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PR baby!!

Today’s post is all about yesterday, and somewhat broken in two parts.  The first of which I composed yesterday with every intention of completing last night, but when I didn’t get home from the box until 8:30, all ambition went out the window.  I don’t feel bad.  Yesterday was AWESOME!  😀

Hi 🙂  I know it’s Monday, although working in retail for as long as I have has taken away the anticipation many associate with the “weekend”, but I had a KICK-ASS WOD this morning and it’s put me in the greatest frame of mind.  I got to the box a bit early to spend some time working on double unders.  I have the good intention to continue every time I go to eventually figure these little fawk’ers out.  This morning was no victory.  Skipped comfortably doing singles, tried a double – whipped myself, went back to singles comfortably, tried a double – whipped myself harder, went back to singles comfortably, etc…  Until I came to the realization that it was 3 minutes till WOD time and… I was the only one there!  Again.  Eek!  This is what was staring back at me from the white board:

Monday April 28:

Part 1. Squat Clean and Jerk: Work up to a 3-Rep max, Touch and GO Reps
Part 2. O.T.M for 5 Minutes: 5 Touch and Go Squat Snatches, across.
Part 3. For Time:
50-40-30-20-10 Wallballs, 20/14
25-20-15-10-5 Box Jumps, 24/20″

I looked at Coach Dave, he looked back at me.  “Just you and me McDowell!”  I offered to come back tonight instead, but he convinced me to stay.  While parts 2 & 3 would not be exceptionally enjoyable without the team environment we’re used to, part 1 was doable, and there was nothing to say I couldn’t come back later to finish the other pieces.  Soooo… I stayed.  And for 90 minutes I got the full one-on-one experience.  No complaints on that!  PERFECT opportunity to get some kick-ass coaching on a movement I still find rough sometimes.  Did a great little warm-up, then moved to the cleans.  I did a LOT of ’em and worked on the split jerk.  I very rarely split the jerk.  I know it’s the most efficient way for getting the heavier loads over my head, but I feel a little like a newborn giraffe.  Today was good.  I was driving the bar up HARD with my hips, dropping under it quickly, and with a new mental cue of “look ABOVE the horrizon!” I PR’d my Squat Clean & Jerk! BOO-YA!!  We progressively added weight to the bar until I looked at Coach Dave with probably the hugest grin on my face…  “First time @ #100!!” I told him.  I was so friggin excited.  And all ready to put the weights away and go home feeling totally accomplished.  “Add more.  You’re moving it well”  was his response.  😮  “but…”  his expression didn’t change.  What was going through my head?  “I’ve succeeded.  What if I add weight and fail??”  Shut up brain.  I added a bit more and PR’d my new PR – #105 baby!  For months I’ve been stuck at #95.  Even #95 has had its off days.  The difference today?  Other than the new mental cue, which was a big part, was the commitment I brought to the bar for EVERY lift.  In the past when I’ve failed, I’ve often gotten the bar not as far off the ground as I had planned and given up entirely.  Dropped it and stepped back.  Today I somehow switched to the “I’ve got this!” head space.  If I messed up, I corrected it and kept my focus rather than just letting myself give up.  Some were not pretty.  Even went through a short phase where my brain scrambled and I turned 3 reps of squat clean & jerk into – 1 s.c. & j., 1 clean split jerk.  Say what?!?!  Yeah.   Exactly.  hahaha  We laughed a little, and moved on.  Thankfully I got things together before the weight got heavy!


Tuesday morning – rest day!  What better time than to ramble.  Especially when my brain decided I should be wide awake just after 4.  Went back to bed but at 5:15 I gave up that battle.  I may have jinxed myself.  Yesterday Coach Dave asked (as he often does) How was food over the weekend? Water? Sleep?  All good, as usual.  After mentioning that I sleep very well, as in I could fall asleep anywhere (have proven this at a football game), last night I woke up a million times.  haha oops!

