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between the ears

CrossFit is and always will be challenging.  Focus on the good instead of what we feel we could have done better. There will always be room for improvement! Work on strengthening not only your body but what is between your ears!!!  Coach Sharon


Today was a fresh start for me.  The last few days I’ve been letting my own self-doubt get in the way of doing the things my body is capable of.  The things I LOVE to do.  Instead of waking up and putting on my usual positive game face when walking into the box, I was down on myself for my lack of achievement.  Maybe it was a lack of sleep.  Maybe it was due to a day or two of water and nutrition not being spot on.  Whatever it was, it was just another challenge to overcome.  Part of Sunday’s WOD included finding a 1RM for power clean.  I got pretty frustrated when I just couldn’t seem to get the bar up, but what I should have been appreciating was the fact that I did my highest ever box jump 🙂 3x 10lb plates stacked on the 24″ box.  WOOT!  I also allowed myself to compare to others.  A practice I try hard to avoid, but when you pair up for a WOD with someone who started around the same time as you and is now lifting way more, the temptation is there.  It was a dark few days in my brain, but I’ve emerged stronger because of it.

At the end of every WOD, write down one thing you did ‘amazingly’ and one thing you’d like to improve on.  Coach Sharon

Last night I spent a little time re-reading some of the inspirational wisdom that oozes from the amazing CF Division coaches.  I will spend more time celebrating my own victories, even if they seem miniscule at first.  I will set goals, and I will work hard to achieve them.  And I will stop comparing myself to others.  The only person I need to be better than is the person I was yesterday.

Concentrate on your own performance. After all that is who you are actually competing against. Don’t worry how many burpees the guy next door can do in a minute. Instead, practice your technique, push yourself as hard as you can, and try to beat your own score the next time you have to fulfill that particular exercise. Improve your times, your skills, your weights – improve your fitness.  Coach Dave

Today is a GREAT day 🙂  I got my butt out of bed before the sun for the 6:00am WOD:

3 Rounds for time:
15- Chest-Bar Pull ups    ring pulls
12- Lateral Burpee Jump Overs
9- Back Squats, #225/#145 – From the ground.    #85

time – 8:43

This was a super-fun one.  The lateral burpee jump overs (of the bar) were a new move for me and as much of a mental challenge as physical.  I’m the kid who trips over nothing when running in a straight line and ya better believe my concentration was intense to not send myself into a tangled mess jumping over the little bar.  Forget the scrapes and bruises it could provide, that would hurt my time for sure.  Understand something… I’m not crying, but try sitting on one of your feet for a few minutes.  When it gets nice and numb, then try a WOD.  See how that works out for ya :p  Over time, you get used to it.  But when the game is changed from the norm of jumping up or forward to jumping sideways, the mental element is challenged.  Today, I kicked ass and took names.



Comments on: "between the ears" (3)

  1. Better than yesterday is how I approach everything CrossFit. Otherwise it’s too depressing! LOL!

  2. I’m always reminding myself that my only competition is myself. And I often tell myself that the women at my box have so much more experience than myself, and patience and perseverance is all I need to make progress and eventually be as strong as they are. Often when names and scores/maxes are posted on the board, I feel like my measly 90# c&j, shouldn’t even be recorded amongst those who are lifting 120-140#. But yesterday I put my name up there. It’s giving me something to work towards. Can’t wait to break 100#!!
    Love the quotes/sayings!

  3. Woot … you nailed it! That mental game is where it begins … good for you!!!

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