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This right here is why I tend to favour the early morning crossfit sessions.  Sunday’s WOD is at 10am.  It’s now 8:30 and already my mind is all over the place trying to set the plan in order for the rest of my day.  When I go to the box for 7:30, or even better 6:00, I don’t have the time to get mentally distracted or worse – talk myself out of wanting to go!  The talk myself out part only comes into consideration when after work is my only option.  Those ones are the hardest.

Yesterday was supposed to be a day off, but I went in to work in the morning partly to cover for DK who is still off with the whole new baby thing, and also to prevent myself from going to CFD and setting myself up for the “are you over-training again” watchful eye.  When I left work, headed to the coffee shop up the street to borrow their free wifi and soak up a little sunshine on the patio.  For the first time EVER in my adult years, this happened:

imageMe?!?!  In shorts that don’t come to my knees?!?!  What is happening?  That’s right, I rocked them.  And not just in the privacy of my own apartment either.  On the patio, in the coffee shop, even in the grocery store.  I decided yesterday that I want to try the Whole30 again, but with a different focus this time.  I mean, I was successful in my purpose the first time through, but while I don’t think my efforts were flawed, it was the objective that could use re-direction.  My whole goal had been to get rid of sugar from my diet, which I did.  BUT… I just replaced the sugar with nuts.  What my goal should have been was to get rid of the “treat/snack” mentality.  Plus, nuts have been suggested as a cause of inflammation that isn’t beneficial to autoimmune disease.  And I need a new challenge.

Back to yesterday.  With just over 2 weeks till my closing date, what my list of priorities should have been on my day off – packing.  What they turned into – work, tan, grocery shop, cook, pack 2 boxes then decide that I need better, smaller boxes for books and give up entirely rather than moving on and finding something else to pack.  Fail.  But the Tex-Mex casserole I made is pretty awesome.  Not pretty, but awesome.


Ever wake up one morning and just feel like suddenly everything is clear?  I don’t know why or how it happened, but Friday morning felt like I had emerged from a dense fog and everything was fresh and new.  Weird.  Driving to the box for the 7:30 coffee WOD I just felt awesome for the first time in days.  This was all by my own agenda too.  When I chatted later with Coach Sharon about how crappy I’d felt for the last few days and how much my WODs had sucked too, she made a comment about how when your body and mind are under stress already, it’s sometimes not the best idea to add to that.  Aka 5 rounds of 400m run/row & 15 overhead squats.  Love you “Nancy”, but this week you kicked me when I was down.

Fri. July 4:

Any-who… haha that expression still makes me think of my Grandma… Friday morning I felt awesome, which was probably a good thing cause this WOD was a good one!

Back Squats: 5*5*5*5*5*   #105

*= 1- Legless Rope Climb+ 4 Alternating Pistol Squats+ 6 “L” Shape Pullups

Squat Mobility – Accumulate 5 minutes in an Air Squat

I was a little hesitant to go too heavy with the back squats since my hip is still sketchy, but 105 actually felt pretty light.  Except when I tried to bounce out of the bottom on my 5th rep and sort of screeched to a halt when the momentum ran out!  I didn’t bail, but the rest of the standing up part seemed to take forever.  Legless rope climb?  Hahahaha you funny!  I watched in awe as some of the girls made it look easy, then wrapped my feet in and climbed business as usual.  Another sketchy hip issue – pistol squats.  I’m going to have the most un-uniform BUTT if the hip doesn’t get happy again soon.  4 right leg pistols was my option, and worked on the ‘ole kipping pull-ups for the last part.  10 unbroken by July 31 is the goal.

duh, duh, DUH… favourite part of todays WOD?  The cashout!  Yes, I’m twisted.  My mind didn’t really process the “accumulate” part until afterwards, cause I did that sucker unbroken.  When the timer hit 5 minutes, my option was either sit down or stand up out of it.  Went for the stand option, obviously.  My legs were NOT impressed.  My mind LOVED it.


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