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Sometimes the hardest part of blogging is coming up with a fitting, let not totally lame, title.  Some days my post gets delayed for hours cause I draw a complete blank when it comes time to title the thing :p  Ah well.  I’m far from perfect.  😉

Today I somehow came to the conclusion that I’ve overcome the box jump hurdle in my mind.  Not saying I’m a pro.  Or that I don’t expect more crashes in the future.  For whatever reason today when it came time for the box jump portion of the WOD, I was able to talk myself down from that ledge that usually leaves me chickening out, and JUMP!  That’s my victory for today, cause otherwise I sucked.  Was totally gassed before we even got going and felt totally dehydrated.  I’ve never experienced that before and wow it sucked!  I made it to Christmas without acquiring the community cold that has been going around my little store, but this morning I felt like I may be losing that war.  Ah… working with a small team day in and day out, we share everything. 


7:30 WOD:

For Time:

30- Thrusters #115/#80   #55
30- Pullups   ring pulls
30- Power Cleans #115/#80   #55
30- Burpees
30- Push Jerks #115/#80   #55
30- Box Jumps

Time: 13:36 

Got through the thrusters alright.  Then the power cleans had my number.  I made it through the first 5 reps unbroken.  Then somehow got to 10.  Then stood there thinking “my gawd!  This could take me all day!” Got to 15… then could only manage 3 unbroken… then 2… When I finally hit 30, I had a moment of relief before realizing the next bit of self-torture was burpees.  Amazingly enough, the most enjoyable part of this little bit of crazy, was the box jumps!  Say what?!  It’s all relative I guess.  Pair anything with burpees and that anything will seem not so bad.  Even when my mind and body were completely spent too.  Have to admit… I sat on my BUTT for a minute after this one.  I know what Coach Dave would say… “only the weak animals lay down”, but DUDE!  I was DONE!

Then in to the insanity of boxing week retail chaos.  Good times! (noooo)

**Note to self…  box jump practice at work, not the greatest of ideas!

photoThis did not end well.  Thankfully other than a bruised ego, there were no injuries.  I’m a bad manager.  :p

I love my job.  Well, 51 weeks out of the year anyway.  Boxing week is not one of them.  My crazy day is finally over 🙂  Mmmm… leftover Christmas turkey, acorn squash and Brussels are waiting for me at home 🙂


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