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weekend re-cap

I’m finding stride with the Paleo/Zone idea thankfully 🙂  This being said, I woke up with a cold last Thursday and left work early Friday to sleep it off for a few hours.  Thankfully Saturday my appetite returned after two days of very minimal nutritional consumption.

I ducked into the Box a bit early Friday to bounce a few questions of Coach Dave and Sharon and I think I managed to simplify the process a bit.  “Don’t geek out too much” Coach Sharon mentioned at one point when I was stressing over the protein I discovered existing in my Brussels sprouts that was throwing off my blocks and counts and all that.  :p  If you think I’m likely to not geek out completely if left to my own defences, you don’t know me too well. haha  Coach Dave suggested adding some sweet potato or other starchy veggies back into my world.  mmm 🙂  Should help me get closer to the carb blocks.  Random useless fact – 3 blocks of Romaine lettuce is 18 cups.  Say what?  Not only would lunch take me 3 hours to eat, I’d need to find a bowl the size of a kiddie pool.  I’m still holding on to the game plan of having definition in my abdominal area in time for my trip.  I know it’s approaching quickly, but I’m not giving up on this.


Enough food ramblings.  Yesterday’s WOD was wicked fun 🙂  And I had a great partner who gave me a little push to leave behind my urge to grab a lighter med ball and just give ‘er.


a whole heap of rounds of deadlifts (3 reps) with increased weight each round and 5 wallballs.  Got up to #165 on the deads.  I love deadlifts.  Today… my glutes are sore.  Love that too.  🙂

AMRAP in 15 Minutes: Teams of 2, Alternating
3- Deadlifts #225/#155   #105
7-Wallballs     #14
One Athlete working at a time

Result – 17 rounds each 🙂  woot!  Take THAT cold!  Or so I thought at the time.  Felt fantastic walking out of the box, then kinda like garbage again a few hours later.  Good thing it was Sunday and all I had lined up for the rest of the day was laundry and a little food prep marathon.

This morning’s WOD was a fun little step out of the ordinary.

3 sets of: Bench Press x 3-4 reps  #85

Rest 2 minutes

Weighted Pull-Up x 2-3 reps  weighted?  How about un-banded?  🙂

Rest 2 minutes

“Lynne”-ish 3 sets for max reps of:

Bodyweight Bench Press (ladies, shoot for 3/4 bodyweight)   or… #85

Pull-Ups   round 1 – blue band, round 2 & 3 – 2 x blue band

Rest 4 minutes between sets

Result – bench press/pull-up – 15/6, 12/11, 9/11

You read that right.  Un-banded 🙂  Oh ya!  We’re not talking 100s of reps, but I actually managed some pretty legit strict pull-ups without the use of a band.  At the end, I actually cranked out a few pretty decent kipping ones too.  🙂  There.  My day is a success.


Comments on: "weekend re-cap" (3)

  1. Good job with the bandless pull ups!!!

  2. Nice work on those pull ups 🙂

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