one day it'll all make sense.

short and sweet :)

Ok, I’m going to try to post more frequently again to avoid the novels I’ve spit out recently.  We’ll see how it goes…

Today was another “event” thing at CF Division.  It was “Bring a friend” day!  I tried to convince a few non-crossfit friends to join in.  Even tried to tempt them with an awesome brunch after.  No success.  So, I went anyway and partnered up with another of my CF Division friends who was also there solo.  All good 😀  Afterwards, a bunch of us went for brunch too.  So no loss from my end.

Sunday April 27:

Part 1 – Partner WOD, 1 person working at a time

AMRAP 20 minutes, “Cindy”

–partner A : 5 pull-ups, partner B : 10 push-ups, partner A : 15 air squats, partner B : 5 pull-ups, etc…

odd minutes – work

even minutes – rest

Part 2 – 4 rounds of:

AMRAP 2 minutes

30 double unders (90 singles)

sprint 100m

kettlebell swings #35

REST 2 minutes

I got through ALL BUT THE LAST ROUND of part 1 with KIPPING PULL-UPS!!!  Quite possibly some of the ugliest kipping pull-ups ever seen, but do you think I care?  Nope!  😀  I was on cloud nine!  The very last time I jumped up to grab the bar, my arms were DONE.  But whatever!  I kipped b*tches 😀  WOOT.

maybe one day it will look this good

maybe one day it will look this good

Post brunch, came home for a little more double unders practice.  No victories with those today, but a crap ton of pretty singles.  Such a nice day out that the fairly consistent whip lashes I gave myself really didn’t bother me all that much.  Also figured after a hog tails brunch of poached eggs, beef brisket and collard greens, I could use a good 15-20 minutes of skipping.  Figured my meal choice was pretty much along the food guidelines I follow.

I’m almost beyond the point of calling things “Paleo” anymore though after all the controversy and flack it has received lately.  Although, I don’t know why I should even care.  What doesn’t receive discrimination on some level?  I mean, some call me a sinner because I like girls.  A co-worker once told me “Kate, you seem pretty cool, but you know you’re going to hell, right?”  Seriously dude?  I crossfit.  Lots of people are so against that it’s also ridiculous.  We are not a cult.  We are all a little crazy, but only in a good way.  And we all help and support each other in a way that’s unlike any other community I’ve ever been a part of.  CF Division is like the best family I’ve ever known.  Oh, and I eat real food.  I only grocery shop in the fresh meat and produce departments.  I cook my own meals and bring my own lunch to work.  I think “save the tax” sales at grocery stores are yet another way society encourages people to buy the processed garbage that so many people put into their bodies.  The “real” food is more expensive than the other stuff.  And there is no tax on the real food.  Double b*tch slap.  Want to save money?  Don’t feed your kids fresh veggies.  Buy them Kraft Dinner and fish sticks.  Oh and save the tax!  Anyways, Paleo was the TOP google search in January of 2013.  Now in 2014, it has become one of the top things many people are out to disprove as even having any credibility.  Really?  Does it really matter?

Bottom line in my mind… I will love who I will love.  Crossfit has taught me that I AM capable of a LOT more than I gave myself credit for.  For the Paleo idea, to me it means – JUST EAT REAL FOOD.

Anyways, now time for a car wash and I’m off to ball hockey.  Hope everyone has had a great weekend 🙂  I’m in an awesome mood today.  Tomorrow could be a different story… the WOD is back to the snatch.


Comments on: "short and sweet :)" (2)

  1. I cannot stomach someone saying you are going to hell for liking girls. One of my best friends is married to another woman and it was the best ceremony I have been to and I cried tons because it was so great to see these two wonderful people pledge their lives to each other.

    They shouldn’t even say that shit to you, they know you could physically take them out, right?? Ugh. The ignorance.

    You keep being you! Everyone else can suck it!

  2. I’ve been told I’m going for other reasons so the company will be good 😉 we can even start a box: Eternal Flames CrossFit or something sweet like that.

    Anyway, you’re awesome and you know it. Just keep doin’ your thing!

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