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Potluck Saturday at work 😀  The wonderful aroma of roasting butternut squash is slowly making it’s way into my office… mmm…  The Saturday potluck idea was something we started a few years ago, but after a few broken attempts, DK and I came to the conclusion that we are the only ones really willing to do the cooking part as well as the eating part and it’s a better situation if we just have a party of two.  It’s no fun to get all excited and put in the effort to find the others idea of potluck is to show up with a bag of buns or a tray of day old cupcakes.  Lesson learned.  Today will be amazing.  I think I’ve mastered the pulled pork and DK makes the best roasted butternut.  😀


#springishere!  (finally!)  In time for a little Friday post-WOD coffee sesh in the sunshine 😀

Fri. May 9:


AMRAP in 30 Minutes:
2- Power Cleans #225/#155    #85
3- Front Squats #225/#155    #85
4- Deadlifts #225/#155   #85
5- Strict Pullups   thin blk band 😀
400m Run

Result – 8 rounds (a little over the 30 min. mark) 😀

WICKED WOD!!  This one could make the “all-time favs” list.  I felt pretty bad-ass crushing all of the pull-ups with just the little band.  Resisted the urge to put my foot on the box as I got tired for a little push-off action too.  I did underestimate the run portion though!  Expected that part to be the “rest” bit.  Wrong.  Sure, the first few rounds it was a nice and easy trot around the building… but the last few rounds it felt twice as long, as if it had somehow become uphill, and like I was pulling a piano.  I looked at the clock as I was cranking out my 8th round of pull-ups and thought “1:16 to go… I can get in the last run!”  So I literally ran from the bar, out the door, and turned things UP to try to make it back to beat the buzzer.  Kept a good pace for the first 100m… then the ground tilted and the uphill feeling began (or so it seemed)… brushed it off and kept pushing… made it to 200m, then 250m, then 300m… I think that’s when the piano-pulling came into play.  It was rough!  Thoughts going through the old head – “you won’t die… when did it get so hot… just keep going… can’t breathe… almost… there…”  Haha!  It was AWESOME!


Thurs. May 8:

Part .1 Back Squats: 2 sets of 10 reps (50%-60%) immediately after perform AMRAP Back Squats with the same loading   #95, AMRAP – 35 reps

Part 2. OTM for 12 Minutes
Odd Mins: 10- 12 reps- Barbell Bent Over Rows   #55
Even Mins: 8-10 reps- Ring Dips    thin blk band

**note to self – when ring dips are on the menu, bring tall socks in case the band option presents itself.  Bare shins are not the way to go.


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