Yesterday, after spending the whole day with DK at work talking about food and crossfit, cause that’s just what we do, I DID head back to the box again for the 6:30 WOD.  Similar warm-up to the morning session, except there were too many people there to use rowers, so we did skipping intervals.  More whip lashes.  No more double unders.  :-p  Then we jumped into the METCON:

Part 3. For Time:
50-40-30-20-10 Wallballs, 20/14
25-20-15-10-5 Box Jumps, 24/20″

Result – 10:55

It was awful.  😮  Well, it started that way anyways.  During the 50 wallballs, “why the hell did I come back?? My legs are SHOT already!  Somebody shoot me… etc…” went through my head.  Man, am I ever glad I opted out of doing that one alone!  I was wallballing (yup, it’s an adjective now) sandwiched between 2 awesome dudes who just kept moving.  Makes it harder to feel ok just standing there holding the dumb ball while gasping for air, so I fought to just kept moving too.

My goal had been to just come back for part 3.  But I was already there.  And already warmed up.  So while everyone was working on their clean & jerks, I jumped in with JM who was working on pistol squats cause she has a wrist injury.  FUN!  I like pistols 😀  Then I jumped back in with the group for:

Part 2. O.T.M for 5 Minutes: 5 Touch and Go Squat Snatches, across.   #35

That’s right.  I just used the bar.  But considering I’ve been completely snatch-disfunctional for the last two weeks, I was cool with that.  AND moving well so it’s a WIN in my books.  Only landed on my BUTT once!  Haha.

At the end of everything, I have no logic for why I slept crappy last night.  After 3 hours at the box, I should have been OUT COLD.

short and sweet :)

Ok, I’m going to try to post more frequently again to avoid the novels I’ve spit out recently.  We’ll see how it goes…

Today was another “event” thing at CF Division.  It was “Bring a friend” day!  I tried to convince a few non-crossfit friends to join in.  Even tried to tempt them with an awesome brunch after.  No success.  So, I went anyway and partnered up with another of my CF Division friends who was also there solo.  All good 😀  Afterwards, a bunch of us went for brunch too.  So no loss from my end.

Sunday April 27:

Part 1 – Partner WOD, 1 person working at a time

AMRAP 20 minutes, “Cindy”

–partner A : 5 pull-ups, partner B : 10 push-ups, partner A : 15 air squats, partner B : 5 pull-ups, etc…

odd minutes – work

even minutes – rest

Part 2 – 4 rounds of:

AMRAP 2 minutes

30 double unders (90 singles)

sprint 100m

kettlebell swings #35

REST 2 minutes

I got through ALL BUT THE LAST ROUND of part 1 with KIPPING PULL-UPS!!!  Quite possibly some of the ugliest kipping pull-ups ever seen, but do you think I care?  Nope!  😀  I was on cloud nine!  The very last time I jumped up to grab the bar, my arms were DONE.  But whatever!  I kipped b*tches 😀  WOOT.

maybe one day it will look this good

maybe one day it will look this good

Post brunch, came home for a little more double unders practice.  No victories with those today, but a crap ton of pretty singles.  Such a nice day out that the fairly consistent whip lashes I gave myself really didn’t bother me all that much.  Also figured after a hog tails brunch of poached eggs, beef brisket and collard greens, I could use a good 15-20 minutes of skipping.  Figured my meal choice was pretty much along the food guidelines I follow.

I’m almost beyond the point of calling things “Paleo” anymore though after all the controversy and flack it has received lately.  Although, I don’t know why I should even care.  What doesn’t receive discrimination on some level?  I mean, some call me a sinner because I like girls.  A co-worker once told me “Kate, you seem pretty cool, but you know you’re going to hell, right?”  Seriously dude?  I crossfit.  Lots of people are so against that it’s also ridiculous.  We are not a cult.  We are all a little crazy, but only in a good way.  And we all help and support each other in a way that’s unlike any other community I’ve ever been a part of.  CF Division is like the best family I’ve ever known.  Oh, and I eat real food.  I only grocery shop in the fresh meat and produce departments.  I cook my own meals and bring my own lunch to work.  I think “save the tax” sales at grocery stores are yet another way society encourages people to buy the processed garbage that so many people put into their bodies.  The “real” food is more expensive than the other stuff.  And there is no tax on the real food.  Double b*tch slap.  Want to save money?  Don’t feed your kids fresh veggies.  Buy them Kraft Dinner and fish sticks.  Oh and save the tax!  Anyways, Paleo was the TOP google search in January of 2013.  Now in 2014, it has become one of the top things many people are out to disprove as even having any credibility.  Really?  Does it really matter?

