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Crossfit improv


Ok first of all, when I asked to be stretched out it was to gain a few inches in height.  Like… would you please stretch my legs physio guy.  Not my ARMS.  I don’t have long arms.  But my skills at laundry shrinking are top-notch I guess.  Laundry shrinking mastery level achieved – EXPERT.  Lifa shtuff isn’t supposed to shrink.  :-S



Friday April 18:


A little WOD to do at home- Enjoy a nice little 5KM Run- 
Result – 27:12 

Alright, didn’t break any speed limits with this one but I got out there and got it done 🙂  It was a cloudy morning and just started to rain as I finished up, but it felt good to get out and run again.  Running for me has always been a great time to think.  This was my first time out since last fall really, and a totally different experience than the runs I had been on in my first almost a year living in Waterloo.  When I first moved here, running was used as a way to escape reality and deal with sadness.  Both running and lifting were the friends I leaned on to deal with all the sh*t going through my head after losing the one person I loved more than I ever imagined possible.  I ran when I was sad.  I lifted when I was angry.  Now things have changed 🙂  I run cause I really do just enjoy doing it, and I lift cause it makes me feel like a badass.  And I do it all with a great group of like-minded crazy people who also live for the WODs that totally suck.  Embracing the suck is just so much more rewarding when you can look around and see others who are dying right along with you.  Here we go again with the #boxlove.  Had to give myself a bit of a kick in the butt to get out the door for my little 5km since I knew I was doing this one solo.  After months of grinding it out with the community, it felt a little like playing a team sport by yourself.  I got over it 🙂  Found a new route that took my along the Iron Horse Trail from Waterloo to Victoria Park in Kitchener.  Nice path.  I will be back.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of cramming as much in before dinner with my mom at 6:30.  Taxes – DONE!  Whew!  Made a spaghetti squash casserole for our pseudo Easter dinner cause it’s awesome, and my mom is a vegetarian.  Trust me if you ever met her, she would make sure to let you know probably within the first 5 minutes.  Going out for dinner is an experience.  I’ve considered handing her a microphone to announce her dietary choices to the whole restaurant just to save her the trouble of feeling it necessary to repeat herself over and over.  Anyways, dinner was good and after a pretty non-stop day, I was probably in bed by 9:30.  Let me blame the non-stop day, ok?

Saturday April 19:

I almost cried when I read today’s WOD.  Second thought through my mind was to drive back to Waterloo, WOD, and come back in time to head for another Easter fiasco.  But gas is ridiculous right now, and I may not have enough time anyway, so I decided to engage in a little crossfit improv.  I should have pics… but they’ll have to wait until I get home tonight  😉


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups    10 pull-ups, 40 rows (50 total)
200 Push-ups    100
300 Squats    150
1 mile Run

Result – 30:18

Dragged my butt out the door to scope out a little park about 1.5kms from my moms that I thought might have monkey bars.  SCORE!  Well, sort of.  It had those oval shaped monkey bar ring things.  The rest was uncomplicated.  Looped the park a bit on my way there to get in the first mile run.  After 10 pull-ups on the bars though, I realized A: I would be scaling the number of reps (aka cutting them in half) because B: the bars were FREEZING!  and too high.  It was a mighty jump and a quick hail Mary every time I had to drop off to relieve my frozen fingers.  Lucky me, there was a back-up option.  The park had an arched ladder that worked in a similar fashion to the ring pulls I’ve done at the box.  Game on.  They still sucked, but I got through.  Then came the push-ups.  100 of them 😮  Started out on top of a picnic table cause it was nice and warm, but once I had to drop to my knees (which are STILL recovering from the bowling incident) I jumped off the table to finish on the grass.  Wet knees just don’t scream as loud.  :-p  Squats felt great.  By this time, the little old guy who was the only other person in the park was giving me some pretty strange looks.  I just gave him a big smile and wobbled out on slightly jello-ish legs.  Second mile I was sooooo slow!  Haha!  But I wouldn’t let myself drop to a walk at all.  So I’ll take it as a win.  Gorgeous morning too!

Happy Easter!  If it applies 😀



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  1. I totally know what you mean about using these things to process. I ran to sort out racing thoughts and overwhelming sadness and lifting was a focus for anger. And the crossfit turned all of it into something positive and connected me with the world again (as I always say “crossfit is making me a better person” – it showed me how to return to living a positive, productive life). Great job making it work with the equipment you have on hand this weekend!

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