one day it'll all make sense.

let it rest

Today is a rest day.  Parts of my body are definitely screaming “thank gawd!” while my brain is hating the idea, as usual.  With the heavier front squats thrown into the mix yesterday for the first time in quite a while, my quads are sore today.  I didn’t even go that heavy?  Almost went even lighter, but one of my fellow crossfitters (and also one of my heroes when it comes to heavy lifting cause she’s little and lifts crazy weights like it’s nothing) called me out on “under-loading” my bar.  When Coach Dave asked “could you have done a 4th rep?” and I hesitated to answer, “add MORE weight!” was the verdict.  My quads are… thanking?… me today.  Love the feeling 🙂  and the squats felt great too.  I’m just not reaching for any new PR’s right now since my vacation will be here soon enough and I already have big quads.  Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but I tell myself every day – I WILL have abs for this bikini session.  Like, visible ones.  Part of the reasoning behind the scrapping of the sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  I think I was just enjoying them a little too much and I’ve gotten squishy again.  I work too hard to be squishy.  It sucks.  :p

Speaking of rest… With quite a few years as a photographer, I know how to read a histogram, but I have no idea what this means :p  Other than providing proof that I have a crazy early bedtime.  I downloaded the sleep cycle alarm clock just for fun, but it seems I have to sleep with my phone in bed beside me for 5 nights before it will give me a sleep rating :p  I read months ago that keeping technological devices in your bedroom actually interrupted your quality of sleep?  Now I’m purposely keeping my phone in bed with me?  We’ll see I guess 😉



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  1. I use the sleep app thingy on my phone too. What I have read about electronics and sleep is more on the light they emit can disturb sleep, but I have mine facedown on the bed and it never bothers me. On my phone app there is some info explaining how to read it, but basically it is showing you your sleep cycles … if you sleep well you should see those peaks and valleys!

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