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new fav.


Tried out a new recipe last night that was 110% worth sharing.  Picked this one cause I had a cauliflower hanging out in my fridge that was getting a little tired and as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t bring myself to make some pizza crust.  Just not feeling it.  Also happy to find an alternative to the usual cauliflower rice.  Ever made that crap?  I did.  Once.  My apartment smelled like garbage for days after.  Like brussels sprouts bad, only worse!  So not worth it.  I mean, cauli. is ok, but not that good.  Wow, I’m rambling.  Maybe because I decided it was a good idea to skip the 6am WOD this morning cause my hip is still bugging me and 14.5 is announced tonight.  My mind is in need of another outlet 😉  My body may need the rest day, but my brain absolutely craves the box.  Might head in for 9:15 to hang out with the foam roller and work on some pull-ups…

Anyways, this was the most amazing meal I’ve made in a long time.  That has absolutely nothing to do with the lack of culinary creativity I’ve suffered from recently either.  Also opted to borrow a pic from the site cause the photo I took was horrible but at the time I was hungry and didn’t really care enough to take another.  DK is my foodie pal at work.  We decided a while ago that sometimes you just get so hungry that it can make you irritable or angry.  We also decided that “hangry” was the perfect word for this.  I wasn’t quite at that point last night, but whatever.  Juli B from paleOMG knocked it well out of the park with this one.  Super easy too.  Trust me, worth trying.  Wait… here’s a pic 🙂  and the link.  Enjoy!  (my opinion… doesn’t need the onion.  but that’s just my opinion.)

paleOMG Mexican Rice Bowls



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  1. That recipe sounds amazing, a must try!

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