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stuck on replay

Ever find yourself stuck on replay?  Like you’re just going through the motions of life day after day but not really going anywhere?  Hmm…

I’m a bit behind on my crossfit logging I know.  Seems my sometimes-I-feel-like-an-80-year-old hip is back to its old tricks.  I should make an appointment to go see the box vet (aka massage wizard), but I seem to be plowing through my coverage for these services and need to hold back if I can.  I’ve considered skipping the box more than once when seeing movements that were not conductive to hip recovery, but then realized that there’s always and option.  Even if I show up and just spend time mobilizing I figure it’s better than sitting on my butt :p  A quick catch up on all of the scaling I’ve resorted to the last few days:

Sunday March 23

In Teams of 2, complete
1 Mile Run
50- Back Squats #225/#155    50 strict press #55
1 Mile Run    1 mile row
Both Athletes run at the same time, 1 Athlete squatting at a time

– ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  I’ve been dying to get out and run for EVER!  The hip was not in agreeance, but for the first round I decided “EFF IT.  I’m running”.  It hurt.  Sigh  😦  And it was -15 out and windy as hell.  And Coach Dave didn’t provide any warning that we would be outside so I ran in shorts, tall socks and a thin long sleeve.  My knees went numb almost instantly so that wasn’t an issue, but my ears and hands hurt like hell :p  “Expect the unexpected”.  I know, I know…

Post WOD, two members had challenged each other to a wallballs showdown to see who could complete 100 faster.  A fun little event and treats to the winner 🙂



                                                  CrossFit Division: 4:22 for 100 Wallballs… Solid job!

Monday March 24

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1  for time
Deadlifts #185/#135     #105
Burpees over the Bar

time – 7:27

This one was fun 🙂  I’m a freak, I know, but I actually enjoy burpees and my hip didn’t complain about them either.  The deads felt ok-ish too provided I listened to Coach Dave’s advise and fought to keep my left knee from dropping inward.  I was happy with #105, but on a normal day I could have totally gone Rx here.

Oh ya! Our warm-up consisted of a bunch of the usual stuff, including a light jog around the inside of the box and sideways shuffle.  Who falls during the warmup??  This kid.  Maybe three steps into the sideways bit my mind checked out for a moment and I was staring up at the ceiling :p  Haven’t done THAT in a long time!  Was actually starting to think I could give crossfit a big HI-5 for helping me improve my coordination.  Wrong.  lol

Tuesday March 25

warm-up: 3 rounds – 5 pull-ups, 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, 5 squats

Every Minute on the minute for 14 Minutes:
Odd Minutes:
 AMRAP of 5- Burpees + 5-Thrusters #95/#65   5 strict press  #35 + 5 ring pulls
Even Minutes: Rest

Result – 17 rounds + 7 reps

Thrusters?  Goodie :p  Can you think of a movement that involves your hips more?  Nope.  Me either.  My scaling option had nothing to do with the original WOD, but I really enjoyed it 🙂  Kept the intensity level HIGH and rocked through the rounds.  My chest and I are not friends today after all the ring pulls.  Haha love it.

During the warm-up Coach Dave asked if I’ve been working on my pull-ups 🙂  Busted.  I do work at my job, I swear to you…



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  1. As I lay here with my hip packed in ice, you have my deepest sympathies that your hip problem has returned. And if I didn’t work in a gym I would want to work where you are! Getting caught doing pull-ups is way better than getting caught binging on junk food 🙂

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