one day it'll all make sense.

Bring on Siesta time

It might be the crappy October-style weather we seem to be facing today (seriously August?! 13 degrees?!), or my recent decision to completely cut starch & sugar from my diet (so sorry sweet potatoes!  It’s not you, it’s me!) but whatever it is, I’m tired today.  Like seriously considering a nap before heading to Chek kinda tired.  Maybe it’s the brain drain of juggling the 2 stores?  Anyways, I went into a store this morning and the sales guy made a comment that he liked my tattoo.  I stared at him blankly for a minute, then looked down at the wrong arm.  Really?  I said “thanks!” and laughed to myself.  Maybe it’s just my brain that’s tired.  Sitting at my make-shift “desk” while typing this post.  Here, let me paint this ridiculous picture for you.  Make-shift desk = iMac balanced on a shelf in my hall, keyboard perched on my lap, while I somewhat half-squat on a box that still hasn’t been un packed.  Half-squat cause every time I forget and put all of my weight on it I seem to sink a few inches lower…  Wow I veered away from where I was going with that.  The “ya know you’re tired when” part had to do with the fact that my mouse is currently in a left-handed placement while my phone sits to the right.  I keep grabbing my phone and wondering why my cursor won’t move…  I could just switch the two, but I keep expecting that next time I’ll just remember.  Brilliant.  (noooo)


Random rambling put you to sleep yet?  Ok, good.  So, although I have a little goal in the back of my mind to find a day where I get in my mile sub-8 minutes… today was not the day.  Some contributing factors – 1000m row pre-WOD, 4x400m run IN the WOD, 100km/hr winds heading up the hill from the box, AND I forgot my running shoes.  I’m just a big ‘ole bag of excuses today!  Do you crossfit in Nanos?  Do you LOVE them?  I do, except when I have to run in them.  I might as well plod along in my bedroom slippers.

August Challenge – The Daily Mile

As for today’s WOD, I liked it 🙂  I somewhat predicted that I just might when I heard Coach Sharon mutter something along the lines of “this is gonna suck”.  It’s when I hear her exclaim how awesome a WOD sounds that I know I should probably fear for my life a little.  My muscle up transitions are coming along nicely.  One day I want to actually grab the rings and at least see how far I am from a real muscle up… but one day when there aren’t a whole bunch of people around.  Like none would be perfect.  As for double unders, well… I just keep trying.  I know that trying the same methods over and over are not going to produce a different result, but I’m not sure what little piece I’m missing.  I come sooooo close sometimes!  To the point that I get double-under-ONE-foot!  Haha.  Anyways, details:

Thurs. Aug. 14:


1000m row

20x pretty much every possible us of a band you can think of.

Pull-aparts, pass-throughs, shoulder press, push-ups, rainbow somethings, etc.  The “rainbows” sucked the most.

For time – 4 rounds of:
400m Run
4- Muscle Ups/2- 4- Rope Climbs
40- Double Unders

Time – 18:03

If you’re not a techie, that is all 🙂  Enjoy your Thursday!


Otherwise, please help me out:

^^^ see the formatting issues I’m dealing with?  If I copy and paste from the CF Division page (the “for time-” part), line spacing is peachy.  If I type away on my own, I get the fat nasty spacing like in the warm-up.  What up with that??


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