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in knots

So, my prayers were answered yesterday.  Got to the box to learn Coach Dave had decided against throwing the 30 double unders/15 snatches at us once again.  😀  Doesn’t mean I didn’t still put in 30 minutes worth of double under practice anyway pre-WOD.  I feel like I’m so friggin close to figuring this one out that it’s CRAZY!  Or just making me CRAZY.  I’ve had probably 100 different suggestions/tips from people at the box, to the point I’m ready to explode.  Once again, my mind is getting in my way.


Anyways, yesterday’s WOD was a fun one:

Sunday March 2:

Teams of 4 complete the following,
One Athlete working at a time:
0:00- 5:00: 200 Pullups   green band
5:00-10:00: 150 Wallballs  #14
10:00-15:00: 100 Burpee Box Jumps
15:00- … 4000m Row, switching every 250m

🙂  After thinking I was headed in for 10 minutes of whip-lashing, I would have been over the moon happy to do anything but!  Wallballs?  Burpees? YES!!  BRING IT!!  🙂  I even got to show off my mad rowing skills.

Victory for the day – for ALL of my 4x250m rows, kept my split time between 1:44 & 1:48 

Post-WOD I stuck around to cheer on another person doing their 14.1 and socialized.  Until I suddenly had a moment of panic realizing I had to play hockey in 15 minutes and bolted!  After yet another snow fall Saturday night, the roads were shitty but I chowed down a quick protein bar and still made it to the arena with enough time to change quick and get on the floor.  It was a wicked game.  We were down 5-0 after the first period but managed to get our shit together and only lost 7-5.  I ran my ASS off!  Then headed home for a cooking/food prep marathon and was SPENT by 7:00pm.  I don’t think my eyes even stayed open to see 9.

Monday March 3:

Take 15 Minutes to perform: 5 Sets of the following complex HEAVY
2 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk      #90
Rest 5 Minutes
AMRAP in 10 Minutes of:

5- Burpee Box Jump Over
7- Thruster #95/#65
9- Toes to Bar
Rest 5 Minutes
3x 1000 Meter Row      kept below 2:15
2 Min Rest between.  Try to hit the same pace for all 3.

Victory for the day – Rx’d that bad boy!  😀

Once again, stupid happy to do anything other than double unders.  Got to the box 30 minutes early again today, practiced these little treasures on my own once again.  Still not successful, but I’m not giving up just yet, but my body is tired and sore.  My left calf is killing me and about 4 minutes into the first 14.1 attempt on Friday, I started to get a sharp pain in the back of my head.  Odd.  I never get headaches, but this one  made me feel cross-eyed.  It seems to re-present itself when I do something intensified, like yesterday’s wallballs and today’s AMRAP.  Even scraping the ice off my car this morning.  I’ll fight it till tonight tough.  Been getting in some attempts with Dave at work between customers.  Then back to the box post-work today for my final attempt, and to return the rope I borrowed :p My own rope is less than functional this time of year.  The thing kinks and holds like a pipe cleaner when it’s even slightly cool out.


#betterplanningnexttime #doubleunderinasportsbra

Open scores must be submitted by 8:00pm Ontario time tonight.  Tomorrow, I’m headed for a massage.


Side note, yesterday was a nutritional face plant.  Started well with a good Zone approved breakfast.  Then post-WOD-pre-hockey was only time for a Quest bar.  Then post-hockey I munched some dried cranberries and walnuts and maybe a piece of jerky.  Then I decided to make a recipe I had found for coconut/sunflour seed energy balls with dates and dark chocolate chips and all that tasty stuff.  I will not make such recipe again.  Especially when I’m kinda hungry.  It made 10 balls.  There is 1 left.  Come dinner time I got my act together again and had a Zone approved serving of spaghetti squash and my spicy turkey “chili” sauce.  I may have been a bit generous with the avocado that topped this dish, but come on!  3 tbsp of avocado?  That’s just depressing.  Anyways, to my surprise despite my diet belly flop, I felt amazing for this morning’s WOD.  For part 1, it felt like the bar was just popping up with ease and all I had to do was get under and catch it.  I pushed-jerked #90 pretty easy.  Also made it through the whole WOD without scaling more than maybe 2 toes2bar.  I have a not-so-secret love affair with that movement…


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