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OH WOW!  I have sooooo much catching up to do and even more randomness to share!  Crossfit has been AMAZING the last week and a bit.  We seem to have started some new phase where Coach Dave has taken the regular dose of insanity and amplified the hell out of it.  Like, some days it feels like we’re stacking 3 separate WODs right on top of each other and attempting to squeeze them into an hour time slot.

Sunday after completing a little partner version of the hero WOD “Glen”, I put in a few hours at work and headed off to hockey.  My legs were not impressed.  Tough.  Deal with it.  I ran as hard as I could regardless.  In the first period I don’t know what happened, but I totally checked a girl.  Like, pretty hard.  We’re talking a non-contact league :-s Yet somehow got away with it.  My team called me on it.  Only response I could come up with… “sorry!  I played all winter with boys!”  Speaking of hockey, back at it tonight.  My legs are really going to hate me this round I feel.  Plus this is my young team.  Like, other than me and the coach, the next oldest girl is 2nd year university.  These girls will force me to get my sh*t together by the end of the season I’m sure.

Tomorrow will be a rest day.  Legs… I promise!

Tuesday May 13:

Part 1.

AMRAP in 6 minutes

15 wallballs    #12

15 burpees

Result – 90 reps

Part 2.

Deadlifts – 3 x 6 @ 60-70%, 1 x AMRAP @ same weight   #145, 16 reps

Part 3.

OTM, 12 minutes:

Odd minutes – 5 pull-ups

Even minutes – 10 push-ups

First round of burpees, I wanted to just lay down and stay there until the 6 minutes were up. It was hot and humid in the box even at 7:30am. Day 3-in-a-row of crazy awesome WODS. (yes, I know. Excuses, excuses…) but I was dizzy as fawwk for whatever reason. I ate clean yesterday and drank at least 2 1/2 litres of water, so I’ve got no scientifical explanation. Didn’t stop though. Didn’t kill it, but did manage to keep each of the 3 rounds of 15 wallballs unbroken. It was just the burpees that were screwing me up. Plus my mind was elsewhere. Second round of wallballs, I messed up my timing for a catch and got the wallball in the face. Good times! Get it together mcdowell!!! Was the message I took from that. Then came the good stuff 😀 I loooooove deadlifts. Increased the weight today, but my ARAMP was the same rep count as last week. Coach Sharon often asks “can you feel your hammys engaged?” when we are setup to deadlift. OH COULD I EVER!!! After Monday’s killer little WOD compilation, my hams and glutes were SORE. At least I wasn’t alone… when getting acquainted with the foam roller pre-WOD, I laughed as every new person arrived and said the same thing “how SORE is your BUTT?!?!” haha


Monday May 12:


800m run

Part 1.

OTM, 12 minutes: 5 Back squats @ 60-70%   #95

OTM, 10 minutes: 5 strict press @ 60-70%    #55

Part 2.

3 rounds, for time:

400m run

20 weighted lunges   #35 bar, front rack

20 push-ups

I like running.  Rarely am I one of the whiners when a WOD is posted that involves any opportunity to get out and pound the pavement a little.  This morning however, walking in at 7:30 to get kicked out the door for a 800m run while we all were still wiping the sleep out of our eyes was not something I met with my usual enthusiasm.  My legs were struggling already.  And the WOD hadn’t even started.  It was a long one too!  The rep scheme was heftier than last week and I added #10 to my back squats and #20 to my strict presses.  The squats felt great.  My shoulder didn’t even complain about the presses although they got challenging in the last few sets.  Then came part 2.  Arg.  More running.  After this WOD was in the books, DK and I stood around like zombies at work, both completely spent!  We both loved it.


Sunday May 11:

Team “Glen”

50- Clean and Jerks #155/#105    #75

A little Run 😉

15- Rope Climbs

A little Run 😉

125- Burpees

– Teams of (2) – 1 Athlete working at a time – Both Athletes must run together

No mistake made this week on my partner selection.  As soon as I saw there was running involved, I gave a fellow runner girl the look:

partner WODOk… hopefully not that creepy.  We killed it.  I felt like I was moving the bar really well for the clean and jerks.  We both opted for the scaling version of the rope climbs.  Then came the burpees.  Ahhhh wonderful burpees.  Ever done Glen?  Or ever come back from a run and thrown yourself into a round of burpees?  Please tell me I’m not alone in the feeling of almost floating?  I’m telling you!  I had a Chris Angel moment.  The first set of 10 burpees felt like I was hovering down to the ground and floating back to my feet.  I CAN FLY!  It was awesome.  Then the 2nd round, my fairy dust started to wear off.  By the 3rd, I was crashing to the ground uncontrollably and peeling myself off to wobble back to my feet.


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  1. hahaha I love that Mr Bean meme. I know that look so well when it come to partner wods.

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