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Next time I disappear for a while, I’ll at least try to stay on top of WOD logging… Lots of catching up to do!

Mon. July 14 7:30am

I GOT SOME DOUBLE UNDERS!!!  😀   YA-BUDDY!!!  Ok, only 4, but it’s a start and I’ll take it!  My deadlifts could have been heavier, but I was not feeling well at all before the 3-2-1 countdown began and switched me into beast mode, so I opted to take things in stride.

100- Double Unders -then-   60 sec DU attempts
3 rounds of:
15- Deadlifts #225/#155   #105
35- Abmat Sit-ups -then-
100- Double Unders    3 min DU attempts

Sun. July 13 10:00am

All said and done, possible one of the best WODs ever 😀 and probably the sweatiest!!  Like, I think I left a puddle on the rower, and I know the burpees resulted in a snail-trail of sweat cause I kept having to move my hands back each couple of reps to prevent slipping!

 0:00 – 5:00 mins: 50-Wallballs   #14  4:11
5:00 -10:00 mins : 30- Box Jump Overs   3:45
10:00 – 15:00 mins : 800m Run   3:52
15:00 – 20:00 mins: 1000m Row   4:50
20:00 – 25:00 mins: 50- Burpees   4:20
25:00 mins-: 30- Strict Pull-ups   ring pulls 2:44
Post times from all 6 stations

Fri. July 11 7:30am

Wow!  I generally know better than to underestimate a hero WOD!  I also know that anytime Coach Sharon thinks something sounds awesome it will probably be hell. This was one of those times. Just reading the WOD, I expected it to be pretty taxing on the ‘ole legs, but what I didn’t consider was just how much upper body was involved!!  The push-ups were BRUTAL. Then wallballs?! Yup.  Caught a few of those with my face.  Then the KBS brought the Popeye style swollen forearms that made the deadlifts way more challenging than I had imagined!  Like, #65 deads and by the end all I could manage was maybe 5 in a row!

“Jacinto Storm 2014″

For Time:
75- Double Unders   150 singles
75- Air Squats
75- Pushups
75- Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs   Rx
75- Kettlebell Swings 24kg/16kg    Rx
75- Deadlifts #95/#65   Rx
75- Double Unders    150 singles

Time – 23:12   #AWFUL

Thurs. July 10 6:00am

My dearest deadlifts, feels like a while since seen each other…  Such a lie.  I see you all the time.  But every day that our paths do not cross I miss you…  Love always, Kate.

Deadlifts: 3-3-3   #175-#175-#19

Core Cashout:
100- Abmat Sit-ups
On the Minute – 5 Calorie Row

When it comes to Abmat sit-ups, there is NONE of the love that I feel for deads.  I can deal with the calluses that form from the pull-up bar/barbell.  I have learned to accept the lovely collarbone bruises that can result from a good clean session.  I can even deal with the lovely shade of purple my shins have seen from box bites.  ALL of these situations are justified.  The wounds that result from a heavy dose of Abmat sit-ups are completely uncalled for.

Wed. July 9 5:15pm

Wednesday is just not my style, but the wicked rain on Sunday night flooded the box and resulted in all Monday classes being cancelled.  So there was not much chance I was going to let myself talk myself out of going Wednesday 😀  It was not the kind of WOD I would look at and think “oooo!  This looks FUN!”  but it wasn’t the kind that made me want to find a dark corner to hide in either.  I did pretty alright 🙂

AMRAP 20 Minutes:
7- Power Clean #135/#95    #75
7- Burpees
200m Run

Result – 8 rounds + 2 cleans

Tues. July 8 6:00am

This one was fun!  I didn’t expect to come back to the wallballs after completing the farmers carry as out of breath as I did, but it was awesome.  Coach Dave set a challenge to see if any teams could reach 300 reps and we nailed it!  Although I do have my partner to thank for being awesome, cause as hard as I pushed I  got 145 reps in.

AMRAP 15 Minutes:
Teams of 2 SMASH out:
Max Reps: Wallballs #20/#14   Rx
60m Farmers Carry HEAVY KBS or HEAVY Sandbags   24kg KBs
Partner 1 starts with Wallballs Partner 2 starts with 60m Farmers Carry Switch when Partner 2 returns.
Score is total Wallballs completed.

Result – 302 wallballs 😀


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