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If you are Canadian – Happy long weekend!  Unless you work in retail, then happy 2-3 days of next to no customers cause all the non-retail shopper types DO have the weekend off and DO have better things to do.  Hi-5!  hahaha… I’m not complaining, I promise.  More customers do make the time go quicker, but I still have month end stuff to keep me busy and I actually have the chance to get back to a little random blog action.

2232[1]So, for years I’ve never been able to comprehend why some feel it absolutely pertinent to change out of their work shirt just to go get a coffee.  Always thought it was just a pathetic excuse to drag the process out even longer.  That was until 2 days ago when I got completely cut off on my way to Tim’s and wanted to flip the bird to the jerk.  Sigh… realized it was probably not the best idea while wearing my company logo on my chest.  Ok, I get it now.

Wednesday I picked my sister up for a visit 🙂  She lives far and goes to school even farther, so we really don’t get to see each other all that often.  She stayed Wednesday night and I dropped her back with my dad on Thursday.  Being a fellow Paleo-type-thing, we went to the farmer’s market, went out for the awesomest Frat burgers, cooked some delish dinner, shopped a bit for some condo bits, didn’t get any of the intended unpacking done, and watched some Game of Thrones.  Listen, that was her idea I swear.  I’m going to be in wicked withdrawal when I run out of episodes.  Thursday morning I was awake at 4am and seriously considered heading to the 6am WOD… totally could have gone and made it home well before sis even woke up, but I stuck to my plan to give my body the 2nd rest day which it needed.  Paid off when I played like a rockstar at hockey Thursday night.  Also gave the hole in my thumb another day of healing before picking up the bar again Friday.

Why didn’t I post this yesterday?  Why do I feel the need to have some sort of “closing” to my posts?  Meh, whatever.  Had I actually hit the good ‘ole “publish” button yesterday, I would have actually published a WOD-free ramble.  But since I didn’t, I’ll have to recap today’s hefty serving of ass-kicking dished out by Coach Will.  Mom and Dad (aka Sharon and Dave) are back today, so things shall return to normal as of Tuesday.  I’m a mixture of excited and sad all at the same time.  The 10 days of variety have been kind of refreshing.  Although, not sure I’m feeling any remorse to see Will’s Sunday WODs come to an end.  It’s not that I’m not up for the challenge, but one of my team mates from Sunday hockey has mentioned “It’s not that I’m wanting to tell you to stop, but I will ask if you could maybe NOT crossfit Sunday mornings during playoffs…”  Haha!!  Not that I’m a superstar EVER, but I’m slow as sh*t when I’ve done a killer WOD the same day.  Noted.  Anyways, no hockey this week cause of the long weekend.  Good thing!  Cause this was WICKED!!  (interpret in any way you chose.  All options likely fit)

Sun. August 3:

20 Deadlifts   #135

2km row

200 Double Unders   200 singles

2km run

20 Muscle Ups/Ring Dips   RD w/blk band

Time –  27:28

First – my deads should have been heavier.  I’ve been good all week about picking a challenging weight but today my back was sore.  I blame Cambridge.  Second – ya, ya… No double unders during the WOD here.  My legs were wobbly as hell after the row, to the point that even my 200 singles went in chunks of actual singles at the beginning.  Oddly, backwards seemed easier(??).  BUT… I did get to the box 30 minutes early and put in a good practice sesh.  I can do them in my mind.  Like, can totally visualize the rythem.  Not unlike all my years of imagining the rythem of riding a horse around a course of jumps.  ‘Cept I could actually do that.  I feel like I’m close…  I HOPE I’m close.  Whipped the sh*t out of my hands and foreams this morning… but I’m not giving up.

Strange post-WOD shower thought…  Do you buy shampoo or soap based on the color of the bottle?  I totally do.  Lame.


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