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abs? or chocolate?

what makes you happy?  The short list for me… sunny days, running outside (finally), ball hockey, lifting heavy sh*t, and recently… chocolate.  Like, the dark kind.  With almonds, but not covering them.  The chocolate covered kind taste like dirt.  Just my opinion.  My blog.  Deal with it.  Back to the chocolate.  WTF?!?!  I never used to be a chocolate girl, but lately I have random cravings.  No, I’m not pregnant.  And not a fan.  The worst part is:


Sigh.  I’d like to see my abs more.  Like, more than chocolate.  So suck it up McDowell.  Choose the abs.

Kitchener ball hockey starts tonight 😀  Excited, with a little bit of nervous in there too.  New league.  All new group of girls.  And we play at 9:00pm.  aka, the second period should start around my bed time.  In the words of Coach Dave “It’s GOOD for you!” and I know it’s true.  This being said, the stairs to my lunch room are NOT my friend today after this morning’s kick-ass little WOD.  Some, hoepfully come game time, my legs are ready for action.  Went through the same sort of thing Sunday with the morning dose of 101 squat cleans followed later by a “run-like-you-stole-it” session of hockey and all was good.  Today is day 3-in-a-row though…  Here’s my over-due recap.

Tuesday May 6:

warm-up: with a partner, 3 rounds 250m row – 30m sprint – 30mX2 farmer’s carry (yellow tape?)- 30m sprint

worst part?  The post-row sprint.  No question.  Kept my row split around 1:46 though 🙂

Part 1. Deadlifts: 2 sets of 8 reps (50%-60%) immediately after perform 1 sets of max reps Deadlifts of the same load  #135   1 set max – 16reps
Part 2. OTM for 12 Minutes:
Odd Mins: 4-6 reps Strict Pullups  4-5
Even Mins: 8- 10 reps Pushups    10

Last rounds of each, max reps – 7 / 20

Even before walking into the box today, I had my mind set on #135.  My 1RM is still sitting at #225, so I went for the higher end of the scale with 60% and felt AWESOME 🙂  Can’t wait until we get a chance to test on these again.  I think I’ve got more in me than #225 now.

Monday May 5:

warm-up: 30 seconds jump rope, 30 seconds burpees, 60 seconds jump rope, 60 seconds (ummm… drawing a blank.  push-ups?), 90 seconds jump rope, 90 seconds wallballs

Part 1. OTM for 10 Minutes: 5- Back Squats (60%-70%)   #85
Part 2. OTM for 8 Minutes: 5- Strict Press (60%-70%)   #35 (baby-ing my still grumpy shoulder)
Part 3. AMRAP in 7 Minutes
3- Hang Clean #135/#95   #55
6- Pullups    sit-ups
9- Box Jumps

Fun little WOD 🙂  AND I’ve come to the conclusion that any day that involves cleans/snatch should start with wallballs.  Seems to be the best method for me to get ready to do anything that involves opening my hips.  I went super-light with these today to give my shoulder one more day of chill-out time.  I wanted to kip out some pull-ups, but sucked it up.

Sunday May 4:

In 30 Minutes with a partner:
1- Bear Complex

The Bear Complex:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Back Squat
Score is based on number of poundage you and your partner lift

Result – 8565 lbs

As I briefly mentioned earlier, I put in 101 squat cleans.  The shoulder was really not in to the overhead portion of the bear complex.  Totally shitty of it to complain in my mind.  I LOVE this movement!  😦  arg.  But after a few warm-up reps I realized I was going to have to ditch it and squat clean instead.  Still worked friggin hard.  We added weight in increments over the 30 minutes and I focused my mind on completing 5 reps unbroken for each round I got in.  After I ran like hell later at hockey and got into my car to drive home, my ASS felt like I’d been attacked with a meat tenderized.  WICKED!  😀


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  1. my ball hockey started last night. There is no coasting in ball hockey…i missed my skates last night, but did pretty well all things considered. We lost, but it was still a ton of fun. Golf starts tonight…can’t wait!

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