Bottom line in my mind… I will love who I will love.  Crossfit has taught me that I AM capable of a LOT more than I gave myself credit for.  For the Paleo idea, to me it means – JUST EAT REAL FOOD.

Anyways, now time for a car wash and I’m off to ball hockey.  Hope everyone has had a great weekend 🙂  I’m in an awesome mood today.  Tomorrow could be a different story… the WOD is back to the snatch.

sit down, this could take a while

I haven’t posted in 6 whole days.  I’m not even sure what happened.  Where did they go?  A little recap is needed. I’ve had some perfectly useless shtuff to ramble about this week too!  Like my utter disgruntalment over the fact that I need new running shoes for the every day sorta thing. Yet while I work in a store that sells running shoes and even get a pretty sweet staff price, I can’t find anything of interest. Why??  Cause every single pair of women’s shoes has to be pink it seems. Some are all pink, some dark pink with lighter pink accents, some an acceptable blue or grey but ruined with a pink soul. That’s right, I used the wrong sole/soul. It wasn’t an accident. There is nowhere for even a little PINK shoe bit in my world…  sorry, it just doesn’t belong.  Doesn’t mean I don’t like other obnoxious colours 😀 I have one pair of kicks that are bright orange and purple.  Oh… And women’s workout tops suck too. Not everyone wants to go to the gym in a flirty gaping v-neck that just barely covers any chest.  Wouldn’t want to head to an AMRAP of squat cleans in one of those. Wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Get it together Under Armor. Can you tell I worked at Chek recently?  Haha. And spent 3 of my 5 hours hanging clothes.  I’ve learned my lesson. Will never complain about a 5 skid shipment again!  At least being busy makes the time go quick!

Nutrition has been pretty squeaky clean this week.  After eating some garbage last Saturday and feeling like a pile of dirt after, I haven’t had much interest in doing that again any time soon.  Did complete my Friday WOD while catching the occasional waft of bacon from the breakfast belonging to one of the girls who hung around after working out at 6 for Firday coffee.  After that, I had to toss a few slices in with my morning egg whites and sweet potato.  Couldn’t help it.

Ok, WOD recap:

Saturday April 26:

partner WOD2

The Ontario Police Memorial Foundation fundraiser WOD day.

Partner WOD.  Run to be completed together, then AMRAP – 1 partner working at a time:


run 1 mile, AMRAP box jumps


run 1 mile, AMRAP burpee, jump on weight plate


run 1 mile, AMRAP wallballs #14

I’ve decided these are fun 🙂  Was not super-excited going into it cause I figured the burpees would suck large after the running, but they weren’t that bad.  And it was a chance to rekindle my romance with the wallballs.  We still seem to be riding on a “love” phase.  The box didn’t eat my shins either.  Other than the hurricane strength cold-ass winds on the first half, the up-hill half, of each run portion… this wasn’t so bad at all.  Post-WOD D wanted to lift some heavy sh*t.  I’m generally game for that suggestion, but when it was decided we would work on snatches, I was soon left in her dust.  HOWEVER…  I did make it to #70 with much better form than I’ve brought to the table recently.  Then the tiny little 2 1/2lb plates brought it to #75 and all progress went to hell in a hand basket.  I will keep working on that one.  Possibly forever.

Friday April 25:

“Power Clean and Muscle up Mashup”
OTM for 5 Minutes: 10 unbroken Power Cleans #135/#95   #55
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Muscle ups/10 unbroken Pushups
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 7 unbroken Power Cleans #185/#125   #65
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Muscle ups/10 unbroken Pushups
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Power Cleans #205/#145   #75
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Muscle ups/10 unbroken Pushups
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 3 unbroken Power Cleans #225/#155   #85
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Muscle ups/10 unbroken Pushups
Rest 1 minute

Coach Sharon added a nice little twist at the beginning of this one.  “There will be NO dropping to your knees during push-ups!”  😮  The only scaling option was to use a box instead.  Again, 😮  With only a minute per round, while I considered going to grab a box and haul it back to my little station a few times, I talked myself out of it.  200 strict pull-ups later, and a few near face-plants… my arms were SPENT.  While I was less than “all smiles” through this 47 minutes of crazy, I really did like this one.  This kind of WOD is exactly what I need.  Just last week we had a WOD that included working up to a heavy 1 rep power clean.  For that one I succeeded (after failing a few times) at #95, but today I managed 5 rounds of 3 reps unbroken @ #85.  Say what?!  Take the emphasis off the load and my mind is able to get past it and just keep moving…  I’m just a special kind of backwards sometimes.


