one day it'll all make sense.

in stride

Whole30 day 10!!  Double digits baby!!  😀


My days are starting to have a timeline all their own.  Today:

4:10am    BOING!!!!  WIDE awake!  And the random commentary in my head begins.  One side grumbles a WTF at the time and WHY am I not sleeping and shoots some nasty thoughts at the hotel catering service from the event I was at last night cause I’m guessing they mixed up the regular and decaf coffee labels.  The other side is full of energy and bouncing off the walls with random unfinished thoughts.

4:30am   Catch up on my email including the daily WOD post.  Supposed to be my rest day, but wait!!  😮  Find a new 1RM deadlift??  B*tch please!  Tomorrow can be my rest day…

8:00am   Prepped an awesome lunch with the pulled pork that just finished doing its thing in my slow cooker.  Followed lunch prep with a kick-ass breakfast of seasoned, grated sweet potato (like, stolen off the tex-mex leftovers from yesterday.  They had too much.  I didn’t feel bad.), homemade breakfast sausage and 2 fried eggs.  Mmm…  Good food makes me happy.  Happier than sugary food cause I’m not still looking for something else to eat after.  Win.

9:00am   Get to work, still wide awake and full of energy but the Kill All the Things mentality still lingers it seems.  I’m suddenly annoyed when I hear the key turn in the door signaling my assistant has arrived.  He made it through yesterday.  Today he might not be so lucky.

11:00am   Why the hell am I so hungry?  Haven’t had a super hungry day in a while…  I didn’t even lift this morning.  WAIT!!  I’ve been up almost 7 hours.  Right, that.  Looks like lunch will be an early one today.  Just to be safe… otherwise something might have to die.  Butternut squash in the toaster oven means a good hour to rope DK into some pistol squats between customers.  Do you like pistols?  I do!  🙂  Threw in a few rounds of 5 reps per leg post-WOD yesterday and my left butt cheek is sooooore today!  Love it!

Between pistol squat practice we had a few waves of customers.  I just dealt with a customer who looked exactly like this:

happy-faceNo word of a lie!  She was pleasant enough, but I think her angry cat expression is permanent.  Remember all those things your mom told you growing up?  Don’t sit too close to the tv, you’ll go cross-eyed.  Don’t swallow gum, you’ll end up with a big gum ball in your tummy.  Don’t eat cookie dough, you’ll get worms.  (duh mom, they make an ice-cream that comes with cookie dough)  AND Don’t make that face, it’ll get stuck that way.  That last one may have actually been true!  Poor woman.  I laughed a little in my head…  Don’t judge me.

1:00pm   yeaaaah!  Lunch time!  Sooo good!  First time making pulled pork without a drizzle of maple syrup and it tastes FANTASTIC!  Noted for future reference.  Sugar NOT needed for awesomeness.


1:10pm   When is nap time?  Seriously?   zzzz…

2:45pm   I surrender.  Coffee time.  Third cup of black, steamy goodness today.  :-p  I’ve cut out lots of bad stuff.  Coffee is staying.  I pick my battles.   Mmmm… Heaven in a brown paper cup.  Coffee brings out the common sense in me too.  I will be taking today as a rest day as originally planned.  I almost let myself get caught up in my excitement that I could possibly PR my 1RM deadlift today, but I’ve come to my senses.  I just picked up a barbell for the first time in 12 days, post back troubles.  I can PR next week instead.

4:00pm   Why do organic bananas have such thick peels compared to the non-organic ones?  Did you know that in the last decade there have been NO reported hospital cases of injury from slipping on a banana peel?  Only time they cause a problem is when you hit one playing Mario Kart :-p  Love that game…  and my mind wanders on…  Some days it amazes me that I manage to get my sh*t together enough to make it through a work day productively.

7:30pm   Leftover Tex-Mex is kinda like leftover chili.  Tastes even better the next day.  BUT old habits die hard.  I’ve been totally clean since starting this challenge, yet found myself craving some sort of treat…  Maybe cause I’m tired.  Might be lucky to make it to 9:30 tonight!

p.s. don’t worry.  no treat.  just munched on a baby cucumber instead.



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  1. Day 11 is when you start to look for a reward for all your hard work, so you are right on target! Good on you for trying that pulled pork, it’s amazing, right?? I love it.

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