one day it'll all make sense.

happy friday :)

Back from vacay and already I’m a blog slacker.  However… I haven’t had heaps of free time between working both jobs, getting to the box every day, restocking my depressingly empty fridge, doing post-trip laundry, etc.  Not complaining though 🙂 after a killer week in the sun, I’m happy to get back into the swing of my life.  Amazing what a little time away from the every day grind of life can do for a person’s mind and soul.  I’m a happy person again and it feels great 🙂

Post-vacay WOD summary:

Wednesday 6:30pm – Back in the game!!

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds for max reps of:
1 min- Wallballs
1 min- SDHP 75/55
1 min- Box Jumps, 20″
1 min- Push Press 75/55
1 min- Row for calories
1 min Rest

PR b*thches!!  308 reps total 🙂  The wallballs were awful, but thankfully I was relatively efficient enough through the box jumps and SDHP (sumo deadlift high pulls).  Wednesday evening is not a common WOD time for me, but I was super eager to get back into things that I wasn’t bothered at all.  It was a good group at the box and Coach Dave’s class was very nearly high-jacked by Coach Sharon!  No way that was gonna happen :p  I had to call her out on that sh*t!  haha!  I’ve got her back when the tables are turned on Friday mornings, but this time I had to come to Dave’s defense.


Thursday 6:00am – bright and early

30-20-10 reps for time of:
Power Snatch #95/#65
Handstand Pushups

Ok, I worked on handstand holds while on vacay.  Not quite at the handstand push-up stage yet.  Especially 60 REPS!  Went with hand-release push-ups for this one.

Time – 9:40

exercise capehaha funny :p  One day this will be true 😉

Friday 7:30am – coffee day 🙂

After Coach Sharon gave us the option to suggest what our warm-up should be and none of us could come up with anything, she made one up with sprints and burpees and jumping jacks and rowing that had us all groaning.  Of all the days for Coach Dave to not try to bud in?!  I tried calling him to come to our rescue, but he had already left to get the Friday coffees 🙂  Good thing!  Turns out the warm-up he had assigned the 6:00am class was way worse than the one we received!  Coach Sharon, you’re awesome 😀

3 Rounds for time:
75- Double Unders
50- Air Squats
25 Calories on Rower

Sounds easy enough, right?  As usual… that means it’s gonna suck :p  Actually, the first round I was thinking “oh good GOD! I should have stayed in BED!” but I told that part of my brain to shut up and keep going.  Actually loved it 🙂  even the wobbly legs that carried me each round from the squats to the rower made me laugh.  Although I wasn’t laughing when I got to work and stood at the bottom of the stairs to the lunch room… sigh…  haha

Time – 14:49



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