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trot on

Both my stores suck for blogging now. Both need a network upgrade before they will let me upload pictures to my posts. I think I need to come up with a more reasonable logic behind why I need an upgrade done before I contact I.T. though…



But blogging without pictures sucks. For everyone. Kinda like cookbooks without pictures.  Problem arises in that work days always seem to be the days I actually have the most random and off the wall crap to write about.

So I started my little ” Marley Project” two weeks ago.  It’s suggesting there might be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. It’s all good though. The second ride, I was starting to think he didn’t like me :p the brat kept kicking at his belly like there was a fly bugging him. No fly. He was trying to kick off the saddle. Yesterday he was better though. Came running to the gate when I got there 🙂



Marley is a cutie.  Stubborn as a post, but smart as anything.  I’m a big believer in the expression “spoil a child, raise a brat.”  It’s no different with animals.  Marley’s owner is someone he views as a walking carrot who lets him run the show entirely.  Poor boy will be sadly mistaken if he expects the same from me.  After a good whack on the butt yesterday, he was a good pony.  He’ll be jumping soon 😉 Side note – here’s my dirty little secret…  I’m falling in love with another.  Sadly he already has a person 😦


I don’t even want to talk about today’s WOD. It sounded awful and it was even worse. Too hot and humid for this kid. I was dying and ready to quit after the first row.  Ah, the beauty of public accountability to keep ya going when things get rough.  Coach Dave has always said “only the weak lay down post WOD!”  It was tempting today… the trick is to grab a foam roller.  Then it’s not considered collapsing in a sweaty mess, it’s mobilizing. Here’s gory the details:

Sun. Aug. 31:

1 Mile Sang Bag Run
5 Minutes: HARD on the Rower or “Sally”- Max Calories   76
1 Mile Run without the sandbag
5 Minutes: HARD on the Rower or “Sally”- Max Calories   61
1 Mile Run without the sandbag
5 Minutes: HARD on the Rower or “Sally”- Max Calories   63


catching up

Friday I had a battle of witts within my own little mind that left me feeling the need to do a little research before rambling on about it.  Sitting at my desk making schedules (blech!!) and my mind started wandering.  “hmm… kinda bored, or kinda hungry…”  That’s when the debate started.  Right brain said “Have a QUEST BAR!!” (which is totally not what I need) while Left brain said “NO.  You brought baby cucumbers.  Don’t waste the ass-kicking from this morning.  Be smart.”  I stood in the lunch room for a few minutes debating, but thankfully found the will power to side with my Left brain.  Mmmm… cucumber.  :-p  Anyways, my quick research session taught me that our right brain tends to act based on emotion.  This could lead to further googling… do women have “bigger” or more dominant “right brain” processing than men?  Or does the “left brain” simply take a vacation from all decisions for us “once a month”?  Gives me something to think/read about on my long boring oops! uh, “invigorating” days in Cambridge…


The last few weeks I’ve been increasingly frustrated that my shirts are getting shorter.  I’m not getting taller.  (I wish!)  Even talking my oh-so-flattering work shirts which I’m pretty sure are like 99% polyester and I wash in cold water/hang to dry.  ARG!  Yup, yesterday I actually took a look in the mirror, like with my contacts IN and the light ON, while I was brushing my teeth.  😮 Ok, maybe my shirts aren’t shrinking… maybe my TRAPS and shoulders are holding them up higher than they did before!  Jeezuz!  My “back squat cushions” have grown!  I must be finally learning to shrug my clean/snatch!  Yes 🙂  Except I might need longer shirts.

Chased a new PR at Chek on Thursday without success.  My current 1RM for scaling shoe shelves carrying shoe boxes is 3.  Cause ladders hurt the “for time” element.  Thursday I went for 4.  FAIL.  My options were – catch myself with my ARM (nice black bruise on my elbow and good scrape down the forearm) or free fall from a few shelves up.  Unfortunately, I’m probably crazy enough to try again next week.



Ok, I have some WOD details that I didn’t post this week cause it kind of just flew by somehow and I didn’t want to take any of the spot light away from the Showdown Throwdown cause it totally deserved it.

