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lesson learned

So, I’m not huge into making new year’s resolutions but this year I’ve got one.  I’m going to work to stop complaining.  Although, what many people seem to not understand is that my tales of sports/crossfit-related bruises or scars are not really complaining at all.  Those are badges of honor that I wear with pride.  So maybe my resolution is to work to keep my “story telling” to a more limited audience.  Such as my blog…  It’s mine, and I can ramble what every comes to mind.  :-p

Today is day 8 of my sweet potato / butternut squash ban.  I’ve come up with a bunch of other stuff to eat instead, but thus far haven’t found anything that’s completely satisfying in the same way.  Sigh.  Breakfast has been the same scrambled egg whites and breakfast sausage, just without the seasoned sweet potato that used to accompany it.  Still tasty, but lacking.  Lunch today was’s Spaghetti Squash Noodle Bowl with OMG Sauce which comes close.


Wicked tasty, although a bit labor intensive to make… but who am I kidding?  It’s January now and now that work has slowed down again, I have time 🙂

That was the culinary highlight of my day.  Dinner was a few pork meatballs and some steamed brocoli.  I’m not hungry per say, but not satisfied either.  :-p  I’ll get over it.  Less than a month till bikini time.

Any girl who has ever cut her hair short and then tried to grow it back out will have to agree with me when I say it’s a rough process.  I’m currently going through an awkward stage.  Ever played Nintendo Mario Kart?  Or any Super Mario Brothers game really?  Ya know the little mushroom guys?  An old friend used to call them “chicken nuggets” which always made me laugh 🙂  anyways, if I don’t put in the time to straighten my hair every day, I look like a nugget.  Not attractive.  haha!  Wait…  here:

nuggetmmm hmmm….

I haven’t posted in a few days, but I haven’t been slacking.  Yesterday the craziness of the last month may have caught up with me.  Or maybe it was my body saying EFFF YOU! after I thought it seemed like a good way to spend part of my afternoon off going for a quick 5km run.  This was a few hours after my usual 7:30 WOD.  The run felt great, but not too long after I felt like garbage.  Lesson learned!  Ended up falling asleep on my couch by 8:00.  After 10 hours sleep I felt awesome again though 🙂 and headed back for another fun little WOD today.

Mon. Jan 6:

5 Rounds for time:
5- Muscle ups (transitions)
10- Shoulder- Overhead #165/#115    #75

Part 2:

10 minute OTM – 3-5 overhead squats, pausing 3 seconds at bottom    #35

Tues. Jan 7:


3 rounds, 3 front squats – 80-85%    #105

Open WOD 13.4
AMRAP in 7 Minutes:
Up ladder by 3,
Clean and Jerks #135/#95     #65
Toes- Bar
3,3 / 6,6 / 9,9/ 12,12 / 15,15 / 18,18….

Total reps: 80

Monday’s little victory for me was my over head squats.  My right arm was all twitchy after the WOD, but I still managed to get my sh*t together and hold on to the bar 🙂  The little victory for today was my Toes-Bar.  Other than a few knees to elbows in there, I got through almost the whole WOD kicking my toes up to that bar 😀  woot!


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  1. why no sweet potato/butternut squash? My goal this week is to introduce sweet potatoes into meals rather than white potatoes.

    I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for years now.. I have really short hair (almost pixie) and every single time it gets to that awkward stage it drives me crazy. And I try to get through it, but then I’ll have a super bad hair day, which will result in me going to the hair salon and saying “Cut it all off!” I’m going to try growing it out…. again.. we’ll see how that goes

    I try to tell myself to not complain.. my husband always tells me that complaining won’t change anything.. and it’s true.. I get it. but sometimes I just gotta let it out! hehe..

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