one day it'll all make sense.

proud of “you”

I’ve been amazed by just how much the accomplishments and lessons learned in the box have shaped me as a person.  Not just talking the “she squats bro” booty or quads that could crush walnuts, but mentally too.  Last night Crossfit Division had their annual Holiday “parrrrrtay”.  I had been looking forward to it, but also secretly dreading the event.  The dress code for this one was considered pretty formal, which is so far out of the comfort zone of this kid that I seriously contemplated not going at all.  “cocktail dresses ladies!” was mentioned in the advertisement for the event at the box.  Fat chance!  I haven’t worn a dress since prom.  300 burpees would intimidate me less.  I decided yesterday that there could be another “lesson” behind this one.  Since starting in the Elements program way back in July, Coach Sharon and Coach Jenna talked a lot about stepping out of your comfort zone as the only way to get better.  So after work, I went to the mall (yes, on December 20!  Eek!) and pretty much walked in to H&M and asked the sales girl to girly me up.  It was not a fun experience.  I’m just not that kind of girl.  But I bought some new clothes and shoes and headed home to get ready.  Tried everything on in front of my mirror and wanted to cry.  This year I’m stronger than ever and loving every minute I spend at the box, but looking at the reflection of my size 8 (snugly) butt and quads, when last year i was slipping easily into a size 4, was hard on the psyche.  Once again, I considered bailing on the party.  Thankfully I got my sh*t together.  Re-folded the new clothes neatly and put them back in the bag to be returned to the store.  I decided maybe I could accept that the comfort zone lesson would be learned another day.  The lesson I learned yesterday instead was be yourself, and be proud of that.  Reminded myself that a big part of what I love about Crossfit Division is that were are all individuals.  We all share a common appreciation of kicking our own butts every day, but we are all different and accepted for who we are.  🙂  I did go to the party.  No glitter or sequence.  No dress or heels.  Nothing fancy at all really, but some nice black dress pants, a dress shirt and a comfortable pair of black shoes.  The one thing I did wear from my mall adventure was a shiny new necklace, and I felt great.  Photos to follow…  Had an awesome time!  🙂   I am so grateful to be a part of such a great community of people #boxlove

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