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matter of time

It really is interesting in how the timing of things can sometimes just seem incredibly appropriate.  A few weeks ago I got involved in a little group discussion at the box about good reads and Coach Sharon highly recommended picking up a copy of this book:

e squared

Just before Christmas I found myself in Chapters picking up a last minute gift, and grabbed myself a copy.  Very interesting read.  Also very appropriate for the events that have unfolded in my life over the last few days.  It’s no secret that more and more people are happily using their smart phones to capture life’s little moments rather than purchasing an actual camera.  I won’t lie and say I’m not guilty of this as well.  Times are changing…  sigh.  I’m also smarter than to get into too much depth with that comment as I do like my job.  The connection to the book is the process of learning to change the way we think and use these thoughts to create the reality we want.  Sounds far-fetched maybe, but worth a shot.  😉

This morning was my favorite Friday class again 🙂  Coach Dave didn’t stick around like he usually does though…  but there was another discussion in which Coach Sharon mentioned a little dream of becoming a “life coach”.  Can’t think of a better fit!  Crossfit Division has been a huge life-changing experience through her help, and all of the coaches and community there.  It’s not just about the lifting 😉 but the more lasting results are the mental growth from human interaction.  Again I go back to the element of timing.  The discussion couldn’t have fallen on a more appropriate day as my mind has been spinning with ideas of what I would consider a dream career path.  Not to suggest that I’m planning any career changes at this point, but with all the years growing up and looking for opportunity to teach, coach, or mentor on whatever platform fit at the time, the mention of a “life coach” sparked my interest.  I have always found the opportunity to help others accomplish things they once thought impossible is incredibly rewarding.  Do you have something that leaves you with a sense of fullfilment?  As Coach Dave often says “do something today to make someone else better.”

Back to the grind.  Sometimes, it is about the lifting:

Friday Jan 10.  For Time:
21- Thrusters #135/#95    #55
800m Row
15- Thrusters #135/#95
400m Row
9- Thrusters #135/#95
200m Row

time – 10:33

Yesterday we did “Lift Up Luke”.  A spicy little 5 minute AMRAP of 4 power cleans, 72 single unders (ya, cause I still haven’t figured out the doubles), 10 pull-ups.  Sounds pretty simple, right?  Like, 4 power cleans.  Who can’t manage that?  Well, when the rep count is so minimal, the loading is NOT.  And when the loading is heavy, what’s super important?  OPEN YOUR HIPS!  Here we go again.  I made it through the first round, and 3 reps into the second round with my classic “muscle it up” style.  Then I simply could NOT get the bar up high enough to drop under it.  I was so frustrated :p  but the Coach stripped some weight off for me and I kept going.  After thinking a bunch after leaving the box I realized I have to find the key to get my brain to play along.  After today’s WOD, I spent some time a doing a few kettlebell swings, followed by a few power cleans.  I WILL piece it together.  It’s all about timing 😉


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  1. you will get it! I did the same thing saturday…I always want to get that bar as high as possible so i barely have to drop under it, so i end up getting SHOT with my arms. I did the weight 5 times as a warm up, then my first rep of the second round i failed….and then it got in my head and I couldn’t do it again. one of the coaches watching just shook his head..hes like you were doing that pretty easy, so its just in your head PLUS you pull that bar way higher than you need too. One day!

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