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One step at a time

Ok, a small addition to my “EMbrace the SUCK” yesterday…  Coach Dave corrected me a little in suggesting that it should be “Chase the SUCK”.  Either way, you get the idea.  😉

Stuck around post-WOD (and post-WOD run) for a discussion session with Coach Dave and a fellow community member.  A whole whack of topics were tossed around, but as usual nutrition came up.  I get that there are a ton of people who don’t agree with the Paleo concept.  I appreciated that although that was mentioned, I wasn’t criticized for my own choices 😉  At the end of the day, what works for one person may not be right for the next, but it’s all a matter of choice.  This being said, I had to bite my tongue when the “I couldn’t ever live without _______ (insert ANYTHING here)”  I don’t buy “I can’t”.  I also don’t buy “My family has been eating this way for generations.  I body couldn’t live without that.”  That’s bull.  Unless we’re talking oxygen or water.  But if we’re playing that game, can I make the same claim when it comes to bacon?

Speaking of food.  Love you Juli ❤  @ paleOMG

CrockPot Chicken Curry

CrockPot Chicken Curry

I feel like I’ve lost a good friend, and I guess in a sense I have…  DK has found post-baby-#2 hatching to be entirely detrimental to his crossfit life.  The littlest DK was born 6 weeks ago, and since I think he’s only been to the box once 😦  Everyone has different priorities and I completely understand that a young family is a lot of work, but I miss our fitness chats at work.  We both used to see each other and get all excited to ramble on and on about the day’s WOD, our latest bruises, new PRs, the endless goats, etc.  Now, it’s like there’s a HUGE elephant in the room whenever we work together and neither of us have any idea of what to talk about.  I need a new crossfit chat session buddy or I fear my non-crossfit friends may disown me when I simply can’t contain my excitement any longer.  Sigh.  Thankfully I have a blog 🙂  With which you just may see my posting frequency increase once again.  I WILL have to do something about my inability to post pics at work though.  Boooooring…

Tues. Aug. 12:

warm-up: (partners)

100 Wallballs  #16

For time:


Power Snatch  #95/#65   #55

Row for calories

Time – 13 something I think?? Arg.

One step at a time, but the snatch is not something I fear or dread anymore at all.  EXCEPT when Coach Dave stands directly in front of me in the middle of my 20 reps and says “don’t hit me McDowell”.  I appreciate that he trusts that I won’t, but I don’t share that trust!  The “pull your shoulders back” cue has made a huge difference, but I still need to work on keeping the bar close and not pulling early.  One step at a time.  I’ll get there 😉

Post-WOD run felt alright.  Changed up the route today and SP volunteered to come along 🙂  As my fellow blog friend mentioned when I initially joined in on her August mile challenge – “Misery loves company”  Haha!  True story 🙂  I wasn’t speedy today, but it seems my post-WOD mile pace has at least been consistent thus far.

August Challenge – The Daily Mile


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