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Saturday Jan. 25

Today is a rest day.  Like, a real one.  No sneaking in a little run at Goodlife this time.  Yesterday’s WOD kicked my butt so hard I struggled to just function for the 2-3 hours following it.  When thoughts of “why does the safe have to be way down on the floor?  My legs don’t want any more squats.” and “maybe I could just keep my lunch in the office today instead of walking up the stairs to the lunchroom” cross my mind, I realize it’s due time for a legit rest.

Sunday Jan. 26

Today was another crossfit rest day thanks to my ball hockey schedule making it impossible to do both :p  On the bright side, we crushed ’em 8-4.  Or possibly 9… I got a sweet goal to tie things up early in the game and we just gained momentum from there.  When I signed up to play co-ed, I was super pumped for the learning experience.  Guys are just faster and rougher than an all women’s league.  I’m learning to play smarter, but I’m also learning to get out of the way when a shot barrels at you.  I’ve never been one to hide when it comes to blocking shots, but catching one in the ribs was a whole new experience.  Lesson learned.  Still tender.

image Monday Jan. 27

After a mental throwndown, I did it:

cfgamesopenI’m both terrified and incredibly excited to put myself to the test.  I’ve spent a decent amount of time watching open WODs from previous years and have realized I have some serious work to do over the next five weeks.  I’ve also seen a few that have been encouraging though too.  This morning Coach Dave made a comment that I totally believe is the deciding factor for me in terms of how successful I will be at any given task.  It’s all in your head.  If I can get my mind to commit to something, there’s nothing I cannot do.  Some days, that IF is bigger than others, but I’m getting better at my own acts of mental buy in.  This morning, as we were all warming up with a light 5 minute row, my mind was already throwing in the “but your body is tired…”  After two days off, I decided I had no excuse.  Scaled the WOD, but kept moving and finished first 🙂  Tried 85lbs for the bear complex after getting through a few with that load in the warm-up but failed round 1 and stripped down to 75lbs.  Success.  Even busted through the warm-up pull-up portions as strict without the use of a band.

Monday Jan. 27

5 Rounds for time:
15- Pullups
20- Kettlebell Swings 32kg/24kg  16kg
3- Bear Complex #225/#155  75lbs

Time – forgot to record it 😦  16 something I think?

a04d11ee61e7d7ff92c1a48b1b7dd617[1]Last bit for today…. FOOD.  Zone Diet, week two starts tomorrow.  It’s going well, but one thing I’ve noticed is my coffee intake has increased :s  Not sure if this is a good thing, but a good cup of coffee keeps my mind away from thinking about food.  The challenge has been I used to “graze” fairly steady throughout my day rather than set meal times.  That foodless span between noon and 4pm can be a tough one.  Lame, I know.  Have made some amazing meals though 🙂

crockpot curryMy CrockPot is my best friend.  Threw in 3 chicken breasts, some chopped up baby carrots, a diced onion, some chopped celery, a can of diced tomatoes, 1/2 tbsp sea salt, 1 tbsp cumin, 1 tbsp curry and out came a kick-a** chicken curry dish!  🙂  Super-easy, super-tasty.  Served with some cauliflower rice.

danielssauceOk, I can’t really take full credit for this one.  One of my staff made the tomato sauce for me 🙂  I just cooked it with some minced turkey and served it with a spiralized zucchini.  So good.


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