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This post should have been published when drafted last night but I realized there was a huge and important topic I had yet to touch upon.  I guess it’s of enough relevance in my little world that I could easily have filled its own post, so here’s the crossfit portion.

Ok, July “challenge” still stands – 10 consecutive kipping pull-ups by month end.  Although if you saw my hands you might understand why I’ve backed off a little with practicing.  So I’ve added a new twist, but since I just came up with the idea this week, I can’t really call it a challenge for the month.  Every day I go to the box, I’m going to hang out upside-down at least 3 times.  I’m hoping to become less of a big chicken with handstands, and be able to hold one for longer.  I still stagger like a drunk when I get myself right-side-up again, but I’ll get over that too I hope.  One day I’ll get a handstand push-up.  One day…  


Sat. July 19  10:00am

Warrior Dash day – Christmas present FAIL.  My youngest sister went out to B.C. for the summer to work on our cousins organic veggie farm, and the middle McDowell daughter hurt her shoulder a few days ago.  Waking up this morning my choice was A: make the 2 1/2 hour drive to run the Warrior Dash all by myself OR B: stay home, actually make it to a Saturday WOD for once and maybe even get some more packing in.  Friday was also supposed to be a packing day, but there was a pool party/BBQ thing in the afternoon.  I did pack in the morning before the party so I wouldn’t feel too guilty.  😀  Ok, it was only one box…  Needless to say, the Saturday WOD option won:

In Teams of 2 complete:
0:00- 10:00 Minutes
10- Back Squats #185/#125  #105

At 15:00minutes- 25:00minutes
42-30-18 Reps of:
Hang Cleans #135/#95   #65
Burpees over the bar

At 25:00minutes complete:
10 Rounds of:
5- Deadlifts #315/#225   #105
20- Wallballs #30/#20   #14

Time – 9:35

Part 1 was an AMRAP, but both my partner and I totally lost count of how many rounds we got through.  It was a lot, or at least it felt that way.  Part 2 – Dammmmnn!  I didn’t see the HEAVY part for the kettlebell swings!?  Bummer, those could have been heavier.  For Part 3 we had literally 15 seconds to come up with some sort of plan for breaking up the reps.  Our plan sucked :p  You did 10 wallballs, “rested” while partner did 5 reads, then 10 more wallballs.  I use the term “rested” lightly, cause it was like 15 seconds to try to slow the old heart rate down enough and steady the legs for another 10 reps of hell.  Also, found out later that we could have taken the time to gather more weights to load up the bar more for the deadlifts.  Would heavier deads have been better?  Ah well, this was a super-fast moving WOD that really didn’t offer a ton of time to think.  Total friggin sweat-fest!  The burpees included sweat-splatter on the floor (but were possibly one of my favourite parts!) and by the time we got to the wallballs, the thing looked like it had been dunked in a pool.  Still, I LOVE partner WODs 😀 the energy we each send and receive steps up the intensity for SURE.

Fri. July 18  7:30am

Part 1.  For time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Power Cleans   #75
200m Run after every set of Power Clean.

cPart 2.  Gymnastics- Pick 1 or 2 movements and aim for quality not for time
A.  50- Strict HSPU  ok, strict handstand holds
B.  50- Strict C2B
C.  10- Strict Muscle ups
D.  50- Strict TTB   OMG I can do these!  but not 50 yet 😮

Ok, as if the posted WOD wasn’t enough, Dave left a spicy little warm-up for us – 3x100m sled sprints.  We’re not talking a toboggan.  No, no…  I’ve raised the debate over how much the actual sled itself weighs (I say 10lbs+) but there’s no room for debate on the fact that the two fat plates stacked on that bad boy totalled 90lbs.  Anyways, I stepped up to the line as the clock counted us in without taking into consideration that the other two girls lined up with me were Wonder Woman and Zena.  3, 2, 1 GO!!  We all took off with the sleds, but about half way down the stretch I was DEAD!  The stretch is only 50m.  Still had to make it to the end, turn around and sprint back.  Not happening.  I made it to the end, turned around, put in a brief little trot, then walked with a constantly decreasing pace until I finally all but crawled the beast over the line.  Felt like I might die for a few minutes.  My quads felt like they were full of concrete and I considered where might be a discrete place to hurl.  It was awful!  Thankfully I wasn’t alone with my dislike in the warm-up selection cause we all b*tched so much that Coach Sharon reduced it from 3 rounds to 2.  Even Wonder Woman whined.


Thurs. July 17  6:00am 

AMRAP 15 Minutes:
10- Toes to Bar
15- Box Jump (24, 20″)
20- Wallballs (#20, 14#)

Result – 5 rounds + 1 t2b 

Part 2.  Gymnastics- Pick 1 or 2 movements and aim for quality not for time
A.  50- Strict HSPU  ok, strict handstand holds
B.  50- Strict C2B
C.  10- Strict Muscle ups  muscle up transitions
D.  50- Strict TTB  

I thought this could be really shitty, but actually liked it!  Got through the first 4 rounds of toes to bar totally unbroken, dropped off the bar once in round 5, and if I hadn’t gotten all excited and messed up my kip to start the 6th round I would have gotten more reps in.

Tues. July 15  6:00am

I don’t know what happened today that was different from any other day, but today I just felt awesome.  At 6:00am!  And throwing weight up over my head!  Say what?  I know!  Every time I see overhead squats posted I get the crossfit newbie mixture of excitement and fear.  Usually I end up on my butt.  Several times.  Not today kids!  Ok, the weight is just peanuts for some, but before today the heaviest I had ever gone for OHS was #65.  Today things just came together and for once I didn’t feel all wobbly with every squat kinda like this :


Overhead Squat: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3  #85  PR BABY!!

Cashout: Bulletproof Shoulders

PR bacon

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