Wednesday April 23:

Deadlifts, #225/#155    #145   <—- bulged disc?  Don’t think so!
Handstand Pushups    #35
“Squatting Elizabeth”
Squat Cleans, #135/#95    #55
Ring Dips

As usual, “OR” was a lie.  Coach Dave had a little ramble about “choice” being a powerful thing or something along those lines.  Today the choice was not one, or the other, the choice was one, or both.  Of course, I went for both.  Even on a day that was not my usual morning workout, and after I was heckled during the warm-up to stop yawning.  Tired?  Suck it up buttercup.

Result – Diane 7:40  Elizabeth 7:30  (both are potentially not exact…)

A note on the bulged disc theory.  Physio just seemed to cause more harm than good!  I’m back to the massage torture treatments and feeling awesome again.  Other than the stupid leg/foot pain, but the box vet feels that if my problem were at all related to a disc issue, I would not be able to complete 1 145lb deadlift, let alone 45.  Plus I saw my family doc and he refered to an MRI we did when I started having the leg pain that showed no evidence of any disc/spine issues.  Back to the drawing board, or more so back to life as I’ve known it for some time.  AND back to lifting heavy sh*t 😀


run through

Before I decided to pursue the path of retail management, I spent some time looking at the different leadership styles I had experience with and built my own little tool box of the techniques I also wanted to see in myself in this role.  I also put my own spin on things, don’t get me wrong, but I have had the privilege of working with some very effective people and am still always on the lookout for new ways to further refine my style.  Anyways, rambling…  where I was going with this was – One thing I have always held myself accountable to is: “Make few promises, but keep them all.”  I’m pretty sure I promised to post some pics from crossfit improv session yesterday.

#randomactsofcrossfit - Murph in the park

#randomactsofcrossfit – Murph in the park

Sadly my photos aren’t the greatest.  Ever tried to get a “selfy” while doing a pull-up?  That sh*t is tuff!!  Also I wasn’t taking the time to fiddle around yesterday.  I had a WOD to complete.  My pony tail, something I had been longing to pull off forever, looks funny.  Thank you dad for the curl in my hair.  I need a hair cut.

Gorgeous day out again today 🙂  Know what that meant for the 10:00am WOD?  More running!  YEAH!  (legit.  Love it.)  5km Friday, 3.2km yesterday, 5km today.  On a roll…

Sunday April 20:

Partner WOD – Both partners run together, 1 person working at a time for AMRAP


Run 1 mile, remaining time – AMRAP deadlifts  #135   lost count 😦


Run 1 mile, remaining time – AMRAP power cleans   #75   81 reps


Run 1 mile, remaining time – AMRAP wallballs   #14   103 reps

Wicked fun little WOD!  While I dreaded the wallballs a little during the last mile run, I have to say I think they were my fav. part!  The 14lb ball and I bonded briefly.  I’m sure it will be love-hate, but today we were good.

I’m ready for Easter to be over.  Everything is closed again today, and I’ve had just about enough family for one weekend.  Plus I ate like garbage yesterday and my stomach hated me for it.  But the kale salad was sooooo good!  Probably mostly because of the creamy mayo/honey/lemon whatever dressing that was on it.  And there were little stashes of mini eggs all over the house that I just couldn’t avoid.  Damn you will power.

Crossfit improv


Ok first of all, when I asked to be stretched out it was to gain a few inches in height.  Like… would you please stretch my legs physio guy.  Not my ARMS.  I don’t have long arms.  But my skills at laundry shrinking are top-notch I guess.  Laundry shrinking mastery level achieved – EXPERT.  Lifa shtuff isn’t supposed to shrink.  :-S



Friday April 18:


