one day it'll all make sense.

3, 2, 1 zzzzzz….

Sunday June 8:

Whole30 day 14.  Almost half way through.  And another BUSY day!  10:00am WOD, working at Henry’s today 11:00-5:00, hockey at 7:00 :-S  We’ll see if I make it to hockey.  The WOD was a good one, although I wanted to curl up and nap after the warm-up.

Part 1. OTM for 7 Minutes: 5- Deadlifts #315/#205  #155
Part 2. In teams of (2) perform:
Wallballs 30lbs/20lbs   #14
Hang Cleans #135/#95    #55
Part 3. Accumulate 3 Minutes Overhead Barbell holds #135/#95   #55

Yes, #55.  Part 3 was brutal.  Don’t judge me.  I was exhausted and not feeling strong at all.  Should have taken today as a rest day…  Bright side – the wallballs felt great 😀

Saturday June 7:

Spartan Race day 😀  I don’t get to see my sisters often enough, so spending the day with HB was awesome enough.  Good thing!  The past two years, Spartan Race has been my fav. of the mud runs.  This year it was disappointing.  Spartan has always been LOTS of obstacles and a great test of strength as well as endurance.  This year, the obstacles were minimal and the runs up and down the ski hill were in abundance.  I use the term “runs” lightly.  Started that way, but soon became hill walks.  Still challenging.  Still good exercise.  Still breathing HARD the whole time.  The consequence for failing an obstacle at Spartan is 30 burpees.  My goal is always NO burpees.  Not the case this time around.  During the crossing of the parelel bars on your hands, my shoulder gave out on me 😦 and there was a wall with 2″x4″ chunks nailed to it that you have to move laterally from one side to the other.  I just couldn’t grip the things!  On the rig with the rings, you had to make it accross 8 rings, then a rope, 8 more rings, another rope, then this metal pole before the final 2 rings.  The metal pole tripped me up.  Getting enough swing from the rope to the pole to the last 2 rings was rough!  There was a HUGE pile of people doing burpees after that one!  Tarzan I am NOT it seems.  It was regretfully a 90 burpee day for me.  Thankfully I redeemed myself on a bunch of the other obstacles! Crushed my one nemesis from last year – the rope climb 😀  Finished the 5ish miles in 1:30 covered in mud, sweaty and happy 🙂


When it comes to the nutritional component, I totally dropped the ball today.  Friday I hit a wall.  I’m half blaming the Thursday WOD and half Whole30.  I was falling asleep at my desk by noon, left work early with intention of a nap, instead cooked until it was time to head to Brampton, could barely keep my eyes open by 8:00, and when my mom told me “you look EXHAUSTED!  Go to bed!”  I didn’t argue.  8 hours of solid sleep in me and I felt better, but I was unprepared food-wise for the day.  Had a decent breakfast, but that was IT.  Drove to Oshawa, waited an hour and a half for my dad to drop off my sister (late, as always), raced for and hour and a half, drove back to Toronto to drop my sister off, and drove home.  Dehydrated as hell and HUNGRY!!  Needless to say, Sunday I woke up feeling like a wet noodle.  Weak and tired, I headed to the box anyway.  Obviously.

Friday June 6:

7:30 coffee WOD 🙂 Although, truth be told – I’d rather skip the coffee and experience the Dave & Sharon show.  Their interaction is pure entertainment.  Dave tries to highjack Sharon’s class, then Sharon turns to me to keep him under control, we all end up laughing and having a good time.  My coaches are the BEST 🙂  This WOD was not the best.  When I read it Thursday night I thought – really??  This must be a joke.  Booooooring.  Yeah, well… no joke.  And not time to get bored.  Kind of hell.  Each round of 250m I’d get through about 220 feeling like a superhero, then suddenly the wheels flew off and the last 30m were pure torture that seemed to last a ridiculously long time.

Team 10k Row  (team: me, DK, Coach Sharon)
Teams of 3 complete 10,000 meters of rowing
switching athletes every 250 meters.

Time – 44:06

Thursday was a WIN.  I’m baaaaaack 😀  Thank you Coach Dave for this bundle of hellish/epic awesomeness:

Thurs June 5:

Partner WOD day –

Part 1. “Karen”

150 wallballs    #16


Part 2. “Murph”

For Time:

Run 1 Mile

Complete in any order: 100 Pull Ups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Air Squats

Run 1 Mile.


Part 3. “Grace”

30 clean and jerks    #75

YES, you read that right.  2 of the girls, with a hero WOD in the middle just for kicks.  Took nearly 50 minutes to complete all 3!  😮  Left the box feeling like one hell of a badass though!  And hungry enough to put an all-you-can-eat buffet out of business!


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