Fri. Aug. 29:

warm-up   The Beep Test

With a running clock perform:
0:00- 17:00mins-
Build to a Heavy Set of 3: Deadlift   #185

17:00-22:00- REST

22:00 Minutes- OTM for 14 Minutes:
Odd Minutes – 7- Deadlifts (60%)   #115
Even Minutes – 200m Run

Ever done the Beep Test?  A nasty little treat at 7:30 on a Friday morning.  Last time I remember doing this gem was while enrolled in a Bootcamp program.  Doing it with a bunch of like-minded crossfit sadists could have been a totally different experience had this actually been done with the intent of making it as far as possible.  One day I’m sure we’ll get that chance 😉  In Bootcamp I don’t remember what level we made it to, but I do remember it was just me and my girlfriend still too competitive to give up while the rest of the class sat and watched.  I also remember I lost.  Stupid short legs :-p  I hope for a do-over one day…


For the OTM part of today’s WOD, my deads should have been heavier.  The challenge with this one was getting the 200m run done within the 60 seconds.  The “Heavy Set of 3” could have been heavier too.  My form felt bang-on though, so I’m ok with it.  And there was coffee waiting when all was said and done.

Thurs. Aug. 28:

Part 1. Spend 20 Minutes: Rope Climbing and Pullups

Part 2. “Double Grace”
60- Clean and Jerks
T1- #135/#95- 7:00 min time cap
T2- #115/#75- 8:00 min time cap
T3- #95/#65 9:00 min time cap

Result – T2 – #75 – 9:00

Yes, I went past the time cap.  BUT… I also stepped out of my comfort zone in terms of weight.  I initially had #65 on the bar, with my usual intention to go light and fast.  Not today.  It was only a 10lb difference, but totally changed the game!  This WOD played itself out as a total “mind game”.  First 10 – ok, this isn’t so bad.  10-20 – OMG this is going to take forever!  20-30 can I even do this??  30-45 ok, past the halfway…  just keep moving.  45-50  singles now.  #75?!  way to go hot shot!  sweet jeezuz.  50-52 YES!  Less than 10 to go!  52-58 Excitement lost.  Keep… moving… 58-60 Just DON’T DROP THE BAR!!  and… DONE.  Literally.

A few hours later… I want to do it again one day soon.

Tues. Aug. 26:

With a running clock perform:
0:00- 20:00mins-
Build to a Heavy Set of 3: STRICT PRESS   #75 & 1 @ #80
20:00-25:00- REST
then complete for time
100-Double Unders
50-Strict Presses #95/#65  #55
*Every time you break the presses, 30 Double Unders

Ok, I’m sooooo friggin close to figuring these suckers out.  I got a run of 4 double, single, double, single, etc.  My shoulders were cooked from the strict press and my entire core is crying a little from all the toes 2 bar / knees to elbows yesterday.  I know, I know… boo-hoo

Mon. Aug. 25:

Woot!  More cleans 🙂  From the ground this time too!  The wheels somewhat fell off my form when we first started warming up, but I kinda got it together.  Enough to get a few at #95 before the METCON.  My hip flexor has been bugging me a bit since last week, like “Death Valley” in the Throwdown made it pretty angry, but it otherwise hasn’t been bad enough to convince me to take a break.  The more I move, the better it feels.  I’ll have lots of time to rest when I’m 90.

AMRAP 20 Minutes of:
6- Power Cleans #185/#135  #75
12- Burpees
18- Toes to bar
200m Run or Row or Airdyne

Result – 4 rounds + 27 reps almost made it back to the run!

Toes 2 bar laughed in my face today.  I got I think 10 in the first round, 5 in the sencond, 2 in the third and otherwise went with knees to elbows.  Can’t win ’em all.  I DID have a victory post-WOD though when I strung together 5 kipping pull-ups… twice!  Boo-ya!


showdown action

Sometimes I really just don’t have anything to say.  This is NOT one of those sometimes.  I’ve had a TON of stuff going on this past week, but my blog abandonment has been mainly due to the fact that I’ve been a total train wreck when it comes to the mile a day challenge.  After my last rant about how destroyed I felt after Coach Will’s “Sparta” WOD, I not only fell off the wagon, I think it was more of a dive-head-first kind of thing.  Monday post-Sparta I WOD’ed.  Tuesday I had the WORST mile time possibly ever, making it in just under 10:00 minutes.  My legs felt unfamiliar and stiff and heavy as cement.  Wednesday I had every intention of getting out to try the crossfit place my sister goes to up in penetang, but my body was JUST starting to feel recovered from Sunday so I opted out of that. And my mile too!  😦  Thing is, my mind was already in preparation mode for Saturday!