A little WOD to do at home- Enjoy a nice little 5KM Run- 
Result – 27:12 

Alright, didn’t break any speed limits with this one but I got out there and got it done 🙂  It was a cloudy morning and just started to rain as I finished up, but it felt good to get out and run again.  Running for me has always been a great time to think.  This was my first time out since last fall really, and a totally different experience than the runs I had been on in my first almost a year living in Waterloo.  When I first moved here, running was used as a way to escape reality and deal with sadness.  Both running and lifting were the friends I leaned on to deal with all the sh*t going through my head after losing the one person I loved more than I ever imagined possible.  I ran when I was sad.  I lifted when I was angry.  Now things have changed 🙂  I run cause I really do just enjoy doing it, and I lift cause it makes me feel like a badass.  And I do it all with a great group of like-minded crazy people who also live for the WODs that totally suck.  Embracing the suck is just so much more rewarding when you can look around and see others who are dying right along with you.  Here we go again with the #boxlove.  Had to give myself a bit of a kick in the butt to get out the door for my little 5km since I knew I was doing this one solo.  After months of grinding it out with the community, it felt a little like playing a team sport by yourself.  I got over it 🙂  Found a new route that took my along the Iron Horse Trail from Waterloo to Victoria Park in Kitchener.  Nice path.  I will be back.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of cramming as much in before dinner with my mom at 6:30.  Taxes – DONE!  Whew!  Made a spaghetti squash casserole for our pseudo Easter dinner cause it’s awesome, and my mom is a vegetarian.  Trust me if you ever met her, she would make sure to let you know probably within the first 5 minutes.  Going out for dinner is an experience.  I’ve considered handing her a microphone to announce her dietary choices to the whole restaurant just to save her the trouble of feeling it necessary to repeat herself over and over.  Anyways, dinner was good and after a pretty non-stop day, I was probably in bed by 9:30.  Let me blame the non-stop day, ok?

Saturday April 19:

I almost cried when I read today’s WOD.  Second thought through my mind was to drive back to Waterloo, WOD, and come back in time to head for another Easter fiasco.  But gas is ridiculous right now, and I may not have enough time anyway, so I decided to engage in a little crossfit improv.  I should have pics… but they’ll have to wait until I get home tonight  😉


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups    10 pull-ups, 40 rows (50 total)
200 Push-ups    100
300 Squats    150
1 mile Run

Result – 30:18

Dragged my butt out the door to scope out a little park about 1.5kms from my moms that I thought might have monkey bars.  SCORE!  Well, sort of.  It had those oval shaped monkey bar ring things.  The rest was uncomplicated.  Looped the park a bit on my way there to get in the first mile run.  After 10 pull-ups on the bars though, I realized A: I would be scaling the number of reps (aka cutting them in half) because B: the bars were FREEZING!  and too high.  It was a mighty jump and a quick hail Mary every time I had to drop off to relieve my frozen fingers.  Lucky me, there was a back-up option.  The park had an arched ladder that worked in a similar fashion to the ring pulls I’ve done at the box.  Game on.  They still sucked, but I got through.  Then came the push-ups.  100 of them 😮  Started out on top of a picnic table cause it was nice and warm, but once I had to drop to my knees (which are STILL recovering from the bowling incident) I jumped off the table to finish on the grass.  Wet knees just don’t scream as loud.  :-p  Squats felt great.  By this time, the little old guy who was the only other person in the park was giving me some pretty strange looks.  I just gave him a big smile and wobbled out on slightly jello-ish legs.  Second mile I was sooooo slow!  Haha!  But I wouldn’t let myself drop to a walk at all.  So I’ll take it as a win.  Gorgeous morning too!

Happy Easter!  If it applies 😀


never grow up

Happy Easter!  Or, Happy Good Friday?  Quite sure there wasn’t intended to be anything happy about that though.  Not the original one anyway… Don’t hate on me hard-core Christians.  I went to Catholic school.  I know the story.  So how about – Happy Stat Holiday!  Wait, is it though?  Nothing is open pretty much and the few places that are aren’t worth going to unless you like huge crowds and screaming children.  I feel sorry for all the animals at the zoo on days like today.

Anyways, not much going on today.  The box is closed 😦 and my Goodlife membership has run out but Coach Dave posted a Good Friday WOD – 5km run.  Even I can Rx that bad boy 🙂  So I guess it’s not a total loss.  I had every intention of posting yesterday but I had a lot crammed into the day and by the time I got home I was too tired/lazy.  So let’s catch up (aka I’m stalling on the 5km run so I’m going to ramble for a bit)

Thursday April 17:

Made it to the 6am WOD again.  Soon I won’t have to drag myself out of bed and out the door on my “day off” this early cause 7:30s are coming back!  YES!  Coach Jenna was filling in for Coach Dave this week.  What you don’t know is the obscurity of this concept in my mind.  Coach Jenna is not the person I would expect to see at the box before 9:00am 😉  Stepping outside of a comfort zone maybe?  Anyways, a totally simple WOD.

