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“Embrace the suck”

First note – My August Challenge now has it’s very own page 🙂  Easier (I think?) than a new post every day.  See:

August Challenge – The Daily Mile

Mon. Aug. 11:

Ok, “Embrace the SUCK”.  Could that be a slogan for crossfit?  Cause it totally fits a whole heck of a lot.  Today’s WOD for sure was about this.  And the warm-up too!  Then, I decided to get my 1 mile run in after and there was even more cause for embracement.  <-yup.  I’m making up words again.  After the warm-up, my BUTT was screaming bloody murder.  Then we spent 5 minutes hanging out in the bottom of a squat with a kettlebell.  Then it was hard to stand up.  Then 84 thrusters?  Good times!  Why am I kinda bitchy today?  Haha!  Weird :-p

warm-up: Death by Rowing

0:00-3:00 100m
3:00-6:00 200m
6:00-9:00 300m
9:00-12:00 400m
12:00-15:00 500m

6 rounds of:
13 -Thrusters #95/#65   #55
14- Pullups  green band, ring rows

Time – 16:03 (I think :s)

Sun. Aug. 10:

Got to the box early cause I needed to get out of my condo to stop myself from eating everything that wasn’t nailed down.  I hate those days.  Figured it was a perfect opportunity to toss my mile run in before the WOD and before it got too hot out anyway.  Then the warm-up was announced.  It started with a mile run.  Brilliant Kate :-p  but at least I have one less mile to make up for the month!

 Teams of 2 SMASH OUT:
A running 15-Minute Clock, Row 1000 Meters
In time remaining, AMRAP:
30- Wallballs #30/#20   #16
30- Burpees
Partners may partition the reps as needed

Result – 16:00, 4 rounds

Officially, we finished 3 full rounds + 30 wallballs + 17 burpees, but decided to finish our 4th round anyway 🙂  I had a great partner and had fun with this one.  Although the wallballs got heavy fairly fast.  Do you find pretty much every WOD has an “OH FAWWWWK!!!” moment?  I do.  Today I think it was more of a premonition though cause it hit me as I watched my partner FLY through the first 250m on the rower!!  Fast row = more time for wallballs/burpees!  OH FAWWWWK!!

I have a little side project which should be starting soon.  I have an opportunity to get back into the horse scene a little through a friend.  Her father owns a horse who has only ever been ridden western, but my friend desperately wants to jump.  Cue my project… teach Marley to jump.  🙂  Plans fell through to start the process today, so I got some food prep started for my week instead.  How’s a little chicken curry sound?  It certainly smells amazing…

  There should be a photo here.  I took one.  A good one.  Then realized that my Waterloo manager PC has decided “efff YOU man!”  So the photo will have to wait.  Use your imagination.  It’s beautiful.


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