Wednesday night I was nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge.  Hopefully this makes up for my tues/wed slacking!


Annnddd…. Anti-climactic. You’ll have to skip on over to Vimeo or wait forever until I’m down with coughing up $60US per year. Don’t think that’s in the cards at the moment. Sorry 😦 it was awesome! Coach Dave dumped a bucket (containing a WHOLE bag of ice. So much for the plan to only use half!!) over my head while I held an overhead squat. Quite possibly my prettiest hang snatch ever and I shared it with the world on Facebook.

By Thursday I was ready for action once again.  Got to the box for my regular 7:30.

Thurs. Aug. 21:

With a running clock, perform
0:00- 20:00mins: Power Clean + Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk:
Work up to a heavy set.  #95 #85
20:00mins-25:00mins: REST
25:00- 37:00: On the minute for 12 Minutes:

Odd Minutes: 7- Deadlifts – you choose the weight   #135
Even Minutes: 50- Double unders   OMG!!!  I got a few!!! 

Like, seriously.  Coach Dave rang the PR bell and everything. 😀



Sat. Aug. 23:


Without a doubt, one of the best crossfit experiences to date.  #apartofsomethinggreat  I was lucky to find myself on an amazing team of super strength and incredible team spirit.  This being said, I can’t think of a team involved that didn’t have the same.  Two or three days before the event, I was stressing about WOD 2.  The hang clean is just not a movement I have devoted the attention it deserves.  My only real experience with it so far has been by default on the days where my power clean has sh*t the bed.  So… going into Saturday my goals were:

A: don’t ‘eff up the hang cleans.

B: don’t barf during WOD 3.

Success!  (thank god!)  Anyways, here’s the details.  With my random commentary thrown in where needed.

WOD#1 “Death Valley”

Pick up sandbag (weight X), run to top of mount Trashmore, drop sandbag and continue on 800m trail run loop (which included a nice little STEEP climb), reconvene with your beloved sandbag and run (more like careen with somewhat reckless abandon as you fight to keep the legs from giving up all together) back down the ‘mount T to tag your next teammate.  Honestly, the run back down the hill was thrilling (kinda scary!)  Wow, I’m getting old.  Haha!

The 1st athlete  (X= 20lbs)
The 2nd athlete  (X=40lbs)
The 3rd athlete  (X=60lbs)

WOD #2

3-Rep Max Hang Power Clean in 8 Minutes
The team with a single barbell has 8 minutes to have each individual establish a 3-rep max hang power clean. At the call of “3-2-1-Go”, the team can load the barbell and take as many attempts as they wish in the 8 minutes.
The barbell must be deadlifted first, establishing the “hang”, and the three hang cleans must be performed in succession (no dropping between reps).

Score is based on heaviest successful weight lifted between all 3 Athletes combined together.  When I asked Hercules what our strategy should be for today, I was clearly thinking about this WOD.  “Just have fun!” was his response.  ❤ Awesome.  However I still had a plan in my mind.  Pick something respectable that I know I won’t fail.  Then leave plenty of time for our other 2 superstars to work their magic.  Tried #95 in the warm-up but couldn’t commit to it.  Stuck the #85 🙂  Nervous and shaky and I’m SURE not pretty, but thew counted.  That’s what mattered.                                            

Score – #85 (me) + #115 + #255 (Hercules) = #455 😀


3 Rounds for time:
Row 200m
Run “X” meters
With one athlete working at a time, with the team rotating through until each athlete has completed 3 rounds of a 200m Row followed by a Run (X).

