one day it'll all make sense.

directionally challenged

So, here’s the ramblings I began yesterday, but strangely (heavy sarcasm) never finished.  Keep reading.  It’ll make sense why.

First, a warning – I’m all OVER the place today!  With a fairly high possibility of making absolutely no sense at times, and starting a topic but trailing off without ever really going anywhere.  There are times I can look back at my day and think “Good job Kate!  What a productive day)  Then there are days like today.  I’ve had a bunch of stuff piled on my plate and we’ve been busy most of the day too.  It’s one of those “I should really get this pile of transfers done…. Oh LOOK!  A butterfly!”  I need a vacation I think.  Or more bacon.

Heck Yea Its Friday

Random observation – Come August, how is it many Canadians seem to forget how to be Canadian?  In March, if we were to get a day where the temperature crept to the double-digits you would see shorts and t-shirts everywhere.  In August, a day where the high hovers around 20 degrees celsius and people are all bundled up like we’re preparing for a blizzard :-p  All it’s making me think of is “Winter is coming.”  If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, disregard.  And you should.  I’m barely over the withdrawal of not having any more to watch.

Today is the 2nd day in a row that work has sabotaged my plans for a pre-shift nap.  I’m thinking the removal of starches from my daily routine could have something to do with the change to my sleeping patterns.  I’m actually not sleeping as long as used to be my norm, but more deeply I think.  One thing I know for sure, there comes a time in the early morning hours when my eyes POP open and I leap out of bed full of energy.  Like today it was 4:30am.  Coach Dave says “Sleep is the new broke!”  I don’t even understand the point he’s trying to make, but I also don’t feel there really is any need to be wide awake at 4:30am.  Unless I’m going to head to the 6:00am WOD, but hello… it’s Friday.  Can’t miss Sharon’s 7:30 WOD.  This being said, a mid-afternooon a nap would be great.  Maybe I wouldn’t have the dumb…


This morning’s CF session was a good one 🙂  Got there early enough to bust through my run pre-WOD.  After reading the details last night, I was pretty sure this was the only way to go!  Not my fastest mile EVER, but my fastest mile of the month and I’m not willing to cheat myself and find a route that is either A: flat or B: downhill.  What purpose would that provide?  Hills are a part of life 🙂

August Challenge – The Daily Mile

When I got back to the box, the warm-up was just starting but I got a “pass” from the rowing 😀  Score!  We got in to partners (cause there were SO many people this morning there weren’t enough boxes!) and had a few minutes to get warmed up for our deadlifts and/or use the washroom.  Best part of the WOD – heading back to my bar from the washroom and my partner said “this weight is too heavy, I’m going to strip some off!”  I figured she wanted a hand.  NOPE!  “So YOU go first!” she said as came the 3, 2, 1 GO!  😮  Uh… OK!!

Fri. Aug. 15:

Deadlifts #275/#185   #135
Box Jumps

Time – 5:03

Rx box height was 24″, but I went with 20″.  My intention here was to opt for the lower height and actually jump these bad boys.  After the 21 deads, no ‘effin way!  I found myself a good pace and stepped up through the 21’s and 15’s.  Then for whatever reason I decided I really wanted to get a few jumps into the 9’s.  I got 3 or 4, but standing and pysching myself into actually jumping is for sure what prevented me from going under 5 minutes.  Catch 22…


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