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picking up the slack

Lately I’ve been slacking!  Here’s a quick little “catch-up” session.

Tuesday January 28 was a double WOD day.  Went to try out a different box in the morning with a friend, then made it to my own for an evening class.  It felt great, but after all was said and done, I was SPENT!  :p  Thanks to the last pre-finale episode of The Biggest Loser being on, I managed to stay awake till 9:00 pm, but barely.

Checking out a different box was cool 🙂  The WOD was:

4 minute AMRAP:

– 15 hand-release push-ups

– 15 SDHP #65

rest 2 minutes, repeat.  First round, I got through 2 full rounds + 15 push-ups, 13 SDHP.  Round two, I completed 3 full rounds.  🙂  Rx weight kids!  Ok, so it wasn’t crazy, but I’ll take it.  Where things were a little different from what I’m used to here was the sumo deadlift high pull (SDHP) were done with a bar instead of a kettle bell.  More of a challenge to keep the bar steady!  I liked it.

Then the evening at CF Division was full of Coach Dave and his little “treats”.

burpees now

100 Burpees for time –
Every minute on the minute complete 8- Toes to Bar
Start with burpees.

Time: 8:59

Part 2 – back squats,  spend 10-15 minutes to work up to a HEAVY 1 rep.  #155

Part 3 – 60 second AMRAP: back squats  #95   result – 17

This one went on forever it seemed :p  Part 1 I had interpreted as complete the 100 burpees, then the OTM begins.  WRONG.  The first 60 seconds was like a burpee head start to get in as many as possible before your first toes to bar.  Then it was all about racking up the burpee count as quickly as possible to avoid doing endless rounds.  I cranked out 28 in the first minute, then worked to find a pace that I could maintain to get it done.  Made it through 6 rounds on the bar before scaling the toes to bar (which had turned to knees to elbows) to sit-ups when I was only able to get about 5 burpees in per round.  My lungs were on fire!  But I loved it :p

Wednesday was a rest day.  Also another of the hungry, hungry hippo days.  BUT, I have to give a big 2 thumbs up to the Zone!  Two weeks ago I was kinda dreading slipping into my bikini, but my hard work is paying off 🙂

Thursday January 30 I crammed 1,000 things into my day off from Henry’s including the 6am WOD:


AMRAP 3 Minutes:
10- Thrusters, #95/#65   #55
10- Pullups  black band 🙂
Rest :30
AMRAP 3 Mintues:
10- Power Cleans, #95/#65   #55
10- Burpees
Rest :30
AMRAP 3 MInutes:
10- Jerks, #95/#65   #55
10- Box Jumps

Rounds+reps = 2+10, 2+10, 2+5

Box jumps were great.  Even did a few 24″ ones after the WOD just to prove to myself that I can. WITHOUT #boxeatsshinsforbreakfast 😀


Friday January 31, back to my normal 7:30am WOD:


Part 1. 100- Wallballs in the least amount of sets and for time.. as per requested by C.F.! ;)

Result: 4:50 (I think!) w/4 sets of 25 reps

Part 2. OTM x 12 Minutes

Odd Minutes: 1- Power Snatch + 1- Squat Snatch    #55

Even Minutes: 4- Back Squats   #105

Accomplished another of one of the goals on my list today 🙂  Snatch a whole WOD with weight on the bar — CHECK!  Only landed on my BUTT 3 times during the warm-up trying to get the squat snatch to happen, but BOO-YA!!  There was some serious progress today!  Nailed the power snatch too with only a slight “pulling early” comment from Coach Sharon 🙂

Off topic, but always on my mind… I’ve been craving steak lately.  Without reprieve.  Even my fav. chicken dishes haven’t made the craving subside at ALL.  Weird.  The only thoughts that are keeping me from a trip to The Keg for a nice Sirloin are a: I’d look a bit odd out for dinner with just myself, and b: a good steak is BIG $$$.  My plan was to get like a 10oz and cut it in 4 so I’d at least get a bunch of meals out of it.  Still might happen.  Or I might sucker one of my staff into firing up the bbq 🙂


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