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PR baby!!

Today’s post is all about yesterday, and somewhat broken in two parts.  The first of which I composed yesterday with every intention of completing last night, but when I didn’t get home from the box until 8:30, all ambition went out the window.  I don’t feel bad.  Yesterday was AWESOME!  😀

Hi 🙂  I know it’s Monday, although working in retail for as long as I have has taken away the anticipation many associate with the “weekend”, but I had a KICK-ASS WOD this morning and it’s put me in the greatest frame of mind.  I got to the box a bit early to spend some time working on double unders.  I have the good intention to continue every time I go to eventually figure these little fawk’ers out.  This morning was no victory.  Skipped comfortably doing singles, tried a double – whipped myself, went back to singles comfortably, tried a double – whipped myself harder, went back to singles comfortably, etc…  Until I came to the realization that it was 3 minutes till WOD time and… I was the only one there!  Again.  Eek!  This is what was staring back at me from the white board:

Monday April 28:

Part 1. Squat Clean and Jerk: Work up to a 3-Rep max, Touch and GO Reps
Part 2. O.T.M for 5 Minutes: 5 Touch and Go Squat Snatches, across.
Part 3. For Time:
50-40-30-20-10 Wallballs, 20/14
25-20-15-10-5 Box Jumps, 24/20″

I looked at Coach Dave, he looked back at me.  “Just you and me McDowell!”  I offered to come back tonight instead, but he convinced me to stay.  While parts 2 & 3 would not be exceptionally enjoyable without the team environment we’re used to, part 1 was doable, and there was nothing to say I couldn’t come back later to finish the other pieces.  Soooo… I stayed.  And for 90 minutes I got the full one-on-one experience.  No complaints on that!  PERFECT opportunity to get some kick-ass coaching on a movement I still find rough sometimes.  Did a great little warm-up, then moved to the cleans.  I did a LOT of ’em and worked on the split jerk.  I very rarely split the jerk.  I know it’s the most efficient way for getting the heavier loads over my head, but I feel a little like a newborn giraffe.  Today was good.  I was driving the bar up HARD with my hips, dropping under it quickly, and with a new mental cue of “look ABOVE the horrizon!” I PR’d my Squat Clean & Jerk! BOO-YA!!  We progressively added weight to the bar until I looked at Coach Dave with probably the hugest grin on my face…  “First time @ #100!!” I told him.  I was so friggin excited.  And all ready to put the weights away and go home feeling totally accomplished.  “Add more.  You’re moving it well”  was his response.  😮  “but…”  his expression didn’t change.  What was going through my head?  “I’ve succeeded.  What if I add weight and fail??”  Shut up brain.  I added a bit more and PR’d my new PR – #105 baby!  For months I’ve been stuck at #95.  Even #95 has had its off days.  The difference today?  Other than the new mental cue, which was a big part, was the commitment I brought to the bar for EVERY lift.  In the past when I’ve failed, I’ve often gotten the bar not as far off the ground as I had planned and given up entirely.  Dropped it and stepped back.  Today I somehow switched to the “I’ve got this!” head space.  If I messed up, I corrected it and kept my focus rather than just letting myself give up.  Some were not pretty.  Even went through a short phase where my brain scrambled and I turned 3 reps of squat clean & jerk into – 1 s.c. & j., 1 clean split jerk.  Say what?!?!  Yeah.   Exactly.  hahaha  We laughed a little, and moved on.  Thankfully I got things together before the weight got heavy!


Tuesday morning – rest day!  What better time than to ramble.  Especially when my brain decided I should be wide awake just after 4.  Went back to bed but at 5:15 I gave up that battle.  I may have jinxed myself.  Yesterday Coach Dave asked (as he often does) How was food over the weekend? Water? Sleep?  All good, as usual.  After mentioning that I sleep very well, as in I could fall asleep anywhere (have proven this at a football game), last night I woke up a million times.  haha oops!

Yesterday, after spending the whole day with DK at work talking about food and crossfit, cause that’s just what we do, I DID head back to the box again for the 6:30 WOD.  Similar warm-up to the morning session, except there were too many people there to use rowers, so we did skipping intervals.  More whip lashes.  No more double unders.  :-p  Then we jumped into the METCON:

Part 3. For Time:
50-40-30-20-10 Wallballs, 20/14
25-20-15-10-5 Box Jumps, 24/20″

Result – 10:55

It was awful.  😮  Well, it started that way anyways.  During the 50 wallballs, “why the hell did I come back?? My legs are SHOT already!  Somebody shoot me… etc…” went through my head.  Man, am I ever glad I opted out of doing that one alone!  I was wallballing (yup, it’s an adjective now) sandwiched between 2 awesome dudes who just kept moving.  Makes it harder to feel ok just standing there holding the dumb ball while gasping for air, so I fought to just kept moving too.

My goal had been to just come back for part 3.  But I was already there.  And already warmed up.  So while everyone was working on their clean & jerks, I jumped in with JM who was working on pistol squats cause she has a wrist injury.  FUN!  I like pistols 😀  Then I jumped back in with the group for:

Part 2. O.T.M for 5 Minutes: 5 Touch and Go Squat Snatches, across.   #35

That’s right.  I just used the bar.  But considering I’ve been completely snatch-disfunctional for the last two weeks, I was cool with that.  AND moving well so it’s a WIN in my books.  Only landed on my BUTT once!  Haha.

At the end of everything, I have no logic for why I slept crappy last night.  After 3 hours at the box, I should have been OUT COLD.


Comments on: "PR baby!!" (2)

  1. Awesome job on the PR! We’re heading into testing in a couple weeks and I’m both nervous and excited to see my progress. I definitely need to tell myself “I got this!”
    Woo hoo!!

  2. I feel like when I hang out at a weight on cleans, I’m stuck for AGES…and when I get that next one it’s the biggest achievement! Way to keep working and getting it done!!!

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