one day it'll all make sense.


This post never made it past the draft stage yesterday.  It would seem that my productivity came to a standstill after I started cooking.  Made an eggplant dish, which is so good and really simple.  Slices of eggplant, white onion, chunks of red pepper & tomato sauce all tossed in a casserole dish and in the oven @ 350 for 60 minutes.


Figured if I was going to have the oven on anyways, a batch of turkey meatballs could join the party.  Besides, would need a protein to chow with my eggplant.  Once everybody was doing their thing in the oven, I realized I could clean my apartment.  Then I also realized I should eat something.

meat w/montreal steak spice + sweet potato = HEAVEN

meat w/montreal steak spice + sweet potato = HEAVEN

The logic that went along with that thought was: I could watch an episode of Walking Dead while eating.  One thing led to another.  3 episodes of Walking Dead later… my apartment was NOT cleaned.  But at least I had lunch made for the next few days, right?  This may come as a shock seeing as I was always the girl who got poked at cause my tv was the big black item in the living room that was never even plugged in, but I’m addicted to Walking Dead.  Thanks D :p  About time my Netflix subscription started to earn its keep again since I ran out of Orange is the New Black episodes.  Back on track.  I’m clearly not much less scattered than yesterday.  Here’s proof.

Sunday March 9:

Who is responsible for the design of shampoo bottles?  Some have the right idea, some just suck.  Why would you ever create a bottle that will be containing a liquid which is used in small quantities which CANNOT be stood on its head??  Who hasn’t gotten near the end of a bottle of shampoo and tried to strategically prop the thing in the shower so that next time around, they won’t have to go through the long process of waiting for the stuff to flow ever so slowly to the spout?  And the propping never seems to go well.  Next time I get in the shower, of course I forget about my shampoo propping and grab one of the supporting bottles causing everything to jump ship into the tub.  Or maybe it’s just me…

I do have to warn you, I’m full of randomness today.  Maybe I should have warned you before the shampoo rant?  Too late.  Went to the 10:00 am WOD this morning for one of Coach Dave’s educational Sunday sermons.  Always a good opportunity to get for in check before getting back to heavy loads.  My focus for today was – OPEN HIPS, BIG SHRUG.

Teams of (2) One Athlete working at a time, complete:
AMRAP in 12 Minutes:
7- Medicine Ball Cleans   #12
7- Hand Release Pushups

result: 8 rounds each + 7 med ball cleans

After the WOD, headed to Hog Tails BBQ with a bunch of CFD people for the Sunday brunch that I’ve been hearing about for months.  Every week the menu is different I’m told, and wow!  There was some crazy stuff ordered!  I should have taken a picture of the very popular fried chicken waffle sandwich which had to be more than 6″ high!  Ok, so I’ve been wanting to check out Hog Tails since they catered our box Christmas party, but I had more of the dinner menu pulled pork in mind…  If ever there was a time to “cheat”, I s’pose this was it, but with a hockey game to rush of to shortly after brunch I went with poached eggs and bacon instead.  Boring.  I know.  Still want pulled pork…

Hockey was a wild one.  We ended up losing 9-7 I think, but we played a pretty good game.  I love 3 on 3, and co-ed.  It’s FAST!  Actually prefer the teams that don’t have any girls on them, as silly as that may sound.  Guys are just out to play.  Bump and grinding happens, but they don’t cry about it.  The team we played today had 3 girls, 2 of which felt it kosher to give it out, but couldn’t take it at all.  It’s hockey.

Then came Sunday cook-fest.


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