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no excuses

I’m slacking again.  I know, but I haven’t finished unpacking yet so I feel blog neglect is the least of my worries.  I need a vacation.  Managing 2 stores is more than I anticipated and the one thing I’m not willing to allow to feel deprived is crossfit.  Speaking of which, a quick follow-up from Thursday.  That spicy little WOD has been kicking my ass for the last 2 days now.  My quads feel like it was the first time I had ever set foot in a gym!  They were just air squats!!  😮

Fri. Aug. 8:

WOOT!!  Friday coffee WOD and Coach Sharon is back 🙂  Dave only tried to hijack once.  Mid-WOD!  I called him on it.  It’s my job.  Good times 😀  Today’s WOD was a fun one cause I finally feel there is progress being made.  Thank gawd.  Double unders are still the epitome of insanity for me, but my lifts are getting better.  And my back is too!  FINALLY!!  Could actually box jump today, up and down with very little discomfort.  Score.

Goat Day
On the minute for 20 minutes:
Odd mins: 8-12 reps: Box Jumps
Even mins: Goat 1  5 Power Snatch, 3-5 OH Squats

Thurs. Aug. 7:

Thursday is traditionally my “day off”.  Well, from Henry’s anyway.  I guess I’m far from traditional though so I shouldn’t be surprised that my “day off” was a shit storm.  Made it to my 7:30am WOD.  Ok, good start.  Then had to grab a product from Waterloo and play courier to deliver to Cambridge.  Then head back home for a quick chow sesh.  Then back to Waterloo for my box-monkey shift at Chek.  Then back to Henry’s Waterloo to close cause someone called in sick.  Sweet jeezuz.  I was exhausted by 8:30pm.  Anyways, things started great with a “spicy” little WOD.  Sounds simple enough, right??  Try it.  I dare you.

3 rounds of:
75- Double Unders
50- Air Squats
25- Calorie Row

OH!  Ya, no excuses, I know… but today was not a double unders practice day.  Little jumps for singles my back approved of.  Big jumps, it did not.  Also… Wednesday I went for a torture session with Zapps, the box vet, to try to sort out my back.  GOOD GOD!!  When he dug his elbow into my glutes I almost screamed.  Told him he was worse than wallballs.  That was taken as a compliment.  Then when he went to work on my shoulders and rotator cuffs I nearly died.  Woke up Thursday morning looking for the DONKEY that kicked me in the butt/hamstrings.  No donkey.  Zapps.

Tues. Aug. 5:

Yesterday was a holiday, and despite my efforts to arrange a little group gathering at the box even though it was closed, the day became a rest day.  Probably for the better cause my back was in protest of pretty much anything I did.  Including sleeping the night before.  Even resorted to taking something, which I avoid until I can’t stand it anymore.  It didn’t help.  Made me kinda dumb, but the back still hurt like hell.  This whole back thing is cramping my decision to join a fellow blogger’s quest to run a mile every day in August.  I used to consider myself a runner.  Used to head out a few times per week for a little 5-k just for kicks.  Now that I have the awesomeness of crossfit, running has become somewhat of a lost love.  Like, it’s just the piece of the WOD that’s listed between other movements I’d way rather do.  Sometimes it’s the “break” portion, sometimes it’s what makes the WOD hard as fawk (ex. Clovis.  Or anything Coach Will creates)  So…. {end rant} I jumped on the band wagon with the goal to run a mile every day for the month of August.  Yesterday was a FAIL.  Stupid back.  Hopefully today I can redeem myself, although there was a small jog portion in this morning’s WOD that my back protested.  Sigh.  I had such a GREAT week last week that I was excited to have Coach Dave return and continue the awesome.

Blah, blah, blah.  Down to business:

Buy in – 100m tire flip

40 calorie Row   20

40 box jump-overs   20 step-overs

40 toes to bar   20

40 hang cleans   30  #35

40 burpee bar-jump-over    20

Cash out – 100m tire flip


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