one day it'll all make sense.

it’s all a choice

Whether or not I have faith in my coaches has never been a question.  This being said, the past weekend proved without a doubt that Coach Sharon’s insistence in the importance of rest days is the truth.  My mind hated every minute of it, but after the two days away from the box, I played like a rockstar at my Sunday night ball hockey game 😀

As for Whole30, today is day 26.  It is said somewhere that after 22 days your brain just accepts things as habit.  I think I’m at that point.  It’s not really a challenge anymore, it’s just the way my life is now.  Coach Sharon completed her Whole30 yesterday and had been counting down the minutes until her ice cream parlor crawl she had planned for day 31.  At the end of the day, she was totally let down by all the hype she had prepared in her mind.  The ice cream wasn’t satisfying, didn’t really even taste that good at all, and left her feeling shitty afterwards.  I asked if she ever really wanted the ice cream, or if it was just a little rebellion against the feeling that something had said she could not have it?  Most likely the second option was the response.  But never did anyone or anything force this challenge upon us.  It was a CHOICE all along, and one we made for ourselves.  Side note – she also noticed that she slept horribly that night.  Moral of the story… what you put into your body really does affect your life, but it’s up to each of us to decide which choices we make.  I’m not planning day 31 to be a chance to jump back into old habits.  I have moments where I just want to chew a piece of gum, but that’s about it in terms of cheat urges.  OH!  My one little thing I might experience on day 31… BACON.  But I’ve put in the hard days getting over the sugary sh*t I used to eat, to the point that I no longer need it in my life.  So why go back?

Monday was my birthday.  Monday was also my first day in my new store.  The new challenge was exciting and a little scary all at the same time.  While it’s not my first time managing the Cambridge store, it is my first attempt to manage 2 stores simultaneously.  So far, so good.  Needless to say, the week has been a busy one!  Monday – Cambridge, Tuesday – Sport Chek, Wednesday – Cambridge, Thursday – Waterloo, Friday – Cambridge…  Hence the blog drought.  First day in Cambridge, I brought my lunch as usual.  Note to self – I’m spoiled in Waterloo with our functional little kitchen.  Had to cut my avocado with a fork.  For my shift on Wednesday I was more prepared!


In need of a WOD re-cap:

Fri. June 20:

Part 1. OTM, 30 minutes:

2 Power Cleans*   #75, #85, #95*, #75, #85

3 Burpees

*increase weight every 5 minutes

Part 2. Not for time:

75 overhead squats     #45

#95… epic FAIL.  Could NOT get the bar up high enough to get underneath.  Stripped weight off and focused on opening my DAMN HIPS.  But my burpees were pretty :-p

Thurs. June 19:

This is what was posted Wed. night –

For Time:
7km RUN
Have to say, I when I read this I was MAD.  Like, crossed-arms, little brat, pending temper tantrum kind of mad.  Crazy thing is, I really do like to run, but after taking a rest day Wednesday I really just wanted to lift sh*t!!  I mean, I get my share of running with ball hockey 3 nights per week.  Thankfully by the time I woke this morning, my mind was in a better place and I put on my big girl pants and headed to the box.  Here’s the real story.  As Coach Dave said “you can’t believe everything you read online!”

For Time:

5km RUN    4.5km – 21:43


7 minutes to build up to a heavy 5 reps    #185 (boo-ya!)

Bench Press:

7 minutes to build up to a heavy 5 reps     #100

2 minute row – max calories         35 calories


Tues. June 17:

Self doubt rode around like a monkey on my back this morning.  I don’t know what was causing it, but I woke up and didn’t have much feeling in my feet.  I mean, I could feel the lovely throbbing pain running down the back of my right leg and the elephant standing on my foot, but blindfolded I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I had shoes or socks on.  Could have been the fact that I spent all of Monday in running shoes after forgetting to bring my comfy work Birks to Cambridge with me.  Could have been the stress of the new position.  Who knows.  One thing I DO know is the lack of feeling made me more hesitant than usual with seeing my nemesis lift posted on the website.  Ahhh… the snatch rears its ugly head again.  Cue my inner ninja.

For Time:
21- Power Snatches, 115/80   #55
21- Lat. Barbell Burpees
15- Overhead Squats, 115/80    #55
15- Lat. Barbell Burpees
9- Squat Snatches, 115/80   #55
9- Lat. Barbell Burpees
Time – 11:37
Truth be told, although I went crazy light with this one… I actually didn’t suck as bad as I had worried I might.  Fav. part today – overhead squat!  Super-challenging to do, but once the bar was overhead I was able to just keep everything in control to push through.
Mon. June 16:
It’s not just about another year older, I’d rather see things as another 12 months of experience under my belt.  June 16 2013 was a totally different me.  I had yet to discover the wonderful world of crossfit.  I was still driving around in my big black torpedo (Sunfire).  And I was contentedly throwing away money every month renting my apartment.  So much can change in a year!
AMRAP 20 Minutes:
15- Calories on the Rower*
20- Kettlebell Swings 1.5pd/1pd
25- Box Jumps
30- Abmat Sit-ups
Result – 4 rounds + 15 cal, 7 KB
But who’s kidding who.  Dave obviously made us finish the round.  So… 5 rounds – 22:03

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  1. I’m doing a Whole?? right now. It’ll probably be 60 or 75 days, whatever it takes to feel fully healed. I’m on day 36 now and briefly toyed with the idea of having one of my beloved cupcakes on day 31. I’m glad I didn’t, though I know I will be experiencing Sharon’s post ice cream feelings before too long.

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