The 1st athlete will Row 200m and Run (X= 200m)
The 2nd athlete will Row 200m and Run (X=300m)
The 3rd athlete will Row 200m and Run (X=400m)

At the call of “3-2-1-Go”, the first athlete starts rowing. As soon as they finish their row and start to head out the door for their run, Athlete 2 can begin the row, etc.
*You do not need to wait for the athlete to complete the run before starting.*
Time stops when the entire team has cycled through a total of 3 rounds, and all three athletes have a hand touching their rower.  I’m not sure I even want to talk about this WOD.  It sounds all nicey-nicey, but it was pretty brutal.  Name of the game – row HARD, then “recover” during the run.  I wasn’t as rowing efficient as I have been at other times, but I kept it under 2:00 split time.


“The 21-15-9″
Athletes will all complete a 20 minute AMRAP – 21-15-9 of: Pullups, Pushups, a Barbell lift, and a Box Jump (step ups allowed)

There are (3) variations of each movement, and teams decide which athlete completes which.
Athletes are staged by the windows in front of their lane.

At the call of “3-2-1-Go”, the first athlete can begins with 21 Jumping Pull-ups.
Upon completion, tags the next athlete, who completes 21 Chin over Pull-ups.
Upon completion, tags the next athlete, who completes 21 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups.

After each athlete has completed their set of 21 Pull-Ups, next is the Pushup Station.
1st Athlete – 21 Knee Pushups
2nd Athlete – 21 Pushups (toes)
3rd Athlete – 21 Burpees

Following the Pushup station is the Barbell station. Barbell will be loaded with 75#.
1st Athlete – 21 Deadlifts
2nd Athlete – 21 Power Cleans
3rd Athlete – 21 Power Snatches

Following the Barbell station is the Box Jump station.
1st Athlete – 21 Box Jumps (20”)
2nd Athlete – 21 Box Jumps (24”)
3rd Athlete – 21 Box Jumps (30”)

After the team has moved through the set of 21’s, they move back through the same order of movements for 15 reps each, and finally 9 reps each.
Result – 21’s DONE, 15’s DONE, 9 jumping pull-ups + 6 pull-ups

AMAZING day!!  Such a great group of people and an incredible opportunity to get a better idea of where my strengths and weaknesses are.  It was pretty clear that I need to work on my pull-ups.  Like, seriously.  My goal is to graduate above the “athlete 1” phase.  Also need to work on my hang cleans.  I was a bit disappointed in myself that I only managed #85, but after reviewing my log book I realized that was a 20lb PR.  #65 is the heaviest loading I’ve used previously for hang cleans 🙂  I’ll take it.

lights are on, but…

Dear Coach Will,

Thank you for the Sunday morning butt-kicking that left me seemingly useless for the rest of the day and still pretty much toast thus far into Monday.  My legs are not happy with any form of movement.  My arms all but refused to even pick up a barbell this morning.  And my brain has left the building.  Your WOD was awful, yet I look forward to your next class.

Sincerely, McDowell

nap time

After drifting around in a state barely above unconsciousness yesterday, I never did get in my daily mile.  (Or remember to pack for my trip to visit my sister tomorrow)  :-S  So… I’m counting the mile I ran during the WOD.  Don’t judge.  I’m ok with it.  Might even repeat the process today.  I didn’t even get around to finishing yesterday’s blog entry, so you’re getting a double down today.  Not the KFC variety.  Have you ever mad your own?  I have and it was awesome!  butterfly a chicken breast, stuff bacon in it, and BBQ that baby!  Wrapped in lettuce and topped with tomato and avocado = heaven.  Do you think my utterly exhausted-ness stopped me from heading back to the box this morning?  Nooooo.  Although it maybe should have…

Mon. Aug. 18:

AMRAP 25 Minutes
Teams of 3 complete:  team of 2
5 10– Rope Climbs
15 30– Thrusters, 135/95  #60
25 50– Power Cleans, 135/95  #60
*400m Run
 Two athletes begin on the rope and barbell, while the third team member sets off for a 400m run. Only one athlete works at a time on the rope or barbell. Once the runner returns from their 400m run they can take the place of one of the original working pair. Repeat.