Snatch: 3-3-3-3-3
Focus today is on that snatch.  Take your time and work up to something awesome.

“Focus on the snatch.”  Yup, still makes me giggle.

nevergrowupSome girls don’t either I guess.  My brain did not want any part of the snatch today.  Strangely enough cause post-WOD on Wednesday, I spent a good amount of time working on it and overhead squats too.  Maybe the trick was warming up with wall balls?  Not sure.  Ok, pulling too early has been one of my faults for a long time.  I get that.  And not opening my hips is on that list too.  But today, every time I put my hands on the bar I would pull the bar up as high as I could (ALL arms, hello legs?  A little help?) then ninja myself entirely ungracefully under the bar to catch it and strict press the rest of the way overhead.  Coach Dave often says “It’s not that you’re moving badly, it’s just that you are not moving efficiently.”  Today I was just moving badly.  I think at one point my partner, Coach Jenna, and I were all just laughing.  “what was that??” came out a few times.  Honestly, a software malfunction.  My brain just pulled the old:


I you read on, you’ll see Tuesday was much better in my world of Crossfit.  After the box I had physio again.  In consideration of the increased pain level I felt after last week’s session, he decided to try something different.  My back had not been all in favour of the being twisted like a pretzel method.  So I was strapped into the traction machine and had my spine stretched out, tabata style – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  Weird feeling.  With all my nerve issues, felt as though my stomach was getting little electric shocks every time it pulled.  My physio guy is a joker, so I asked if he could stretch enough to make me taller.  Reaching for a bowl on the top cupboard shelf later proved to me taller I was not.  Sigh.  :-p

Day off, right?  Well, from my full-time gig anyway.  At Sport Chek the game has changed again.  My job used to be putting away footwear that had arrived in the shipment.  Then it slowly became helping sort the shipment, then putting away the footwear.  Then the shipper quit.  My job is currently sorting the shipment.  AMRAP 5 hours – 5 skids 😮  I learned a good lesson today.  When you notice a skid has a few rounds of packing tape underneath the shrink wrap, instead of thinking “what idiot did that??” the correct thought process should be “this skid will self-destruct”.  FAIL.  Haha good thing crossfit has helped tune my agility.

Wednesday April 16:

No morning WODs on Wednesdays usually means perfect day for a rest day.  ‘Cept when the box will be closed Friday (no Friday Coach Sharon WOD… *sad face*) So I made it to the 6:30pm class.  Reading the WOD menu the night before I was pumped to see Part 1 😀 The behind-the-neck-to-overhead portion of the bear complex is the only part I’m not a fan of.  Work your weaknesses, right Coach Dave??  😉  Part 2 didn’t sound to bad either.  Start of the day, I was looking forward to it.  Chatted through the day with DK about it, but as time ticked away I lost enthusiasm.  I’m a morning girl, no question.  By 5 I was only half looking forward to even going to the box, but as always, the switch flipped the second I pulled into the parking lot.  #gameface  time to give ‘er.

Part 1. Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press: 10-10-10   #35

Part 2.
3 Rounds of:
50- Wallballs
40- KB Swings (Heavy)   white tape (I think 35lbs)
30- Ring Dips    15 reps, w/band
Rest 2 Minutes between rounds

Result – 19:47  BOO-YA!!  Got the grand hi-5 from Coach Dave for the sub-20 minute finish.  This f*cker SUCKED!  After round 1, I picked up the wallball and got through the first 20-25 reps before it felt like it got heavier with every throw.  The kettlebell swings felt alright… maybe means I should have grabbed a heavier one… Also the first round of the ring dips I managed the 15 reps unbroken.  Thinner band next time.  But those hellish wallballs!  By round 3 I think the ball gained weight from about rep 3.  It was brutal, and I LOVED it 😀  

Post-WOD work:  

3 sets – 10x overhead squats #35

Food note:  If you ever find yourself looking for some sort of garlic biscuit deliciousness…  you have to try these:



