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the right choice

Happy Earth Hour 😀  I’m blogging on my iPad by candle light in this hour of darkness.  That counts, right?  With a keyboard that doesn’t light up, it’s easier said than done!

I had an interesting dream a few sleeps ago.  Pretty rare for me to even remember my dreams, but this one I wont forget.  I won a lot of money.  Awesome, right??  BUT I was in a wheelchair.  Not so awesome.  I was going on a trip somewhere tropical, but the vivid memory part starts when I got to the airport and requested the special assistance of a wonderful little Scottish lady from my past.  Someone who really held a special place in my heart… I needed her “help” getting to my flight, but I mostly wanted to give her a card I had brought telling her I missed her.  And containing a cheque for a million dollars.  Told you it was strange.  When I woke up, I wasn’t upset I didn’t have copious amounts of $$ to throw around, but I was damn grateful to not be in a wheelchair!  I took it as a good little reminder to appreciate life.  And Mum, if I win the lottery you’re on my list 😉


For this first time of the Open competition, I passed up the opportunity to do my workout on Friday.  Since the Thursday before 14.4, my hip has been hurting.  Not much out there that involves your hips more than thrusters.  LOTS of thrusters.


Burpees suck??  No…chilling on the couch with ice packed on your HIP sucks.  Everyday it’s getting better though 🙂  Monday, I’ll be ready.  Then just burpees will suck, and thrusters too.

When I woke up Friday morning I was walking around without a limp for the first time in more than a week.  14.5 called my name and I was very tempted.  Went to the box at 3:00 like normal but with the intention to just cheer and take pictures.  Watching athletes dead on the floor after completing this little monster of a WOD I was even MORE tempted.  I mentioned that to Coach Dave.  He got this little smirk on his face and responded something along the lines of “That’s cause you’re crazy.  It’s something we all have in common.”  True story.  That being said, I made a smart choice I think.  I’m waiting till Monday.  Not enjoying the wait though… more time to think!

“Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same” – The Frey

Side note – yesterday my nutritional commitment went out the window.  I ate a normal breakfast, munched a few raw veggies during the day, then when hunger hit full force around 4 all hell broke loose.  Also drank too much coffee and pretty much no water.  Then between a protein bar, dried cranberries, walnuts, a tbsp (more like 3) of chocolate cream cheese, an unmeasured amount of coconut butter (not all at once! But spread over the remainder of the day)  I felt guilty and my stomach hated me.  Great combo.  I did throw out the chocolate cream cheese, or the 3 tbsp would have been even worse.  Good thing it was on sale.  😦  So here’s my public declaration:

Starting April 1 2014, I am committed to a 30 day sugar detox.  I will empty my apartment of anything containing added sugar (so long cranberries and walnuts!) with the hope that after 30 days I will have no desire to see them again.  I was doing really well with this in January.  Then I went on vacation and allowed myself some “treats” and have not recovered since.  I’m DONE.  The wheelchair dream keeps poking at me and I realize that crossfit is a part of what has helped me fight back against MS, but the nutritional component needs to be there too.



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  1. I am with you. I have just come back from a week’s vacation in England. I took a week of cross fit and workouts because I needed a deload week … just did TONS of walking. However … my nutrition went out the window big time … ate loads of crap. I have just finished my prepping of food and starting tomorrow … onto no sugar, no grains, no processed food and clean eating. probably no dairy, but I might add some greek yoghurt in a couple of weeks. I just need to break the sugar and bread cycle. We can do it!

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