Result – 4 rounds + 5 rope climb + 7 thrusters



Know what I discovered this morning?  Although, I could be completely wrong and maybe I should take a few minutes to read over my blog ramblings from the last while to confirm but I simply don’t have the energy for that sort of thing at the moment.  Anyways, my realization that came this morning during the first part of today’s WOD – Sunday’s are my complain-a-lot day.  I blame the lack of choice involved in a weekend workout.  During the week, the choice is in my hands.  There are multiple WOD times and it’s up to ME to pick the workout time that best fits ME.  Sunday WOD – 10:00am.  Period.  Not that I don’t still have the choice to go or not go, but consideration of that being an option doesn’t even register in my mind.  Apparently it does for others 😉  Weekend WODs are very rarely posted ahead of time, and also very rarely run by Coach Will.  Today was different.  Coach Will posted this little “treat” of an ass-kicking online yesterday.  Interestingly enough, only 7 people showed up!  Sundays are usually PACKED!

Sun. Aug. 17:


(as named by Will)

in teams of 2, for time:

1 mile Run

30 Front Squats (no racks)   #75

300 Wallballs   #14

30 Deadlifts   #75

1500m Row

Time –   32:35

Good god!!  This was KILLER!!  The wallballs were absolutely endless and demonstrating my efficiency on the rower in the last phase of this animal was potentially not the brightest idea.  Neither was sticking with my Nanos for the run.  I grumbled right from the start about them and when we reached the half mile point and both shoes had untied themselves, I took it as a sign that the feeling was mutual.  When I was finally able to peel myself off the rower after completing the final leg, I parked my butt on the floor in no rush to ever stand up again.  Then the realization hit me – “OH SHIT!!  I have to work today!”  “What time?” Coach Will asked casually.  “Ummm… 11:00!!”  It was 11:10.  I had the fastest shower EVER and booked it to my store.  Then the fatigue hit :p  I struggled to walk upstairs to our lunchroom to heat my breakfast.  Then struggled even more to walk back down.  Thankfully no hockey tonight!  I was planning to still get in my mile a day run later, but I’m not sure that’s in the cards.  Not like I’m “new”.  Not saying I’m superman, but this WOD destroyed me :-p


directionally challenged

So, here’s the ramblings I began yesterday, but strangely (heavy sarcasm) never finished.  Keep reading.  It’ll make sense why.

First, a warning – I’m all OVER the place today!  With a fairly high possibility of making absolutely no sense at times, and starting a topic but trailing off without ever really going anywhere.  There are times I can look back at my day and think “Good job Kate!  What a productive day)  Then there are days like today.  I’ve had a bunch of stuff piled on my plate and we’ve been busy most of the day too.  It’s one of those “I should really get this pile of transfers done…. Oh LOOK!  A butterfly!”  I need a vacation I think.  Or more bacon.

Heck Yea Its Friday

Random observation – Come August, how is it many Canadians seem to forget how to be Canadian?  In March, if we were to get a day where the temperature crept to the double-digits you would see shorts and t-shirts everywhere.  In August, a day where the high hovers around 20 degrees celsius and people are all bundled up like we’re preparing for a blizzard :-p  All it’s making me think of is “Winter is coming.”  If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, disregard.  And you should.  I’m barely over the withdrawal of not having any more to watch.

Today is the 2nd day in a row that work has sabotaged my plans for a pre-shift nap.  I’m thinking the removal of starches from my daily routine could have something to do with the change to my sleeping patterns.  I’m actually not sleeping as long as used to be my norm, but more deeply I think.  One thing I know for sure, there comes a time in the early morning hours when my eyes POP open and I leap out of bed full of energy.  Like today it was 4:30am.  Coach Dave says “Sleep is the new broke!”  I don’t even understand the point he’s trying to make, but I also don’t feel there really is any need to be wide awake at 4:30am.  Unless I’m going to head to the 6:00am WOD, but hello… it’s Friday.  Can’t miss Sharon’s 7:30 WOD.  This being said, a mid-afternooon a nap would be great.  Maybe I wouldn’t have the dumb…