1 head of cauliflower – “riced” in food processor (or grated)

2 eggs

1/2 cup almond flour

1/2 tsp garlic powder

pinch of salt

Pre-heat oven to 350.  Dump riced cauliflower in a larger skillet and sauté for about 10 minutes until slightly softened.  Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, then scoop into either greased muffin tray or foil tart cups.  Bake for 30-35 minutes or until browned to your liking.  ENJOY!  ***I recommend the foil option.  These STICK in a regular muffin tin.  As is the case for pretty much any situation, these would be really good with bacon bits in them too.  Or cheese, if you’re into that sort of thing.

ya’ win some

I have some catching up to do, but I want to ramble about today’s experience while it’s still fresh in my mind 🙂  This morning my OCD took over and would NOT let me leave the apartment with dishes in the sink.  WHO would even know??  ME.  Arg.  I was a little worried I wouldn’t make it to the box early enough to spend some time pre-WOD practicing the biggest GOAT I’ve ever met.  Double-friggin-unders.  Made it 🙂  Got a few!  but as I was skipping along, started to realize that I was all alone.  Yup.  7:30am WOD with just Coach Dave and McDowell.  Or the McDowell as he has been calling me lately :p  We spent a loooong time warming up, which my back thanked me for later.  Also worked on my goal for the month – 5 strict pull-ups unbroken.  Did 10 singles today.  It’s not about perfection, so… #practicemakesprogress

make it count

Then came the WOD (which I’ve taken to dating every day now cause looking back through my post archives and having to play detective to figure out what the date was of each post is annoying.)

Monday April 14:

Part 1. Work up to a heavy, but not maximal Clean and Jerk.   #85

Part 2. 15-14-13-12-11-10  (t2)
Pullups    ring pulls
Handstand Push Ups   seated strict press  #35
*12 Minute time cap

Result: 8:47

As soon as you finish you have 5 Minutes: Establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk   #95

Ok, to some it may seem like peanuts, but #95 is a new PR for me 🙂  It took a few tries… at first I just couldn’t get my head to COMMIT!  I would get the bar high enough, but chicken out and not get under to catch it.  Then I finally landed the clean, and went through the same process throwing the damn bar over my head!  Eff’ that business!  Got it b*tches 😀

OH!!  And I totally underestimated Part 2.  It sucked :p  my shoulders were screaming and Coach Dave called me on trying to cheat/kip the ring pulls.  The strict press may sound light, but trust me it didn’t feel that way by the time I got to the 13s.  “Shake it off McDowell” Dave said half way through.  But what went through my head was “how the hell can I shake it off with the bar on my shoulders!!”  LOL

Saturday April 12:

Today held an event that I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced.  CFD brought in a jump rope rockstar to host a clinic on double unders.  I prayed hard to the double unders gods that I might find the missing piece to this epic’ly frustrating puzzle.  Today did not hold the answer.  Thankfully I’m good at other things.

doubleunders10 double unders NOPE.  More like 1.  The rope lashes count is pretty accurate though.

That’s my 2 cents, I don’t have more for you today.  Left the box fighting back frustration tears.  I don’t really want to talk about it.

Sunday April 13:

Alternating back and forth with a partner…

4 Minutes: 3- Power Cleans #205/#135    #85
4 Minutes: 3- Chest- Bar Pullups    pull-ups (mostly kipping)
4 Minutes: 3- Box Jumps 30”/24”    20″

3 Minutes: 3- Power Cleans #205/#135    #85
3 Minutes:
3- Chest- Bar Pullups     assisted pull-ups
3 Minutes: 3- Box Jumps 30”/24”     20″

2 Minutes:
3- Power Cleans #205/#135    #85
2 Minutes:
3- Chest- Bar Pullups    ring pulls
2 Minutes: 3- Box Jumps 30”/24”     20″

Fun little sweat fest 🙂  BIG WIN for this kid today!  Made it through the 4 minute round with either strict or kipping pull-ups 🙂  No joke!  WOOT!!  That’s kind of a really big deal for me…  On top of that I had a great day for box jumps too.  No step ups at all, and mid way through the 3 minute round I tried a few triplets of touch-n-go style jumps.  Liked it… so did the WHOLE 2 minute round like that 🙂  and didn’t EAT IT.  My brain decided to play along today I guess.

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