats, #135/#95
12- Burpees
9- Power Snatches, #135/#95
9- Burpee Box Jumps, 20″
6- Squat Snatches, #135/#95
6- Burpee Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Result – 12:00  🙂  early on, I had a minute or two of “this BLOWS.  I could have stayed in bed.”  but I got over it and actually enjoyed this one.  First round, I took the first burpee box jump as a burpee step-up, but then convinced myself to stop being a pansy and jumped the rest.  If nothing else, that was my victory for today 🙂

6:00am WOD = home before 8:00 = lots of time for cooking/food prep for the rest of my week.  Being December and seeing as I work in retail (both jobs!) my next day off might not be until Christmas day.  After a few days of my fridge being empty, it’s really time I get my sh*t together before I starve :p  Dear Paleo, I love you.  But the inability to grab something quick when times get busy makes life challenging…  ’nuff rambling.  Time to cook.


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