This morning’s CF session was a good one 🙂  Got there early enough to bust through my run pre-WOD.  After reading the details last night, I was pretty sure this was the only way to go!  Not my fastest mile EVER, but my fastest mile of the month and I’m not willing to cheat myself and find a route that is either A: flat or B: downhill.  What purpose would that provide?  Hills are a part of life 🙂

August Challenge – The Daily Mile

When I got back to the box, the warm-up was just starting but I got a “pass” from the rowing 😀  Score!  We got in to partners (cause there were SO many people this morning there weren’t enough boxes!) and had a few minutes to get warmed up for our deadlifts and/or use the washroom.  Best part of the WOD – heading back to my bar from the washroom and my partner said “this weight is too heavy, I’m going to strip some off!”  I figured she wanted a hand.  NOPE!  “So YOU go first!” she said as came the 3, 2, 1 GO!  😮  Uh… OK!!

Fri. Aug. 15:

Deadlifts #275/#185   #135
Box Jumps

Time – 5:03

Rx box height was 24″, but I went with 20″.  My intention here was to opt for the lower height and actually jump these bad boys.  After the 21 deads, no ‘effin way!  I found myself a good pace and stepped up through the 21’s and 15’s.  Then for whatever reason I decided I really wanted to get a few jumps into the 9’s.  I got 3 or 4, but standing and pysching myself into actually jumping is for sure what prevented me from going under 5 minutes.  Catch 22…

Bring on Siesta time

It might be the crappy October-style weather we seem to be facing today (seriously August?! 13 degrees?!), or my recent decision to completely cut starch & sugar from my diet (so sorry sweet potatoes!  It’s not you, it’s me!) but whatever it is, I’m tired today.  Like seriously considering a nap before heading to Chek kinda tired.  Maybe it’s the brain drain of juggling the 2 stores?  Anyways, I went into a store this morning and the sales guy made a comment that he liked my tattoo.  I stared at him blankly for a minute, then looked down at the wrong arm.  Really?  I said “thanks!” and laughed to myself.  Maybe it’s just my brain that’s tired.  Sitting at my make-shift “desk” while typing this post.  Here, let me paint this ridiculous picture for you.  Make-shift desk = iMac balanced on a shelf in my hall, keyboard perched on my lap, while I somewhat half-squat on a box that still hasn’t been un packed.  Half-squat cause every time I forget and put all of my weight on it I seem to sink a few inches lower…  Wow I veered away from where I was going with that.  The “ya know you’re tired when” part had to do with the fact that my mouse is currently in a left-handed placement while my phone sits to the right.  I keep grabbing my phone and wondering why my cursor won’t move…  I could just switch the two, but I keep expecting that next time I’ll just remember.  Brilliant.  (noooo)


Random rambling put you to sleep yet?  Ok, good.  So, although I have a little goal in the back of my mind to find a day where I get in my mile sub-8 minutes… today was not the day.  Some contributing factors – 1000m row pre-WOD, 4x400m run IN the WOD, 100km/hr winds heading up the hill from the box, AND I forgot my running shoes.  I’m just a big ‘ole bag of excuses today!  Do you crossfit in Nanos?  Do you LOVE them?  I do, except when I have to run in them.  I might as well plod along in my bedroom slippers.

August Challenge – The Daily Mile

As for today’s WOD, I liked it 🙂  I somewhat predicted that I just might when I heard Coach Sharon mutter something along the lines of “this is gonna suck”.  It’s when I hear her exclaim how awesome a WOD sounds that I know I should probably fear for my life a little.  My muscle up transitions are coming along nicely.  One day I want to actually grab the rings and at least see how far I am from a real muscle up… but one day when there aren’t a whole bunch of people around.  Like none would be perfect.  As for double unders, well… I just keep trying.  I know that trying the same methods over and over are not going to produce a different result, but I’m not sure what little piece I’m missing.  I come sooooo close sometimes!  To the point that I get double-under-ONE-foot!  Haha.  Anyways, details:

Thurs. Aug. 14:


1000m row

20x pretty much every possible us of a band you can think of.

Pull-aparts, pass-throughs, shoulder press, push-ups, rainbow somethings, etc.  The “rainbows” sucked the most.

