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ya’ win some

I have some catching up to do, but I want to ramble about today’s experience while it’s still fresh in my mind 🙂  This morning my OCD took over and would NOT let me leave the apartment with dishes in the sink.  WHO would even know??  ME.  Arg.  I was a little worried I wouldn’t make it to the box early enough to spend some time pre-WOD practicing the biggest GOAT I’ve ever met.  Double-friggin-unders.  Made it 🙂  Got a few!  but as I was skipping along, started to realize that I was all alone.  Yup.  7:30am WOD with just Coach Dave and McDowell.  Or the McDowell as he has been calling me lately :p  We spent a loooong time warming up, which my back thanked me for later.  Also worked on my goal for the month – 5 strict pull-ups unbroken.  Did 10 singles today.  It’s not about perfection, so… #practicemakesprogress

make it count

Then came the WOD (which I’ve taken to dating every day now cause looking back through my post archives and having to play detective to figure out what the date was of each post is annoying.)

Monday April 14:

Part 1. Work up to a heavy, but not maximal Clean and Jerk.   #85

Part 2. 15-14-13-12-11-10  (t2)
Pullups    ring pulls
Handstand Push Ups   seated strict press  #35
*12 Minute time cap

Result: 8:47

As soon as you finish you have 5 Minutes: Establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk   #95

Ok, to some it may seem like peanuts, but #95 is a new PR for me 🙂  It took a few tries… at first I just couldn’t get my head to COMMIT!  I would get the bar high enough, but chicken out and not get under to catch it.  Then I finally landed the clean, and went through the same process throwing the damn bar over my head!  Eff’ that business!  Got it b*tches 😀

OH!!  And I totally underestimated Part 2.  It sucked :p  my shoulders were screaming and Coach Dave called me on trying to cheat/kip the ring pulls.  The strict press may sound light, but trust me it didn’t feel that way by the time I got to the 13s.  “Shake it off McDowell” Dave said half way through.  But what went through my head was “how the hell can I shake it off with the bar on my shoulders!!”  LOL

Saturday April 12:

Today held an event that I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced.  CFD brought in a jump rope rockstar to host a clinic on double unders.  I prayed hard to the double unders gods that I might find the missing piece to this epic’ly frustrating puzzle.  Today did not hold the answer.  Thankfully I’m good at other things.

doubleunders10 double unders NOPE.  More like 1.  The rope lashes count is pretty accurate though.

That’s my 2 cents, I don’t have more for you today.  Left the box fighting back frustration tears.  I don’t really want to talk about it.

Sunday April 13:

Alternating back and forth with a partner…

4 Minutes: 3- Power Cleans #205/#135    #85
4 Minutes: 3- Chest- Bar Pullups    pull-ups (mostly kipping)
4 Minutes: 3- Box Jumps 30”/24”    20″

3 Minutes: 3- Power Cleans #205/#135    #85
3 Minutes:
3- Chest- Bar Pullups     assisted pull-ups
3 Minutes: 3- Box Jumps 30”/24”     20″

2 Minutes:
3- Power Cleans #205/#135    #85
2 Minutes:
3- Chest- Bar Pullups    ring pulls
2 Minutes: 3- Box Jumps 30”/24”     20″

Fun little sweat fest 🙂  BIG WIN for this kid today!  Made it through the 4 minute round with either strict or kipping pull-ups 🙂  No joke!  WOOT!!  That’s kind of a really big deal for me…  On top of that I had a great day for box jumps too.  No step ups at all, and mid way through the 3 minute round I tried a few triplets of touch-n-go style jumps.  Liked it… so did the WHOLE 2 minute round like that 🙂  and didn’t EAT IT.  My brain decided to play along today I guess.


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  1. nice work! great on the box jumps to do the touch-n-go..i think my coaches call it rebounding. I’m too nervous to jump off the box, so always step back down. I can jump up no problem, but for some reason the jump down and rebound back up just doesn’t happen in my brain!

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