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Happy Easter!  Or, Happy Good Friday?  Quite sure there wasn’t intended to be anything happy about that though.  Not the original one anyway… Don’t hate on me hard-core Christians.  I went to Catholic school.  I know the story.  So how about – Happy Stat Holiday!  Wait, is it though?  Nothing is open pretty much and the few places that are aren’t worth going to unless you like huge crowds and screaming children.  I feel sorry for all the animals at the zoo on days like today.

Anyways, not much going on today.  The box is closed 😦 and my Goodlife membership has run out but Coach Dave posted a Good Friday WOD – 5km run.  Even I can Rx that bad boy 🙂  So I guess it’s not a total loss.  I had every intention of posting yesterday but I had a lot crammed into the day and by the time I got home I was too tired/lazy.  So let’s catch up (aka I’m stalling on the 5km run so I’m going to ramble for a bit)

Thursday April 17:

Made it to the 6am WOD again.  Soon I won’t have to drag myself out of bed and out the door on my “day off” this early cause 7:30s are coming back!  YES!  Coach Jenna was filling in for Coach Dave this week.  What you don’t know is the obscurity of this concept in my mind.  Coach Jenna is not the person I would expect to see at the box before 9:00am 😉  Stepping outside of a comfort zone maybe?  Anyways, a totally simple WOD.

Snatch: 3-3-3-3-3
Focus today is on that snatch.  Take your time and work up to something awesome.

“Focus on the snatch.”  Yup, still makes me giggle.

nevergrowupSome girls don’t either I guess.  My brain did not want any part of the snatch today.  Strangely enough cause post-WOD on Wednesday, I spent a good amount of time working on it and overhead squats too.  Maybe the trick was warming up with wall balls?  Not sure.  Ok, pulling too early has been one of my faults for a long time.  I get that.  And not opening my hips is on that list too.  But today, every time I put my hands on the bar I would pull the bar up as high as I could (ALL arms, hello legs?  A little help?) then ninja myself entirely ungracefully under the bar to catch it and strict press the rest of the way overhead.  Coach Dave often says “It’s not that you’re moving badly, it’s just that you are not moving efficiently.”  Today I was just moving badly.  I think at one point my partner, Coach Jenna, and I were all just laughing.  “what was that??” came out a few times.  Honestly, a software malfunction.  My brain just pulled the old:


I you read on, you’ll see Tuesday was much better in my world of Crossfit.  After the box I had physio again.  In consideration of the increased pain level I felt after last week’s session, he decided to try something different.  My back had not been all in favour of the being twisted like a pretzel method.  So I was strapped into the traction machine and had my spine stretched out, tabata style – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  Weird feeling.  With all my nerve issues, felt as though my stomach was getting little electric shocks every time it pulled.  My physio guy is a joker, so I asked if he could stretch enough to make me taller.  Reaching for a bowl on the top cupboard shelf later proved to me taller I was not.  Sigh.  :-p

Day off, right?  Well, from my full-time gig anyway.  At Sport Chek the game has changed again.  My job used to be putting away footwear that had arrived in the shipment.  Then it slowly became helping sort the shipment, then putting away the footwear.  Then the shipper quit.  My job is currently sorting the shipment.  AMRAP 5 hours – 5 skids 😮  I learned a good lesson today.  When you notice a skid has a few rounds of packing tape underneath the shrink wrap, instead of thinking “what idiot did that??” the correct thought process should be “this skid will self-destruct”.  FAIL.  Haha good thing crossfit has helped tune my agility.

Wednesday April 16:

No morning WODs on Wednesdays usually means perfect day for a rest day.  ‘Cept when the box will be closed Friday (no Friday Coach Sharon WOD… *sad face*) So I made it to the 6:30pm class.  Reading the WOD menu the night before I was pumped to see Part 1 😀 The behind-the-neck-to-overhead portion of the bear complex is the only part I’m not a fan of.  Work your weaknesses, right Coach Dave??  😉  Part 2 didn’t sound to bad either.  Start of the day, I was looking forward to it.  Chatted through the day with DK about it, but as time ticked away I lost enthusiasm.  I’m a morning girl, no question.  By 5 I was only half looking forward to even going to the box, but as always, the switch flipped the second I pulled into the parking lot.  #gameface  time to give ‘er.

Part 1. Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press: 10-10-10   #35

Part 2.
3 Rounds of:
50- Wallballs
40- KB Swings (Heavy)   white tape (I think 35lbs)
30- Ring Dips    15 reps, w/band
Rest 2 Minutes between rounds

Result – 19:47  BOO-YA!!  Got the grand hi-5 from Coach Dave for the sub-20 minute finish.  This f*cker SUCKED!  After round 1, I picked up the wallball and got through the first 20-25 reps before it felt like it got heavier with every throw.  The kettlebell swings felt alright… maybe means I should have grabbed a heavier one… Also the first round of the ring dips I managed the 15 reps unbroken.  Thinner band next time.  But those hellish wallballs!  By round 3 I think the ball gained weight from about rep 3.  It was brutal, and I LOVED it 😀  

Post-WOD work:  

3 sets – 10x overhead squats #35

Food note:  If you ever find yourself looking for some sort of garlic biscuit deliciousness…  you have to try these:



1 head of cauliflower – “riced” in food processor (or grated)

2 eggs

1/2 cup almond flour

1/2 tsp garlic powder

pinch of salt

Pre-heat oven to 350.  Dump riced cauliflower in a larger skillet and sauté for about 10 minutes until slightly softened.  Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, then scoop into either greased muffin tray or foil tart cups.  Bake for 30-35 minutes or until browned to your liking.  ENJOY!  ***I recommend the foil option.  These STICK in a regular muffin tin.  As is the case for pretty much any situation, these would be really good with bacon bits in them too.  Or cheese, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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