For time – 4 rounds of:
400m Run
4- Muscle Ups/2- 4- Rope Climbs
40- Double Unders

Time – 18:03

If you’re not a techie, that is all 🙂  Enjoy your Thursday!


Otherwise, please help me out:

^^^ see the formatting issues I’m dealing with?  If I copy and paste from the CF Division page (the “for time-” part), line spacing is peachy.  If I type away on my own, I get the fat nasty spacing like in the warm-up.  What up with that??

Actively rested

Rest day today.  I think my body is relieved.  We’ve done so much rowing lately that my glutes are super tight.  I know there aren’t any songs about liking small or flat butts, but…  😮 just saying

Just cause I’m not crossfitting today doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my August Challenge though.  It’s what Coach Dave calls an “active rest day”.  However, that sorta talk usually receives a disapproving glance from Coach Sharon.  It’s just a mile 😉  This morning was a good one.  It was cool out although pretty windy.  Felt like I was more of a speedster than the last few rounds.  When I saw my time I realized I wasn’t any faster, but it felt good.  Before I headed out for my run I found my iPod 😀  WIN!  But the maybe 3 seconds of celebration in my head were squashed when I tried to turn it on.  Dead as a doornob.  Sigh, another music-less mile.  But at least there are tunes in my future.

August Challenge – The Daily Mile

make it count

One step at a time

Ok, a small addition to my “EMbrace the SUCK” yesterday…  Coach Dave corrected me a little in suggesting that it should be “Chase the SUCK”.  Either way, you get the idea.  😉

Stuck around post-WOD (and post-WOD run) for a discussion session with Coach Dave and a fellow community member.  A whole whack of topics were tossed around, but as usual nutrition came up.  I get that there are a ton of people who don’t agree with the Paleo concept.  I appreciated that although that was mentioned, I wasn’t criticized for my own choices 😉  At the end of the day, what works for one person may not be right for the next, but it’s all a matter of choice.  This being said, I had to bite my tongue when the “I couldn’t ever live without _______ (insert ANYTHING here)”  I don’t buy “I can’t”.  I also don’t buy “My family has been eating this way for generations.  I body couldn’t live without that.”  That’s bull.  Unless we’re talking oxygen or water.  But if we’re playing that game, can I make the same claim when it comes to bacon?

Speaking of food.  Love you Juli ❤  @ paleOMG

CrockPot Chicken Curry

CrockPot Chicken Curry

I feel like I’ve lost a good friend, and I guess in a sense I have…  DK has found post-baby-#2 hatching to be entirely detrimental to his crossfit life.  The littlest DK was born 6 weeks ago, and since I think he’s only been to the box once 😦  Everyone has different priorities and I completely understand that a young family is a lot of work, but I miss our fitness chats at work.  We both used to see each other and get all excited to ramble on and on about the day’s WOD, our latest bruises, new PRs, the endless goats, etc.  Now, it’s like there’s a HUGE elephant in the room whenever we work together and neither of us have any idea of what to talk about.  I need a new crossfit chat session buddy or I fear my non-crossfit friends may disown me when I simply can’t contain my excitement any longer.  Sigh.  Thankfully I have a blog 🙂  With which you just may see my posting frequency increase once again.  I WILL have to do something about my inability to post pics at work though.  Boooooring…

Tues. Aug. 12:

warm-up: (partners)

100 Wallballs  #16

For time:


Power Snatch  #95/#65   #55

Row for calories

Time – 13 something I think?? Arg.

One step at a time, but the snatch is not something I fear or dread anymore at all.  EXCEPT when Coach Dave stands directly in front of me in the middle of my 20 reps and says “don’t hit me McDowell”.  I appreciate that he trusts that I won’t, but I don’t share that trust!  The “pull your shoulders back” cue has made a huge difference, but I still need to work on keeping the bar close and not pulling early.  One step at a time.  I’ll get there 😉

Post-WOD run felt alright.  Changed up the route today and SP volunteered to come along 🙂  As my fellow blog friend mentioned when I initially joined in on her August mile challenge – “Misery loves company”  Haha!  True story 🙂  I wasn’t speedy today, but it seems my post-WOD mile pace has at least been consistent thus far.

