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Rx baby

This week all the months of Coach Sharon’s words of wisdom in terms of the importance of rest days came crashing down on me.  Not that I hadn’t always trusted and respected her guidance, but I got caught up in the high I had been riding and let the WOD love cloud my better judgement.  Last Sunday, I suffered through the WOD after my stupid reasoning that Spartan could be considered a day off.  So I took Monday as a rest day.  Then back to the box Tuesday feeling only slightly rejuvenated, with plans to take another rest day Wednesday.  Played ball hockey Tuesday night too.  It sucked!  Well, the game didn’t suck… we tied!! (ok… only the first period.  Then the other team “showed up” and beat us 3-0)  But my legs were TOAST!  Ever had the feeling when you’re running as hard as you can but you almost can’t feel your legs underneath you?  All that repeated through my head was “PLEASE DON’T FALL!”  Then came Wednesday.  After seeing the WOD posted Tuesday night, I knew my planned rest day was not going to happen.  Come on!!  How can you pass up the challenge of Filthy 50??!!  Not this kid.  But I should have!  It was awful, but I not that I remember a time where anyone has said Filthy 50 sounds like fun.  By the time I got to the wallballs I was telling myself “You will NOT cry!”.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve dead lifted… so of course I had to go for Thursday’s WOD.  I think I was crying through every 400m run.  At that point, I was over the “game face” battle.  Rx’d that bad boy though!!  😀 yeah buddy!!  And…. today was Friday coffee day.  Coach Sharon would be sad if I missed that…  Now I just want to lay down.  For a few days straight.  Note to self… put the super-suit back in the closet.  You are not invincible.

Fri. June 13:

Part 1.

Front Squat: 1-1-1  #120
Push Press: 1-1-1   #90
Thruster: 1-1-1    #75 (2×1), #55 overhead squat (3×5)

Part 2.

Tabata – 8 rounds of each with 20 sec work, 10 sec rest of:

Handstand hold   hahahaha!  Not today.  Sub’d pistol squats




Thurs. June 12:

Deadlifts, #225/#155    Rx!!!
400m Run

Time – 11:30

Last time we did this combination of movements, but with a rep scheme of 15-15-15 was Aug. 13 2013.  I was fairly new to crossfit and SUPER pumped to put the #25 plates on the bar!  (#85 total weight)  Today Coach Dave called out “McDowell!  What are you thinking?”  referring to what weight I was planning to lift.  “I can Rx this” was my response. “Atta girl!” he said.  And Rx it I did.  😀

Wed. June 11:

“Filthy 50″
50 reps for time of:
50-Box Jumps, 20
50- Jumping Pull ups
50- KB Swings    16kg
50- Walking Lunge Steps
50- Knee to Elbow
50- Push Press,    #35
50 Back Extensions
50- Wallballs,    #14
50- Burpees
50- Double Unders    150 singles (127 unbroken)

Time – Who friggin knows! 

I could barely see straight by the end.  But I didn’t pass out during the burpees.  Came close.  Even considered it possibly be a good option.  But didn’t.


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  1. Awesome! You kicked ass!

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