one day it'll all make sense.

Just believe

The condo buying experience has provided me with a great opportunity to work on shifting my though process into a territory that doesn’t come naturally.  I’m 110% the kind of person who will not get into something without my own belief that I have the means to make it happen.  I bought a place that came with monthly mortgage payments which I could afford.  When it came to determining my downpayment, I went with a value that I knew I had.  What I didn’t expect or fully appreciate was that there can be times where although the money is YOURS, you can find you actually aren’t allowed to have it.  Totally foreign concept to me!  I have been on this ridiculous roller coaster ride for the past 3 weeks of things are good, nope bad news, all good, wait… more bad news…  All the way through, Coach Sharon kept telling me I just had to believe.  “Things will all work out.  Just stop expecting a problem and there won’t be one” she said.  That’s not me.  My mind is centred around facts, not wishes.  Last Monday I received my last chunk of bad news and I was completely convinced that there was NO way things could possibly work out unless a big chunk of money just fell from the sky.  Tuesday morning I drifted back to sleep after waking at 3:30am and had a totally shitty dream that I had no money for my down payment.  Tuesday afternoon, the ENTIRE chunk of $$ was in my account!  WHAT?!?  Miracles DO happen!  My dad came through with the portion from my Grandmother (finally!) and the Henry’s nightmare resolved itself too.  I will likely never doubt the wisdom of Coach Sharon again.


Mon. July 21   7:30am

Lessons learned.  Sunday’s lesson – hockey is soooo much better when I don’t crossfit in the morning, work all day, then try to run for a good chunk of an hour chasing that little orange ball.  Feels like I have cement blocks tied around my ankles.  I learned another lesson this morning that I cannot go to my 7:30 time slot when I have to work in Cambridge at 9.  It was a friend’s birthday, so I thought I’d give it a shot to lift with her.  FAIL.  Only got through 1 round of the row-burpee-thruster hell before I had to jump in the shower super-quick and go!  Sigh… apparently I even missed a dose of Coach Dave’s “treats”

Front Squats: 5-5-5   #90-#95-#95
*Pause at the bottom of each squat for 3 seconds*

3 rounds of:
300m Row/Run
10- Burpees
10 -Thrusters (#75/#55)

The front squats felt fantastic today 😀  The 3 rounder was pure awful and I only did 1 round!  Worst burpees ever!  Should have switched back from lifting shoes to nanos, but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have really made that much of a difference!  My legs are still angry from Saturday’s crazy WOD triple-header.  They complained last night at hockey and were completely disgusted with me today.  Haha love it.

Tues. July 22  6:00am

WTF?!? Not sure why this post was still hanging out in the draft stage?  Well, now it’s just going to grow a little before publication.  Ugh it was hard to drag myself out of bed when the alarm went off this morning.  If you are a snooze-button-smasher, try the trick of putting your alarm in another room.  By the time I get annoyed enough to get out of bed to go silence the damn thing, I’m up.  Once the morning got rolling I was glad I got to the box for 6, but I will take a little note to self that cramming in that one more episode of Game of Thrones before bedtime maybe had something to do with the brief alarm hatred.  I’m at a good part.  I couldn’t help it.  Here’s the wicked-awesome that started my day:

1 Round for time:
800m Run
30- Power Snatches (#115, #80)  #55
800m Run

Time – 11:31   😀

I can’t believe I’m going to type this, but I’m EXCITED!!  I think after a year of complete frustration with this movement, Coach Dave may have actually provided me with the cue I needed to put aside my ninja ways!  Yup, Coach Dave fixed my Snatch.  I’m sure that will kick back some very odd “top search results”.  For 12 months I’ve heard 1,000 times – “OPEN your HIPS McDowell!!” but for whatever reason my brain just couldn’t figure that out.  Today was a different thought process of – Step 1: Deadlift, Step 2: Throw your shoulders back… AH-HA!!!!  Money!!  Throw your shoulders back without opening your hips!  I dare you.  I went from being so frustrated I was fighting back tears in the warm-up, to getting through the 30 reps in the WOD in pretty decent form.  Breakthrough.  #bestcoachesever

Last note… It’s here!  Closing day today 🙂  I finally am a home owner!!  Woot!!


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