August Challenge – The Daily Mile

“Embrace the suck”

First note – My August Challenge now has it’s very own page 🙂  Easier (I think?) than a new post every day.  See:

August Challenge – The Daily Mile

Mon. Aug. 11:

Ok, “Embrace the SUCK”.  Could that be a slogan for crossfit?  Cause it totally fits a whole heck of a lot.  Today’s WOD for sure was about this.  And the warm-up too!  Then, I decided to get my 1 mile run in after and there was even more cause for embracement.  <-yup.  I’m making up words again.  After the warm-up, my BUTT was screaming bloody murder.  Then we spent 5 minutes hanging out in the bottom of a squat with a kettlebell.  Then it was hard to stand up.  Then 84 thrusters?  Good times!  Why am I kinda bitchy today?  Haha!  Weird :-p

warm-up: Death by Rowing

0:00-3:00 100m
3:00-6:00 200m
6:00-9:00 300m
9:00-12:00 400m
12:00-15:00 500m

6 rounds of:
13 -Thrusters #95/#65   #55
14- Pullups  green band, ring rows

Time – 16:03 (I think :s)

Sun. Aug. 10:

Got to the box early cause I needed to get out of my condo to stop myself from eating everything that wasn’t nailed down.  I hate those days.  Figured it was a perfect opportunity to toss my mile run in before the WOD and before it got too hot out anyway.  Then the warm-up was announced.  It started with a mile run.  Brilliant Kate :-p  but at least I have one less mile to make up for the month!

 Teams of 2 SMASH OUT:
A running 15-Minute Clock, Row 1000 Meters
In time remaining, AMRAP:
30- Wallballs #30/#20   #16
30- Burpees
Partners may partition the reps as needed

Result – 16:00, 4 rounds

Officially, we finished 3 full rounds + 30 wallballs + 17 burpees, but decided to finish our 4th round anyway 🙂  I had a great partner and had fun with this one.  Although the wallballs got heavy fairly fast.  Do you find pretty much every WOD has an “OH FAWWWWK!!!” moment?  I do.  Today I think it was more of a premonition though cause it hit me as I watched my partner FLY through the first 250m on the rower!!  Fast row = more time for wallballs/burpees!  OH FAWWWWK!!

I have a little side project which should be starting soon.  I have an opportunity to get back into the horse scene a little through a friend.  Her father owns a horse who has only ever been ridden western, but my friend desperately wants to jump.  Cue my project… teach Marley to jump.  🙂  Plans fell through to start the process today, so I got some food prep started for my week instead.  How’s a little chicken curry sound?  It certainly smells amazing…

  There should be a photo here.  I took one.  A good one.  Then realized that my Waterloo manager PC has decided “efff YOU man!”  So the photo will have to wait.  Use your imagination.  It’s beautiful.

August Challenge

2 posts in 1 day?!?! Right?  What can I say, I’m still in the excited phase.  Anyways, near the beginning of August I made a pledge to join a fellow blogger on a little challenge:


Thanks friend!  With my back being messed up last week and a good chunk of this week, I wasn’t able to start this little quest August 1.  Amazing how things have transitioned from excitement towards heading out for a run, to coming up with 10+ excuses not to.  New area, don’t know what route would be good.  Have yet to unpack my shuffle, can one even run without music? etc, etc…  BUTTT… yesterday I got my first mile in!  Technically I guess I have some miles to make up, but since Sunday Aug. 3rd our WOD included a 2km run (MORE than a mile! Yes!) I’m counting that and considering it that I owe 6 instead of 7.  Biggest accomplishment with getting my first run in yesterday… I did it after work!  8:30pm is so not my cup of tea, but felt great once it was done.  The reasoning I gave myself – if it were an 8:00pm hockey game I wouldn’t talk myself out of it.  Run #2 happened today before work.  Much more my style.  Found a better route too which didn’t involve a little “trail run” section along the side of a busy road.  Or some kids yelling “run Forrest!!” as I passed.

Friday August 8 (8:30pm) – 9:03

Saturday August 9 (7:15am) – 8:28

**note – Wow! My new neighborhood is kinda hilly!

#itsGOODforyou -Coach Dave


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