one day it'll all make sense.


the title somewhat sums up what my life has felt like lately.  I’m trying to figure out the new grove with the 2 stores and it’s not falling into place as smoothly as I had hoped.  Plus the move is stressing me out :p  In the past, moving meant packing shit.  Moving shit.  And addressing cheques to a different landlord.  That’s about it.  Buying a place is a whole new game.  I’m so ready for completion.

Thurs. July 3:

Ok.  I gave myself a bit of a “pass” on my shitty performance last night.  It had been a BRUTAL day.  My stomach had been in knots since the morning, I hadn’t eaten much, certainly wasn’t as well hydrated as usual and I was mentally exhausted.  Figured this morning’s WOD would be my redemption song.

OTM for 30 Minutes:
Odd Minutes: Burpees  5 rounds 10 reps / 10 rounds 10 reps
Even Minutes: Row for Calories  11-12 cal per round

The first 2 minutes each athlete will work for :40 totaling as many burpees and calories as possible.
For the remaining 28 minutes you will try to match those numbers you established during the first 2 minutes.

Not the kind of WOD I’d ever read and think “YES!  This is going to be FUN!”  but both manageable movements on a regular day.  During the warm-up the barfy feeling returned so I strategically took the lane closest to the doors!  2 minutes in, I had to stop for a minute.  Was ready to quit and we’d just started!  Coach Dave looked at me and asked if my hip was hurting and suggested push-ups instead of burpees.  My hip probably would have manged the burpees all the way through, but I was kinda relieved to switch to a movement that I could maintain without hurling.  I don’t know what my problem is.  I don’t like it!  I’m not the girl who eases the intensity when things get rough.

burpees2hehe… it always makes me laugh when spell check doesn’t recognize “burpees”

Wed. July 2:

Working at MY store today in Waterloo {insert happy dance HERE} which is awesome cause it’s my crew, and cause there are actually things to do! Twice the business level of Cambridge. Day started out all happy and good… until I received some news regarding my down payment $$$ that literally fell like a giant BOMB on my little world. I wanted to run away from my life. Or lift heavy shit. But thankfully –

a: I have an awesome real estate agent/coach Sharon who reminded me to think positive

b: I work for some great people

Cause fingers crossed things are going to come together.  It was a morning of hell.

AND tonight, I’ll get to lift heavy shit.

5 Rounds For Time:
400m Run  1 run / 4 row
15- Overhead Squats, #95/#65   #35

Result – something sloooow

Ok.  Headed to the box with great intention.  Really was looking forward to the chance to burn off some of the frustration of the day.  Then came the warm-up.  Kicked myself up into my first handstand hold no problem, but the second I kicked out of it I felt like I was going to barf :p  that doesn’t happen to be, like ever.  To complicate things further, my hip was still bugging me from the awkward jarring shuffle with my mom on Sunday.  So after gimping through my very first 400m run in Nancy, I switch to the rower.  Not more fun, but less painful.  I got through all 5 rounds of overhead squats unbroken, but with just the bar 😦 I damn well should have!

Tues July 1:

To all my Canadian friends… Happy Canada Day!  😀

Ya know what that means to me?  A whole day of “what the heck do I do with myself?”  Unfortunately the weather is pretty crappy cause lord knows I could really use a little sunshine.  After getting up yesterday at 4:45 for my new 6am Monday WOD routine, it was all I could do to force myself to stay up past 9 last night!  I had every intention of a late night seeing as I actually had the chance to sleep in today.  And I did!  It was after 6 by the time I rolled out of bed.  (lame.  yup.)  Didn’t let the dark clouds stop me from a trip to St. Jacob’s for the farmer’s market.  Got poured on, but it wasn’t a total waste of time.  Came home with a HUGE cauliflower 😀  Wow, how simple the pleasures I enjoy.  After getting home and drying off from my cauli find, I finally made myself suck it up and start packing.  3 weeks till my closing date… about friggin time I know!  Just as I ran out of boxes, got a text from a CFD friend and an invite to a pool party/BBQ.  Hells yes!  It still looked pretty gloomy at my place, but got to St. Clements and it was nothing but sunshine 😀  Like… got a sun burn.  Finally!  My pasty white arms and shoulders were so in need of a little color!  And I’m not talking this kind:

This past weekend my mom and I had the Color Me Rad 5km run.


Yes, we look pretty gross actually :p  The colors just turn into a hot mess once layered on and combined with the stupid-hot/humid weather we ran in.  It was good though.  My mom had wanted to try after I did one of these last year, so I registered the 2 of us for her 60th birthday.  Ok.  I wouldn’t call myself a runner, although I really do enjoy it.  Well, not a marathon runner like my mom.  Growing up, anyone who wasn’t a runner was looked down on by my mom.  I fell into that group.  Add on top of that I’m not a vegetarian, it’s almost amazing she has any respect for me!  Anyways, the run on Sunday was an eye-opener for me.  Kinda like finding out for the first time that Santa isn’t real.  I’m going to sound like a snob here maybe, but when I told my mom to set the pace and I’d keep up, I never expected to be going so SLOW!  It wasn’t a run by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m not sure you could even call it a jog… the awkward shuffle I fought to maintain with her left me sore for a day after.  Like, I broke to a walk a few times and kept up no problem.  Anyways, I’m done bitching.  My tight hips will recover.  But I’ve added another to the list of weekends I’ll be “busy” next year when someone asks me to do something with them.  Lesson learned.



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