one day it'll all make sense.

Today is a rest day.  Prepare your blog-reading taste buds for a sh*t-storm of randomness.

So, back to the interview process in search of a new sales associate.  I don’t enjoy interviewing.  Made the mistake once of booking 4 interviews one Saturday, back to back.  Wanted to die by the end.  The routine shhpeal got pretty condensed by the time the last kid came in.  I was starving and probably kinda bitchy and basically was at the point of “So?  What have you got that’s better than the last 3?”  Haha won’t do that again.  Here’s a quick little list of the questions I wish I could ask:

– Are you a hockey fan? No – I can deal with that / Yes – What team? (Habs/Senators, interview over.)

– If we were to hold a work pot luck, what would you bring?

– Are you a vegetarian? (If so… interview might end right there. The store has already reached its meat-hater quota)

Now the really important stuff:

– So… do you Crossfit?

– Can you do Double Unders?  AND can you teach me?

– What’s your Fran time?

DK and I need to know.  I mean, come on…  Today he brought the steak and I brought the fixins:


Thankfully this was crazy-delish cause another of my staff went to Dominos for lunch and is sitting beside me in the office while her garlic cheesy bread smell invades my nose.  Rude.  Mmmm… garlic…

For next Saturday, brainstorming has already begun.  Pulled pork has come up more than once.  And roasted butternut.  Maybe avocado broccoli slaw… Just hoping I can recreate the last batch that came out of my crockpot.  Amazing.  We used to get take-out from time to time but have recently decided that we just cook better.  Dear Hogtails… the love is gone.  The last few visits have involved dried out pork/beef.  That just won’t do.  I’m breaking up with you.

Yesterday DK and I were just hanging around the store in the evening when apparently our customers had better things to do than come look at cameras.  As usual, we were talking about the morning’s WOD.  Then what body parts were sore, to include a bruise comparison session.  Next, we discovered that if we rearrange a section of the store temporarily, there’s a great spot to work on handstand holds.  Golden!  Then a light bulb went off over my head…  “we should get a ROPE!” came out of my mouth.  DK gave me the most confused look, then caught on to my thought train.  “YES!!  That would be awesome!” was his response “we could call it team building!”  But although we discussed where we could put it and how we could pull it off at length, the closing comment of that fun little daydream was “We’d both have to look for new jobs”  :-p  That sucked the wind out of our sails, but the daydream continued anyway.  We’re both nuts.  But at least we’re not alone I guess.


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  1. Having been a retail manager in a previous life I totally understand the hatred for the interview process. I was the type of manager that told people during the interview exactly my managing style, my expectations for their role and if they didn’t think they could up-sell and be super friendly, I didn’t want them. It weeded out a good chunk of people. Does your store have a standardized set of questions? I always deviated and asked weird things to get their personality. Anyone can tell you their greatest “strength” but few can tell me what they think the roses in American Beauty symbolized. Ha ha. And to think I would up in HR.

    Good luck finding a sales associate!

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