one day it'll all make sense.

I haven’t posted in 6 whole days.  I’m not even sure what happened.  Where did they go?  A little recap is needed. I’ve had some perfectly useless shtuff to ramble about this week too!  Like my utter disgruntalment over the fact that I need new running shoes for the every day sorta thing. Yet while I work in a store that sells running shoes and even get a pretty sweet staff price, I can’t find anything of interest. Why??  Cause every single pair of women’s shoes has to be pink it seems. Some are all pink, some dark pink with lighter pink accents, some an acceptable blue or grey but ruined with a pink soul. That’s right, I used the wrong sole/soul. It wasn’t an accident. There is nowhere for even a little PINK shoe bit in my world…  sorry, it just doesn’t belong.  Doesn’t mean I don’t like other obnoxious colours 😀 I have one pair of kicks that are bright orange and purple.  Oh… And women’s workout tops suck too. Not everyone wants to go to the gym in a flirty gaping v-neck that just barely covers any chest.  Wouldn’t want to head to an AMRAP of squat cleans in one of those. Wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Get it together Under Armor. Can you tell I worked at Chek recently?  Haha. And spent 3 of my 5 hours hanging clothes.  I’ve learned my lesson. Will never complain about a 5 skid shipment again!  At least being busy makes the time go quick!

Nutrition has been pretty squeaky clean this week.  After eating some garbage last Saturday and feeling like a pile of dirt after, I haven’t had much interest in doing that again any time soon.  Did complete my Friday WOD while catching the occasional waft of bacon from the breakfast belonging to one of the girls who hung around after working out at 6 for Firday coffee.  After that, I had to toss a few slices in with my morning egg whites and sweet potato.  Couldn’t help it.

Ok, WOD recap:

Saturday April 26:

partner WOD2

The Ontario Police Memorial Foundation fundraiser WOD day.

Partner WOD.  Run to be completed together, then AMRAP – 1 partner working at a time:


run 1 mile, AMRAP box jumps


run 1 mile, AMRAP burpee, jump on weight plate


run 1 mile, AMRAP wallballs #14

I’ve decided these are fun 🙂  Was not super-excited going into it cause I figured the burpees would suck large after the running, but they weren’t that bad.  And it was a chance to rekindle my romance with the wallballs.  We still seem to be riding on a “love” phase.  The box didn’t eat my shins either.  Other than the hurricane strength cold-ass winds on the first half, the up-hill half, of each run portion… this wasn’t so bad at all.  Post-WOD D wanted to lift some heavy sh*t.  I’m generally game for that suggestion, but when it was decided we would work on snatches, I was soon left in her dust.  HOWEVER…  I did make it to #70 with much better form than I’ve brought to the table recently.  Then the tiny little 2 1/2lb plates brought it to #75 and all progress went to hell in a hand basket.  I will keep working on that one.  Possibly forever.

Friday April 25:

“Power Clean and Muscle up Mashup”
OTM for 5 Minutes: 10 unbroken Power Cleans #135/#95   #55
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Muscle ups/10 unbroken Pushups
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 7 unbroken Power Cleans #185/#125   #65
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Muscle ups/10 unbroken Pushups
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Power Cleans #205/#145   #75
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Muscle ups/10 unbroken Pushups
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 3 unbroken Power Cleans #225/#155   #85
Rest 1 minute
OTM for 5 Minutes: 5 unbroken Muscle ups/10 unbroken Pushups
Rest 1 minute

Coach Sharon added a nice little twist at the beginning of this one.  “There will be NO dropping to your knees during push-ups!”  😮  The only scaling option was to use a box instead.  Again, 😮  With only a minute per round, while I considered going to grab a box and haul it back to my little station a few times, I talked myself out of it.  200 strict pull-ups later, and a few near face-plants… my arms were SPENT.  While I was less than “all smiles” through this 47 minutes of crazy, I really did like this one.  This kind of WOD is exactly what I need.  Just last week we had a WOD that included working up to a heavy 1 rep power clean.  For that one I succeeded (after failing a few times) at #95, but today I managed 5 rounds of 3 reps unbroken @ #85.  Say what?!  Take the emphasis off the load and my mind is able to get past it and just keep moving…  I’m just a special kind of backwards sometimes.


Wednesday April 23:

Deadlifts, #225/#155    #145   <—- bulged disc?  Don’t think so!
Handstand Pushups    #35
“Squatting Elizabeth”
Squat Cleans, #135/#95    #55
Ring Dips

As usual, “OR” was a lie.  Coach Dave had a little ramble about “choice” being a powerful thing or something along those lines.  Today the choice was not one, or the other, the choice was one, or both.  Of course, I went for both.  Even on a day that was not my usual morning workout, and after I was heckled during the warm-up to stop yawning.  Tired?  Suck it up buttercup.

Result – Diane 7:40  Elizabeth 7:30  (both are potentially not exact…)

A note on the bulged disc theory.  Physio just seemed to cause more harm than good!  I’m back to the massage torture treatments and feeling awesome again.  Other than the stupid leg/foot pain, but the box vet feels that if my problem were at all related to a disc issue, I would not be able to complete 1 145lb deadlift, let alone 45.  Plus I saw my family doc and he refered to an MRI we did when I started having the leg pain that showed no evidence of any disc/spine issues.  Back to the drawing board, or more so back to life as I’ve known it for some time.  AND back to lifting heavy sh*t 😀



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